7 Tips for New Valorant Players

Being a newbie at Valorant can be a bit daunting. As it is a first-person shooting game (FPS), you might get confused with the mechanisms. Mastering this FPS game requires skill as well as practice.

In your journey of playing Valorant, what will come to your rescue are the tips that we are going to mention here. Knowing these hacks and tips will help you strategize your game better and take you closer to victory.

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1. Learn the maps

Valorant features four types of maps, namely Bind, Ascent, Haven, and Split. It is crucial to learn all four maps because all of these have different bomb sites, different choke points, and a different flow.

When you learn the layout of the maps, you will have an idea about where enemies might be coming from, the best hiding positions, where you can get weapons and ammo, and things like that. Therefore, before starting to play Valorant, take some time out and learn the map.

2. Don’t sprint

In Valorant, you can’t expect to sprint across the map and keep firing with your gun. That’s just not possible. Your aims and shots will be most inaccurate while you do so on the go. It is also dangerous because it makes you easy prey for enemies.

Instead, find a secure hiding spot and plant your feet. This way, you will be able to get assured shots and take down your enemies in one go!

3. Know when to spend your money and when to save it

Having enough money or credits is important in Valorant. It helps you buy exquisite weapons and ammo to help you finish off the enemies. However, you must spend it according to the need of the hour.

For instance, if your whole team has run out of money and is only roaming around with pistols, it is not the right time to get expensive gear. In such a situation you have to think about your whole team’s needs rather than only about yours. So think wisely and plan how the remaining money can help the entire team.

4. Know the legend’s abilities

Knowing about the agents in Valorant is equally important as knowing about the maps. Different agents come with different abilities and different playing styles. You can try them in the custom game mode.

Practicing with each agent will help you figure out what your playing style is and which agent you want to pick while going forward. Additionally, when you practice with different agents and learn about their abilities, it gives you an upper edge in the battle. You will know what to expect from the enemy agent and plan your counter move accordingly.

5. Coordinate with your team

You can’t expect to win Valorant all by yourself. Therefore, coordinate with your teammates during the game. As a team, you can plan strategies before jumping into the battleground and stay in touch throughout.

Do not hesitate or procrastinate to seek help if you feel you are targeted and be ready to help your squadmate when they are targeted.

6. Learn when and how to plant spikes

Spike is the bomb that either you will prevent enemies from planting in your bomb site, or you will plant in the enemy’s bomb site. Know that a spike takes four seconds to plant. After it is being planted, you or the enemies have forty-five seconds to diffuse it.

So if you are planting the spike on an enemy bombsite, pick a time when you think enemies won’t be able to diffuse it. Additionally, learn about the best positions to plant the spike if you want to wipe off the entire enemy squad.

7. Practice, practice, and practice

Last but not least, practice to the maximum. It won’t get you closer to the win if you don’t practice enough. It will need dedicated time to master the hacks and tips that are stated above. If you don’t practice enough, knowing the tips won’t make any difference as it takes experience to master them and get more accurate.

Wrapping up

Here is the wrap-up on seven pro tips for new Valorant players. Hopefully, these tips were informational and helpful. If you want to learn more about similar topics, keep watching this space. For any further queries on Valorant, slide on to the comment section!

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