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10 small low cost home improvement ideas

Decoration of your home can be economical if you use innovative ideas. All items of decoration you purchase need not be expensive. They can be affordable, but at the same time give the apartment a rich room. Mirror is one such accessory. It adds beauty to the apartment and also fulfils the idea of necessity. Along with making the room look beautiful, it also greats an image of more open space. Some interesting placed where the mirror can be installed. With such projects anything can go wrong and sometimes you can go off budget we recommend checking out Payday LV in financial crisis situation. They are best in market and fast to respond. Now let’s dive deep in to our 10 small low-cost home improvement ideas guide.

1. In a bathroom

The first place where you can hang the mirror is the bathroom. Common to all houses the mirror over the sink is not only decorative but also helps you in many ways from shaving to applying makeup. Having a mirror installed just opposite to the primary mirror can give you a good view of the back and you need not juggle with the hand held mirrors. For smaller bathroom a secondary mirror over the bathroom is recommended. 

2. In the bedroom

Another common yet important place for the mirror is the bedroom. If you have large wall then a huge mirror for the bedroom is a must. You can use the mirror only when you need it. 

3. Decorate the walls with mirrors

Make sure you can enough place to walk back in order to get a full view of yourself by placing the mirror on the wall. 

4. Add Rugs

Flooring is highly important. Whether, you are using carpet or not, you need to add rugs to floor since it creates more attraction. With a hardwood floor, a living room does not give a good impression. 

5. Design a hardwood floor

For literal and visual comfort, include hardwood floor. It can be done in three ways.

6. Use magazine racks

Being creative is the key! If you get creative, you will come up with a million of ways with the help of which you can save space in the kitchen. Using magazine holders to hold knives and spoons will help you in saving a lot of space in the tiny kitchen that you have!

7. Drapes

Replacing shutter with drapes adds a very cozy feeling. Try hanging vertical stripes drapes some inches above the window. This will give an illusion of a bigger window and so as a result the wall will also look taller.

8. Give a different place to the pots:

To save space you need to hang up the large pots that you have up on the ceiling with the help of a long rope. The reason behind it is that they are quite big and might take most of the space in your apartment if you try to set them in a cabinet or the shelf.  However, do not hand the delicate pots as they might fall of and break down!

9. Economical Material for Renovation

Commonly, affordable products are the real source to enjoy the reconstruction. The gear used for bathroom renovations is extremely economical, versatile, and simple to fix. However, it can frequently be hard to discover them in stores.

10. Using limited tiles

It is very important to work within your budget, so you must use techniques that can enhance the beauty of the bathroom and will never be a burden on your pocket.


There are countless ways you can improve your homes staying under your budget. But imagine what would happen if something went wrong and now you are stuck in the middle of your home project with no budget? Well, you can apply at and get instant financial help from these guys.

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