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A Quick review and working manual of the i12 TWS Earbuds 

The most cost-effective substitute to the well-liked Apple AirPods to date could be the newly released i12 TWS Airpods. Powerful features of this latest device include Adapt’s inside-located True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology and the left and right channels being distinct. But since those utilising these Bluetooth headsets for the first time are likely to have no prior knowledge of how they operate, the subject of how to utilise the i12 TWS Airpods arises. Don’t worry, we have a specific operating guide in this i12 TWS Manual that will teach you how to operate these headphones where we provide a quick guide on the working and usage of the i12 tws airpods along with the i12 tws charging instructions and its review.

How to turn the i12 TWS on or off according to the manual?

Switch on: When you take the two i12 TWS headphones out of the charging case, they will both immediately switch on and connect.

Turning off: For ten to twenty seconds, firmly press and hold the sensor’s back. When the earphones have been switched off, you may hear a sound.

How to pair the i12 TWS with any device according to the manual?

Any smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth turned on will instantly switch on and connect with the two i12 TWS headphones. After linking, the “connected” signal will be audible and the left earphones will blink blue to indicate that a connection has been made. The right earphones’ red LED will also turn off. When both earbuds are correctly linked, the left earbuds will blink blue, and the right earbud’s red LED will turn off.. Please note: If two earphones have not yet been paired with one another, please remove the paired data from the earphones. Notably, if they can’t synchronize in five min, the earphones will shut off. If deleting the paired data is necessary, do it as follows: Tap the earphone’s back against the sensor when it is in pairing mode till the LED indicator becomes red.

Well how to play the music on the i12 TWS according to the manual?

Note: The market offers a variety of i12 TWS Airpods. Various Chinese producers utilise it because it is not a licensed name. Customers now have access to various multi touch features. Here are a few models that feature various multi touch features:

Type 1

  • A single tap on the pause or play button
  • Right double-tap: back
  • Left double-tap for forward
  • Right triple-tap: volume up
  • Triple-tap on the left: down volume
  • To contact Siri, just press the power switch down while the device is in playback mode for 3 seconds

Type 2

  • A simple click just on pause or play button
  • Calls the most recent contact with a single tap when the audio player is closed.
  • Double-tap to increase the volume
  • Double-tap left: lower the loudness
  • Right triple tap for backward/forward
  • Next, three taps on the left
  • To reach Siri, press down the power switch for three seconds when in playback mode.

How can I use the i12 TWS manual to use the i12 TWS earbuds to answer calls?

  • Press firmly on the earphone’s backside to respond or terminate a conversation.
  • Double-click the rear of the earphone to reject a call.

i12 tws charging instructions and procedures.

i12 tws charging instructions of the earbuds are mentioned below:

Turn on the charging dock after inserting the earphones into the slot. After a complete charge, the LED light will blink red before turning off. There are some versions that, even after the earphones are charged up, won’t turn off the red light. Keep in mind that a full charge typically takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to finish, from 0% to 100%.Battery box recharging (charging case) While the power system is being recharged with a USB cable, the LED light will alternate between yellow and green flashes.. Your battery is 50% full when the LED blinks twice, 75% full when it blinks three times, and 100% full when it blinks four times. These were the i12 tws charging instructions


  • multi-purpose touch key
  • Using a microphone
  • Powering on automatically Automatic pairing: yes
  • Functionality of Siri and Google Assistant
  • Battery level indication: Yes


To answer or end a call, simply press once on either earpiece.

To increase or decrease the volume, simultaneously tap on both earbuds with one finger. When the music mode is on, tap once on one of the earbuds to pause or resume playing.

The next/previous track can be accessed by simultaneously tapping three times on one of the headphones.

Battery Review for i12 TWS Airpods

The i12 tws charging instructions are clearly mentioned in the manual and also in the article above but let’s now find out about it’s battery capacity. Given that earbuds nowadays produce between 2 and 7 hours of battery life within the same budget range, the wireless headphones’ autonomy is essential to take into account in order to be perfectly fine. We’re talking about an i12 TWS that has a high rate of autonomy for up to 2 hours. We can go nearly three hours if we listen to low-volume audio or audiobooks. Each earbud has roughly 34mAh in power, while the charging case has 300mAh. Incorporating i12 tws charging instructions via a lightning wire makes them one of the pioneering versions (famous for Apple devices). Please follow the i12 tws charging instructions for efficient usage of the airpods and its battery capacity.

Additional Characteristics

The i12 TWS adapts to the ear well and stays securely fastened to the ear as technology advances. The acoustic proofing, however, is less effective without silicone eartips. Despite having a strong design and being composed of plastic, they are not waterproof.. You can’t get far more for the low cost of this AirPod replica. Charging the Airpods is also easy if you follow the i12 tws charging instructions  Connection via Bluetooth 5.0 is required to pair the i12 TWS with any gadget.

Android devices can also use touch controllers with several functions. The latency in watching video is considerably less noticeable, and the reaction time is substantially shorter. Each pair of headphones contains a mic for the hands-free or assistance modes, which offers a more upscale and clearer audio.


The i12 TWS is one of the most alluring replicas due to its attributes and cost. The Wireless earbuds have a lot of similar features to the originals, including almost identical anaesthetics. The batteries and connecting chips for these earbuds are inside, but they lack the optical sensors that the AirPods have for in-ear detection, which prevents them from disconnecting when we take them out or turning on when we put them in our ears. Their working manual is very informative and helpful along with clear guidelines and i12 tws charging instructions . The earbuds have a similar design line and turn out to be cosy, lightweight, and equipped with a base to prevent unintentional falls. The i12 TWS headphones provide excellent mobility assistance, making them suitable for workouts like weightlifting and running. Even in the charging box, they maintain the distinctive white hue of the original model with i12 tws charging instructions  Furthermore, in my opinion, the full in-ear design is superior to the partial in-ear or stalk design. However, as it is a 1:1 replica, the device’s strongest selling point is its appearance.

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