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Everything About Fitness Tracker Band: Complete Guide

Most of the people who tag herself as fitness freak men and women sometimes they feel about buying a fitness band at some point. It can be a straight forward decision, but this product category is very confusing for several reasons.

Many people had confusion. They believe that smartwatch means fitness tracker. Still, it not right, some smartwatch comes with similar features like a fitness tracker, but fitness tracker and smartwatch both are different.

Here we learn about the basics to the top level of information, which helps you to gain proper knowledge about it. So we mention here question and answer it helps you to get an understanding quickly and easily.

Everything About Fitness Tracker Band

1. What Is A FitnessActivity Tracker?

The fitness tracker is the device that helps you to monitor your heartbeat, steps, distance. Also, you can get instant notification about your health on your wrist.

All these functionalities can easy your life. Not just these, but you can get many more features like you can able to operate your smartphone from your activity tracker along with call, music, alarm, screen lock, and many more.

2. Types Of Fitness Tracker?

There are many types of fitness trackers available in the market. So before you buy any one of them, you need to know about your basic needs.

1. Basic Fitness Tracker

This type of fitness tracker is perfectly able to monitor your number of steps, travelling distance, and much other stuff. It is great fitness tracker for those who want cheap rate fitness tracker between the budget $20 to $30.

2. Heart Rate Monitoring Tracker

This fitness tracker comes with an HR heartbeat sensor that offers you all the necessary features from end to end. This fitness tracker only made for the person who wants to track their heartbeat.

3. Fitness Tracker With GPS

This kind of fitness tracker gives you a satellite tracking system that helps you to find out the place where you want to go. Not just these, but you can also able to track your location and also your lost device’s location.

3. Make A Note Of This Before Purchasing Any Fitness Tracker


The budget is a vital factor for any product. The only factor budget helps you to choose your desirable fitness tracker. Cheap budget to high budget, all types of fitness trackers are available in the market, and only the thing is that you need to set your budget. After finalized of your budget, grab the best one.

#Comfort Zone

Fitness trackers’ comfort is on what type of material is used by the manufacturer to create that particular fitness tracker. Now a day, many companies are using silicone and rubber based material that much that helps you to wear it on your wrist without worried.

#Battery Life

The battery is another major factor of fitness tracker; most of the time, companies offer you three days, seven days to 30 days Powerpack battery life. For a basic fitness band, one week of battery capacity is enough, but the fitness tracker comes with GPS, then it must have at least one month of battery life. Some companies are giving you an option to use a fitness tracker with GPS and without GPS, so this may help you to save your battery long.


Waterproof technology mostly denoted as IP Rating ( Ingress Protection Rating ). This technology helps you to protect your fitness tracker from the water, sweat, and dust. This technology is capable of protecting your tracker under deep water 50 meters.

The IP rating technology started from IP00 to IP69k, Now a day most of the companies are using IP67 to IP68 technology. So before you buy any fitness tracker, make sure it comes with waterproofing technology.

#Heart Rate Monitoring

This heart rate sensor technology helps you to measure your heartbeat, and it counts heartbeat speed as well as it helps you to monitor your Blood Pressure. If you want this technology on your fitness tracker, you need to buy a fitness tracker who contains this technology.

#Step Tracking

The step walking feature is readily available under every budget segment fitness tracker. This feature is best for those who love to jogging, walking and running because of this feature fully capable of counting your every step.


Alert notification is the most useful feature, and this alert notification system helps you to give you time to time alert you about your message, Alarm, call and battery low and full.


In a fitness tracker, you will get different types of displays like LCD, LED, and AMOLED as per budget. Mostly the company used LCD and AMOLED display. The bright and clear display helps you to read text notification and messages not only in indoor conditions but also outdoor in direct sunlight conditions.

#Screen Protection

Screen protection is also essential for any fitness tracker. While you are using a fitness tracker during, running, gym, walking, yoga, and the time of travel that time it gets scratch, so it is necessary to have excellent quality protection in our fitness tracker. The most company using Corning Gorilla Glass protection and seriously it is really good, so we highly suggest you give some importance to your display protection.

#Wireless Connectivity

The fitness tracker works with the phone, and without a phone, for extra features, you need to connect your device with a smartphone and for regular use it not required. Your fitness tracker connected to your smartphone via bluetooth connectivity, and if you want batter long-distance connectivity, you need to buy bluetooth 4.0 and upper level of inbuilt bluetooth technology.

4. Difference between Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

When we talk about wearable gadget watch, smartwatch and fitness tracker is first to come in our mind. Most of the people believe that smartwatch and fitness tracker both are similar.

But wait, do you know both the things smartwatch and fitness tracker are different. Here we discuss the difference between a smartphone and fitness tracker.

The main difference between smartwatch and fitness tracker is the way of giving information.

Smartwatches show you information about your daily life on your wrist. You can access your notification from your smartwatch, and also able to access emails and check social media.

Fitness tracker correctly monitors distance and exercise data into an app to give insight into your overall health and progress.


A smartwatch is a digital watch that comes with a large display with some additional functionality that makes your daily life more comfortable. Smartwatch is an upgraded version of the regular watch that has some primary sensor who easily read your need and aware you about the targeted goal.

In todays world, smartwatch making companies offer many advanced functionalities such as touch screen display, camera functionality, media access, and all.

Smartwatch directly connected with your smartphone with the help of bluetooth connectivity. This functionality lets you know about the notification goes off on your smartphone.

During the work, you can able to read the messages, attain calls, and it also allows you to instant replay from your wrist.

The most significant advantage of smartwatches is that you can leave your smartphone in your pocket and bag without missing important calls and updates.

Many smartwatches come with few fitness tracking features like heart rate monitoring if you want health-related information and GPS connectivity if you’re going to track your distance and want some location info.

For health-related functionality, we always suggest you go with fitness tracker because fitness tracker is much accurate in the filed of sensors related health, and they give many details about your health as compared to the smartwatch.

Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker also is a compact wearable that gives much accurate and detailed information about your body while you were using it during the time of gym, jogging, running and another sporty work as well as regular time.

In you can able to read your number of steps, traveled distance, calories burnt, heart rate, and more.

Not just on the display of fitness tracker but you can access all the features in your smartphone via fitness tracker mobile apk.

Which is the best fitness tracker or smartwatch?

As we already mentioned here, some essential point which clears you the difference between smartwatch and fitness tracker. If you are a fitness freak and want accurate data of your body such as heartbeat rate, blood pressure, and so on then go with a fitness tracker. If you wish to bigger display with a digital camera, and multimedia access then a smartwatch is perfect for you.

How much should we need to spend on fitness tracker smartwatch?

This depends upon your need and budget. If you want basic and good quality fitness tracker then you need to pay around $20. And if you wish to good smartwatch, then you need to pay approximately $50.

5. Questioner

1. What’s the best fitness tracker 2020?

Here we mention the top 10 best fitness trackers under $30, and all these fitness trackers come with highly qualified functionalities. Between this, we highly recommend you to buy this three fitness tracker.

2. How do fitness trackers work?

This is the most important question how does fitness tracker work? The fitness tracker comes with sensors that continuously count and measures the movements of your body.

The data is recorded from time to time, and it covered all the necessary data, which may give you an exact and accurate report regarding your health. The fitness tracker work on each mode, such as when you walk, talk, run, and when you stand.

3. What is the best affordable fitness tracker?

If you think an affordable budget is almost $20-$30, then Mi fitness band 5, honor 5 fitness tracker is the most perfect for you, and this cheap rate fitness tracker comes with many unique features that enhanced your experience.

4. Are fitness trackers useful?

The fitness tracker able to analysis your body, count your steps, but they are not only the tool that can do it. Although pedometers are great at counting steps, they can do anything else. You can use a pedometer to measure your heart rate, count calories burned, or monitor your sleep.

5. What can fitness trackers track?

An activity tracker, also known as a fitness tracker, is a digital device or application able to monitor and track your fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and heartbeat.

6. How to charge fitness tracker?

The fitness tracker is a digital device, so you do not need to worried about it’s charging. You can able to charge your fitness tracker from a laptop, electric board, and power bank. For more guide, visit this video, which we mention below.

Visit Here For Visualize Tutorial


6. Do fitness trackers help you lose weight?

In many aspects, the fitness tracker helps you to lose weight. With the help of this device, you able to set a routine that may help you to give a structured such as alarm, voice note, monitoring your daily routine, regularly checking your health matrics, and many things from this you able to lose your weight.

7. Can I use a fitness tracker without a smartphone?

Yes, you can use a fitness tracker without smartphones. All the fitness trackers can be used without smartphones, and you will get your work out data like heart rate, GPS navigation, sleep tracking, distance track, calories burnt, and other details on your fitness tracker itself.

8. How does a fitness tracker track sleep?

Actigraphy mainly involves recording movement through a measuring device called an accelerometer. The idea is that a certain amount of change corresponds with being awake, and periods of still indicating that you’re asleep.

9. Do any fitness trackers measure blood pressure?

Almost all the fitness tracker comes with sensors that can track the heart rate along with many features. These sensors count and measure your little steps, calories burned, and your heartbeat to calculate the blood pressure.

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