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Best Blender Buying Guide : Complete Guide

Some people say that a kitchen blender is not necessary and some people can not live without it. The kitchen blender makes food preparation more efficient which saves you a lot of time in the kitchen. If you are in the habit of using a blender once, you will use it for multiple tasks.

Buying a kitchen blender seems like a simple task but it is not so easy because there are different types of blenders in the market with different functions, so this process can take your little time.

Best Blender Buying Guide: Complete Guide

Types of Blenders

There are a variety of blenders in the market, some come with basic functions to buy and some are able to cook soup and process hard food. Jar blenders are very popular and their prices vary according to features, capacity power, function, and blade design.

Multifunction blenders are very versatile but they are also costly. Hand or immersion blenders are normally used for mixing and basic pureeing unless it is accessorized with a blade or chopper. While most hand blenders are electric, cordless models create more ease in this kitchen appliance.

What kind of blenders are you looking for?

If you need blenders especially for frozen drinks and smoothies then choose a blender that has at least 500 watts power and ice crushing blade. Ice-crushing blenders are available in low power personal blenders and also in full-size models.

For chopping / grinding tasks, buy a blender that has processing functions and chopping blade. Also, a standard blender is enough for mixing, stirring, pureeing, blending, and making creaming soups or baby food.

Blender Jug Features

As each blender has a different size, choose a blender that meets your needs. Jars normally come in either plastic or glass, higher-end models usually have glass jars while affordable and cheap blenders mostly come with plastic jars.

To pour well, choose blenders that come with prominent curved pouring spouts, jars that are flat make pouring difficult. Some blenders don’t even spout and you have to do it from the corner of the pouring jar which is difficult. Stainless steel is more durable and stronger for ice crushing.

Immersion Blenders Features

Hand or immersion blenders are different from jar blenders they are also known as a stick blender. With the hand blender, it is easy to mix, pureeing, and blending in the bowl itself. They count as small kitchen appliances and are easy to store in a drawer.

They are also available in cordless power and electric which are ideal for blending, creaming soups, pureeing cooked foods, and other uses. Some hand blenders come with some extra functions that include chopping accessories and ice-crushing capabilities.

Multifunction Blenders

Some models such as Vitamix and Blendtec are offering many extra functions in comparison to a standard blender. Since these are powerful units with commercial-grade construction, they are also expensive. It is used for making juices, processing foods, cooking soup, and many more.

This appliance is all in one appliance which can replace multiple appliances from the kitchen so it is worth investing in it. There are too many multifunction blenders in the market that can do chopping and processing with the same base unit.

Compare Prices

First, think about what type of blender you need then pay attention to which features are important to you. Also, think from this perspective which blender you are looking for will save you from buying any other appliances in the future.

Hand or immersion blenders come cordless and corded and they also come with chopping accessories and without chopping accessories. Ice-crushing capabilities are usually better in bar blenders. To find the best blenders in the market right now visit:

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