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8 Best Fitness Band In India Under 5000 – 10000 Rupees 2023

In this new era, the younger generation is becoming more health-conscious regarding health issues such as blood pressure and diabetic problems. The younger generation is severe to maintain the body and keep them fit and fine.

In today’s world, we do workout, gym, yoga, and we make diet plans, but we fail to monitor out the body. Along with this, if you want to monitor your complete body that delivers you day to day report which helps you to analyze your body and instruct you about many things that you ignored very severely. These all the things you will able to do from a fitness tracker, which is also known as an activity tracker.

If you want to buy stunning quality best fitness band under 5000 to 10000 rs budget in India then you are in the right place, here we reviewed the top 8 best fitness band trackers In India.

8 Best Fitness Band In India Under 5000-10000 Rupees

Fitness BandCheck Price
1. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Check Price
2. Huawei Band 2 Pro
Check Price
3. GOQii Fitness Tracker
Check Price
4. Fastrack Reflex WAV Band
Check Price
5. Huawei Band 2
Check Price
6. LETSCOM Smart
Check Price
7. Germin VivoFit 4
Check Price
8. LetsFit Fitness Tracker
Check Price

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

  • AMOLED Bright Display
  • 100mAh Battery Capacity
  • Water Resistant Technology
  • 20 Day Of Large Battery Life


Xiaomi has newly entered into this product category. In 2014 Xiaomi Realised a first-ever fitness tracker, and Xiaomi proves that they can build the best cheap fitness tracker with maintaining quality and functionalities.

Recently Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker after the massive success over MI Band 3. This Mi Band 4 comes with two different categories like with NFC and without NFC, and Both the version has a different price tag.

As a brand, Xiaomi has a considerable amount of market share in the smartphone market worldwide. And all the products Xiaomi released in the world level comes with amazing quality with a cheap price range.

In this fitness tracker, Xiaomi introduces a colorful AMOLED display with a multi skin option, which changes the background theme according to your like and choice.

This best cheap fitness tracker under 3000 rs comes with lots of new features that you have never seen in the previous version MI Band 3.

The Mi Band 4 comes with 0.95 inches 240×120 pixel colorful AMOLED display with touch support with a home button that helps you to navigate and control the system.

It comes with 100mAh powerful Lithium Lio battery, Xiaomi claims that it gives you almost 20 days of battery life if you charge it at once.

The Mi Band 4 Fitness tracker comes with a neat and clean design with a curved display. It’s bright display fully compatible with reading the text messages outdoor and indoor condition.

If you want to customized and properly use this Fitness Tracker then download MI FIT APP, this MIFIT APP comes with a plethora of features to aid you on your fitness journey. The interface allows you to track vital metrics and customized your workout to suit your needs.

Click Here To Download MI FIT APP



This fitness tracker has a PPG heart rate sensor that allows you to monitor your heartbeat rate continuously. Along with this, it has a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor. You also able to count your daily steps, calories burned, distance covered, and sleep monitoring via this activity tracker.

The Mi Band 4 featured with 5ATM water-resistant rating that allows you to use this fitness tracker under deep 50 meters of water. You can use this band during swimming. This 5ATN water-resistant technology protects your tracker from rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, surface, and also swimming.

If you’re connecting this with a smartphone, then you quickly get notifications on your fitness tracker. This functionality helps you to read, accept, and reject the call, change the music track. Not just these but it’s alert system alert you about the notification and alarm clock. In this fitness tracker, you can see many exciting features, such as you can easily lock or unlock your smartphone without touching the smartphone.

2. Huawei Band 2 Pro

  • IP67 certified
  • PMOLED bright display
  • 21 days of battery life
  • Fast charging support


Huawei well knows for the best electronic gadget manufacturer company in the world. In this Huawei Band 2 Pro fitness band, you may found such amazing features that no one can offer you under this price segment. Huawei Band 2 Pro made from the plastic material. That’s why it is very lightweight, as well.

Design-wise it looks shiny premium and stylish. Well, balanced build quality making it more comfortable to use.

The Huawei Band 2 Pro fitness trackers come with 100mAh lithium polymer battery. The company claims that if you charge this fitness tracker at once, it gives you long last 21 days of battery life. This fitness band takes only 1.5 hours for full charging; after charging, you may able to use this in the last 21 days.

If you are using GPS, then you will get only 3.5 hours of battery life. But it supports fast charging, so you were able to charge this fitness tracker quickly.

In this fitness, the band company provides a 3-axis accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor, and infrared wear sensor.

This fitness tracker certified with IP67 means this fitness tracker able to protect from water and sweat.

Along with these sensors, it has GPS sensors so you can easily measure your data regarding travel, run, walk, and distance tracking.

Also, it has a VO2Max feature that measures your maximum rate of oxygen consumption during the incremental exercise.

The Huawei Band 2 Pro comes with a colorful PMOLED bright display with 128×32 pixels of resolutions so you can easily able to see everything, even in the sunlight.

In terms of the quality of a display, it works fine, not only indoor conditions but also outdoor.

The Huawei Band 2 Pro fitness trackers work on bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity.

This fitness band entirely comfortable with Android OS as well as IOS.

Only you can able to use this fitness band if you have Android 4.4+ and IOS 8.0+ operating system device.

Besides, this fitness tracker comes with an alarm, call and message alert, App alert, incoming call, and message alert, alarm alert, Caller ID display, reject a call on the band, one-touch physical button.

In the box of Huawei Band 2 Pro, you will get a smart band, charging unit, and manual.

3. GOQii Fitness Tracker

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • OLED display
  • 7 days of battery life
  • IP67 certified


GOQii Fitness Tracker is India’s largest selling fitness tracker with the highest market share wearable industry.

The most attractive part of this smart band is that you can able to buy this fitness band at the price of 2000 and 3000 because it comes three months, six months, and 12 months coaching.

According to months of coaching, they charge money for this fitness band; each variant has similar features.

The Goqii fitness tracker made from silicone. Ir’s rubber body allows you to wear it for 24 hours.

Design-wise it looks decent, but a lightweight body offers you better comfort while you were using it.

Goqii fitness tracker power-packed with seven days of lithium polymer battery life.

You don’t need a separate charger to connect this device as it comes with an integrated USB charger.

You can connect the core to the USB port of a laptop, power bank, or mobile charger to charge this device.

In this smart band, GOQii provides you heart rate sensor and accelerometer.

With this, you can calculate or measure your heart rate, daily steps, calories burned, distance, active hours, and sleep pattern.

It has a 128×32 megapixels OLED bright and responsive display. So you can quickly receive notifications from your phone on its large screen.

The display integrated by QOUii on this device can read a text message and notification outdoor as well as indoor conditions.

For connectivity, this fitness tracker comes with bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Easily pair this smart band with your Android as well as the IOS device.

This fitness tracker only works on that device that has Android 4.3+ OS and IOS 8.0+  version.

Also, this smart heart tracker comes with heart rate monitor, daily steps, calories burned, distance covered, active hours, sleep pattern, show time and date, WhatsApp messages, SMS, email, and call notification.

In the box, you will get one smart band, activation card for 12 months subscription, user manual, and warranty card.

4. Fastrack Reflex  WAV Band

  • OLED bright display
  • 5 day of battery life
  • IP67 certification
  • Weather monitor


Fastrack is a fashion accessory retail brand in India, which is a sub-brand of Titan watches. So if you were searching Indian brand with the most trusted Titan company’s product, then this Fastrack Reflex Wav is a perfect choice for you.

Design-wise it looks classy, shines, and feels you premium while you were wearing it on your wrist.

Its case material is made from the plastic, and the band is made from rubber. It’s build quality and design never disappoint you while you were using it.

With a slim and comfortable 9mm design and innovative gesture control feature, the FastTrack Reflex Wav smart band will assist you in setting and achieving your fitness goals.

The FastTrack Reflex Wav comes with inbuilt lithium battery who give you five day of battery life if you charge it at once.

The FastTrack Reflex Wav fitness tracker comes with accelerometer sensor, along with this it has weather update so that it can measure or calculate the weather condition.

With IP67 certification, it gives you full protection from dust, sweat, and water to your fitness tracker.

For the better control or manage of setting tracker has 128×36 megapixel resolutions OLED bright display. You have full authority to scroll, feed, read, and reply through its display.

The display, which comes with smart band work, super excellent indoor condition as well as outdoor condition.

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity comes with this fitness band so you can sync this fitness band via its bluetooth connectivity. This fitness tracker is entirely comfortable with Android OS as well as an IOS device.

Also, it comes with an activity tracker, smartwatch band, gesture band, camera control, music and camera control, sleeps monitoring feature, and distance tracker.

In the box of this fitness band, you will get one fitness band, a warranty card, and one charger.

5. Huawei Band 2

  • 105mAh battery capacity
  • 30 days of battery life
  • 50-meter water resistance
  • Water and sweat proof


Style is nothing without comfort. The smooth ergonomic design of the Huawei Band 2 merges seamlessly without your wrist with a minimal wriggle.

With built-in GPS, get more precise data about how far you are traveled, with GPS-enabled speed, movement, and distance tracking.

Huawei Band 2 integrated workout coach helps you maximize your performance in running speed and endurance.

Real-time heart rate, breathing, and other biometric monitoring features help you to rise to the challenge every time.

Huawei Band 2 comes with 50-meter water resistance functionality who protect your fitness tracker not only from water but also from sweat during the gymming.

All the necessary sensors like a 3-axis accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor, and infrared wear sensor available in this fitness band.

It has a 105mAh battery, which gives you almost 30 days of battery life if you charge it at once.

Huawei Band A2 comes with Sleep, Heart rate monitoring, Incoming calls notification, Messages notification, Activity reminder, Smart alarms, Do not disturb mode, Raise wrist to wake the screen, Find phone, and Data sharing features.

6. LETSCOM Smart

  • 0.91 inches OLED screen
  • IP67 water resistance technology
  • 4 days of battery life
  • 60mAh battery capacity


This fitness band, with a blood pressure monitor in India, comes with the most lightweight and comfortable design.

This fitness tracker comes with all necessary basic functions, which makes it worth money, like time display, pedometer, sleep tracker, calorie record, distance counter, notification SMS SNS, alarm alert, call reminder, music control, anti-lost, sedentary alert, etc.

It has a 60mAh battery capacity, which offers you up to 4 days of battery life on a single 1.5 hours of charging.

It has a 0.91 inches OLED screen, which offers you the freedom to control manage this smart band with an effortless setup.

With IP67 water resistance technology, you can able to protect your fitness band from water, sweat, and rain.

7. Germin VivoFit 4

  • Dust, sweat, and water proof
  • Weather monitor
  • Unisex design
  • Solid built quality


The Germin VivoFit 4 fitness band comes with a slim and trendy design style, and this swim-friendly activity tracker has a vibrant color display with incredible one-year battery life.

The fitness tracker comes from Germin company, and this company well known for manufacturing the best of best fitness trackers. Hence, no doubt, this Germin VivoFit 4 fitness tracker also comes with solid build quality.

Design-wise it looks good, but one thing which I feel with that it is not Unisex design, it will look good on the wrist of girl and women.

Germin company claims that this fitness tracker gives you long-lasting 1+ years of battery life. So you never feel the fear about the battery die. It is suitable for those who don’t want to charge their fitness band again and again.

This fitness tracker comes with an accelerometer sensor. Along with this, you able to tracks your steps, monitoring the distance, calories burned, sleep monitor and provides the personalized daily steps goal.

It also has water, dust, and sweat-proof technology, so it is good to wear during the gym, swimming, and showering.

With the help of weather forecasting feature, you may forecast the weather condition from time to time and place to place.

The Germin VIvoFit 4 fitness band comes with 88×88 pixels of resolution colorful bright display. Easy to see, even in the direct sunlight. With the customizable feature, you can change its themes as you like.

For the connectivity, it has bluetooth connectivity so you can connect this device with your bluetooth enabled smart device. It is fully compatible with Android smartphones, as well as the IOS device.

Vibration alert, bluetooth calling, phone call reminder, anti-lost, alarm, health tracker, sleep monitor, weather forecast, message reminder, calendar, notification alert, Wechat, and WhatsApp support. This feature comes with this fitness band. In the box, you will get one fitness band and documentation.

8. LetsFit Fitness Tracker

  • OLED Bright Display
  • 65mAh Battery Capacity
  • IP67 Standard Rating
  • Find My Device Functionality


This fitness tracker comes with a 0.96 inches OLED bright display. You can easily use this fitness tracker indoor and outdoor conditions, and it never disappoints you during usage.

The Letsfit fitness tracker records your routine activities like steps, distance, calories burned, and active exercise minutes.
This LetsFit fitness tracker comes with rechargeable 65mAh battery storage that provides you almost 5 to 7 days of battery life on 1-2 hours of a single charge.

This fitness tracker has its Mobile App that helps you to customized or control the fitness tracker and generate daily accurate fitness reports.

Click Here To Download VeryFitPro APP



It comes with an Ip67 standard rating who can protect fitness trackers from water, sweat, and dust, but don’t wear it when you were showering, swimming, or diving because it is not 100% water-resistant.

Once this activity tracker connected with your smartphone, you can able to use this to control the photo shooting of your phone.

If you are busy in your work, but you don’t have time to see your notification, then don’t worry; this activity tracker helps you to read your messages, email and helps you to accept and reject the call.



These is all about the top 8 best fitness band in India 2020 we recommended you to buy fitness tracker from our suggested list because we created this list to analyze the public demand, user rating, functionalities, accuracy, and a general trend

If you have any questions regarding this list, feel free to ask anything. We will do our best to meet your expectations.


Questioner For Best Fitness Band In India Under 5000-10000 Rs

1. How do fitness trackers work?

This is the most important question how does fitness tracker work? The fitness tracker comes with sensors that continuously count and measures the movements of your body.

The data is recorded from time to time, and it covered all the necessary data, which may give you an exact and accurate report regarding your health. The fitness tracker work on each mode, such as when you walk, talk, run, and when you stand.

2. Are fitness trackers useful?

The fitness tracker able to analyze your body, count your steps, but they are not only the tool that can do it. Although pedometers are great at counting steps, they can do anything else. You can use a pedometer to measure your heart rate, count calories burned, or monitor your sleep.

3. What can fitness trackers track?

An activity tracker, also known as a fitness tracker, is a digital device or application able to monitor and track your fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and heartbeat.

4. How to charge fitness tracker?

The fitness tracker is a digital device, so you do not need to worried about it’s charging. You can able to charge your fitness tracker from a laptop, electric board, and power bank. For more guide, visit this video, which we mention below.

Visit Here For Visualize Tutorial


5. Do fitness trackers help you lose weight?

In many aspects, the fitness tracker helps you to lose weight. With the help of this device, you able to set a routine that may help you to give a structured such as alarm, voice note, monitoring your daily routine, regularly checking your health matrics, and many things from this you able to lose your weight.

6. Can I use a fitness tracker without a smartphone?

Yes, you can use a fitness tracker without smartphones. All the fitness trackers can be used without smartphones, and you will get your work out data like heart rate, GPS navigation, sleep tracking, distance track, calories burnt, and other details on your fitness tracker itself.

7. How does a fitness tracker track sleep?

Actigraphy mainly involves recording movement through a measuring device called an accelerometer. The idea is that a certain amount of change corresponds with being awake, and periods of still indicating that you’re asleep.

8. Do any fitness trackers measure blood pressure?

Almost all the fitness tracker comes with sensors that can track the heart rate along with many features. These sensors count and measure your little steps, calories burned, and your heartbeat to calculate the blood pressure.

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