10 Best Electric Guitar In India | Top Picks Of 2022

When somebody plays guitar around me I feel so light and joyful no matter how stressful I was feeling a minute before so I thought to encourage this I should do some research to help you to some extent to buy the best electric guitar for yourself.

While buying guitar we need to consider some very important technical points along with the budget so we have selected and prepared the list for you considering the points which plays a vital role.

You have countless options available in the market but the biggest point is to choose the best and authentic option which you can play without compromising your comfort and ease.

Below you will find the options for beginners, professionals, and for both as well so you can pick the best electric guitar and just glow with it. Now let’s quickly get started to explore the best electric guitar for you.

10 Best Electric Guitar In India | Top Picks

Best Electric Guitar In IndiaCheck Price
1. Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Check Price
2. Fender Squier Bullet Check Price
3. Yamaha PAC012 Check Price
4. Juarez JRZ-ST01 Check Price
5. Vault RG1 Soloist Electric Check Price
6. Jackson JS Dinky Arch Check Price
7. Ibanez S520 – WK Check Price
8. Cort CR250TBK Classic Check Price
9. Fender Squier Bullet Strat Check Price

1. Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar

  • Economic range
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Versatile Configuration


This is one of the best and full-size electric guitar available for you. This guitar is one of the budgeted options from Yamaha. This solid electric guitar comes with a versatile design and ease of use.

If you are buying the guitar for the first time then this can be the best one of the best option as per the features, ease of use, and also the budget.

This electric guitar comes with a comfortable neck, versatile configuration, a quick response, and the attractively affordable price makes this guitar one of the first choices of people most of the time.

This electric guitar comes with a solid Agathis body which amplifies the tone. The Maple neck and rosewood fingerboard create a comfortable zone so that you can play the guitar with ease.

This guitar also contains chrome tuners, a white pickguard, and a vintage-style chrome tremolo which helps you to create a magical tone.

This electric guitar available in various colors like Black, Metallic Dark Blue, and Metallic Red also it is equipped with master volume and master tone which you can adjust as per your need.

2. Fender Squier Bullet Fat Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar

  • Comfortable Design
  • Durable Body
  • Effect Sound Quality
  • Stunning Performance


This is one of the electric guitars which can be suggested to students and beginners because it is a practical and affordable buying option.

This electric guitar designed to facilitates you with all the features so that on the whole it can encourage the player as well as give joyful music to its listeners.

This classic style of the electric guitar comes with a stunning sound effect as it comes with the one humbucking/two single-coil pickup configuration also this guitar offers 5-way switching, synchronous tremolo, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and 21 frets.

With the above mention features, this guitar will not dissatisfy you when it comes to performance and it looks stunning in the brown sunburst color. This electric guitar comes with a polyurethane body finish and the material used is basswood.

This electric guitar comes with a comfortable neck made up of maple with a polyurethane finish on it so this is one of the best budget electric guitar for you.

3. Yamaha PAC012 Electric Guitar Red Metallic

  • Solid Body Design
  • Good Confirguration
  • Beginners Choice
  • Comfortable to use


This guitar belongs to one of the best electric guitar brands available in the market. The red metallic color guitar will give you a rockstar kind of vibe and the powerful sound configuration encourage you more.

The body material plays an important role in the case of guitars so here this one is made up of Agathis which perfectly amplifies the sound and gives you a soothing sound.

The neck material used here is maple which gives a perfect design to it and also a comfortable grip so that you can fully concentrate on playing guitar.

The fretboard is an important component of the guitar which usually made up of wood so in this case the rosewood material is used so that you can move your finger with all ease and comfort.

Also, the one humbucker/2 single-coil pickups along with the chrome tuners will always let you to create joyful and balanced tone.

4. Juarez JRZ-ST01

  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Affordable Price tag
  • Durable Quality Material Used
  • Stunning Look and Design


When you will very first see this guitar you will be amazed by the look but along with look it also has an innovative design to produce quality sound.

This electric guitar comes with 18 frets to produce a high-quality tone. In this guitar, the fingerboard is made up of linden wood and the fretboard is made up of ebony wood which makes this guitar a reliable and comfortable buying option.

The steel-string guitar comes with the lindin binding and full wood construction which allow this guitar to amplifies the tone.

This electric guitar contains 2 controllers which are one volume and two tones also the 3 single-coil pickups which allow you to create the perfect tone no matter its high or low.

This is an affordable option with great sound quality and durability so if you are a beginner then you can also go with this option.

5. Vault RG1 Soloist Electric Guitar

  • Comes with the Premium Features
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Stunning Sound Quality
  • Economic With Great Performance


If you want the features of high-end guitars at an affordable price then this is the perfect choice for you. This guitar gives you rich features, high-quality music at a true value price.

With so many high-end features this electric guitar also offers you durability as the chrome plating on the hardware gives you ultimate protection from erosion.

This guitar offers you versatile and comfortable playability so nobody can stop you from a bang on performance. The basswood construction of the body will help you to create a smooth and well-rounded tone.

One of the best features of this guitar is the dual-action truss rod, a musician can understand the value of this feature because due to climate change you might face the issue of string buzzing.

So with the help of a dual-action truss rod, you can adjust the guitar for humid as well as for dry climates without compromising with the playing comfort. This feature is only available in high-end guitars.

This electric guitar comes with the pickups having a saddle adjustment screw so that it can deliver low noise and high-quality sound.

This guitar comes with chrome-plated nickel die-cast tuners which measure the frequency produced by the vibration of the string and allows for fine-tuning your instrument.

You will also find one more premium guitars feature in this Vault guitar is Jumbo Frets. It is made up of the thicker gauge wire basically it allows you to play with the string more easily and comfortably by providing your fingers the perfect gap and pressure on the strings.

This is one of the best electric guitars under 15000 with the premium and great features like a high-end guitar.

6. Yamaha TRBX174 RM 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

  • Powerful Bass sound
  • Comfortable and Playable
  • Reliable and Economic
  • Premium Quality Material


This guitar from Yamaha is the perfect option for those who are looking for powerful bass and an attractive look so with this innovative instrument you can create something new and push the boundaries.

If you are a bass lover and not ready to compromise with its bass quality then this is the perfect option for you. This electric guitar comes with an innovative design and excellent craftsmanship which continuously gives you seamless powerful sound and flexibility to create your own tone.

With the excellent sound quality, this electric guitar gives you perfect playing comfort so that you can create something magical.

The material used to make the guitar body is so important because it is responsible for amplifies the sound so the body of this electric guitar is made up of mahogany.

This guitar comes with a vintage-style bridge and 4 string electric bass which is the best electric guitar under 10000 of budget and available in red color which increases and added the shine to your performance.

7. Jackson JS Dinky Arch Top JS22 Electric Guitar

  • Elegant Body Design
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Good Configuration
  • Outstanding Performance


The best part about this electric guitar is that it has a dinky arch-topped basswood body that gives an elegant look and amplified sound with a gloss polyurethane body finish.

The material used on the neck is a one-piece bolt-on Maple with graphite reinforcement and scarf joint so combinedly it gives ease to its player.

The fingerboard is made up of rosewood with 24 jumbo frets and Pearloid sharkfin inlays and a bound headstock which allows you to play with all flexibility and ease.

This electric guitar comes with more features like dual-high output Jackson humbucking pickups with ceramic magnets and three-way blade switching, die-cast tuners, and many more which you will enjoy and I am sure it will encourage you more.

This electric guitar is one of the best electric guitars for beginners which is available in Metallic Blue and Satin Black colors.

8. Ibanez S520 – WK

  • Quantum Pickups
  • Tremolo Bridge
  • Comfortable Space
  • Reliable and Durable


This guitar comes with the signature body shape which is sculpted and mahogany body, which makes this electric guitar more lightweight and more musically responsive.

This electric guitar equipped with sharp features that give great potential and elegance to your performance. This electric guitar comes with the wizard III maple neck which provides ultimate playability to its players.

The neck design is thin, flat but also strong and sturdy. It features a two-octave 24-fret fretboard for a wide tonal range so this is one of the best electric guitar under 30000 for you.

This electric guitar comes with the jatoba fretboad having reddish-brown color. The tremolo bridge comes with an innovative design for comfort and stability. The quantum pickups here provides powerful bass so that you can enjoy music without missing a single tone.

9. Cort CR250TBK Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar

  • Durable and Reliable
  • Best Combination for Modern World
  • Equipped with Latest Technology
  • Excellent Performance


This guitar is designed to deliver look, feel, and performance in one set. These are specially designed classic rockers pickups for an authentic vintage rock sound and response.

This electric guitar comes with a single-cutaway body, carved flame maple top, and set-neck construction so that you can play this guitar with ease and comfort.

This electric guitar delivers the words in the form of voice tone with the help of voiced tone VTH-59 pickups. This electric guitar comes with the innovative nubone nut technology which enhanced balance, stronger highs and lows, lightweight, and elimination of dead spots to improve the music.

This 6 string electric guitar is one of the best electric guitars under 20000 of budget in which you will find classic aesthetic with modern tuning stability.

10. Fender Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Electric Guitar

  • Practical Choice
  • Best for Beginners
  • Satisfactory Output
  • Affordable Price


This is a simple and practical electric guitar option which is mostly recommended to beginners and students. This is one of the best electric guitars in India which you can choose as your first guitar irrespective of what style of music you will going to learn.

This electric guitar provides flexibility and comfortable playing space to you so that you can take it and learn it more seriously.

This electric guitar comes with a slim body profile and features chrome hardware also it includes 1-play white pickguard, 1.650 inches width at nut, the traditional strat headstock shape, and white dot position inlays.

This electric guitar comes with a controller to balance the music so this guitar comes with the master volume and tone and also it has a pickup switching- 5 positions.



Hope the above information helps you to finalize your guitar because whenever we visit some store it is a tough choice to make among the options available there so I hope the above-shared information will help you to some extent. We have selected some best electric guitar from the humongous range of guitar available in the market.

We have come up with the selected list where you will find the option for every level no matter you are professional, beginner, or student. Above listed all the guitars comes with a stunning set of features that will provide you complete playing comfort and encourage your passion for the music.

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