4WP Best Aftermarket Jeep Replacement Parts

Best Aftermarket Jeep Replacement Parts

Buying a Jeep is an exciting moment. Maybe you daydream about all the adventures that lie ahead. And even if you intend it more for work than play, the sheer durability and power are impressive enough. Your next step is turning that Jeep into a formidable off-road machine – and you need the best 4×4 Jeep parts to accomplish this goal. This brief guide can provide some excellent places to start modding your machine.

Winches and Recovery Tools

“Be prepared” isn’t just a pithy motto: It’s a real, palpable truth. And off-roaders probably understand that truth more than most. So it’s not surprising that winches are among the most important purchases by Jeep enthusiasts. With these powerful tools, you can get yourself out of a jam – or help other off-roaders along the way.

At its core, a winch is a motorized pulley. It consists of synthetic rope or cable wrapped around a drum that’s operated by a motor. Winches are categorized by line pull capacity, which is the amount of weight that they can safely and dependably lift. You’ll find winches starting at around 6,000 pounds and going all the way up to 18,500. Most experts recommend selecting a winch with a capacity that’s 1.5 to two times the gross vehicle weight rating of your Jeep.

Along with your new winch, you’ll want to also purchase a recovery kit. Most kits contain basics such as tow straps, gloves and a snatch block to help pull heavy loads more easily. You may also find winch accessories such as traction pads, chains, D-ring mounts and trail jacks.

Off-Road Performance Tires

Your Jeep’s tires are important to its stability, safety and handling. After all, they’re the components responsible for delivering traction when you go off-road. Design features such as tread style and depth plus its knobs, compound and sidewall structure offer both traction and durability. As you evaluate each off road tire, these are the key elements you should use to select which ones you buy.

Off-road tires come in all sorts of styles. You’ll see all-terrain, mud, sand, snow and rugged terrain tires. All-terrain, mud and rugged terrain versions are typically denoted by the letters “A/T,” “M/T” and “R/T” respectively. While it may be tempting to pick models with aggressive tread, you should choose ones designed for the terrain that you ride on most of the time.

Tips for Finding Your Best Parts

Winches and tires are just a couple of items that can benefit you when taking your Jeep on trails, mud, rocks, sand or other types of terrain. But no matter what you decide to buy, you should start your search at a reputable retailer of off-road performance products. Any aftermarket dealer can carry parts, but an off-roading specialty store will carry a large selection of gear designed to handle the tough conditions in which you ride. Both new and experienced riders can also benefit from expert assistance when choosing their parts.

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