9 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

Don’t go overboard with your spending! Here are some must-have free picture editing software suggestions for Mac and PC.

On the Mac OS, Apple Photos isn’t the only way to edit photos. 

While it offers a restricted range of editing tools, it is worthwhile to sift through the endless number of photo editing software to get the most. 

While the App Store includes subscription-based picture editing apps, we’ve compiled a list of the top free ones. 

They will not impose any restrictions on your access to particular services or charge you a membership fee. 

The finest picture editing software for Mac in this post is completely free and does not include any hidden fees. 

One may use any of these to improve the appearance of their photos.

9 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

Why pay for expensive picture editing software on your Mac when you can get the finest ones for free?

1. Canva

Choose Canva if you want expert picture editing software for your Mac. It’s a free internet application that you may use. 

Canva is a free picture editing program that performs wonderfully for both individuals and small organizations. 

It includes over 8000 free layouts and over 100 different design types. As a result, you may use them on social media, emails, and presentations, among other places. 

You may build designs with custom proportions in the free tier.

Canva not only allows you to alter your ideas, but it also allows you to share them as a design link with your team or others. 

One GB of cloud storage is included in the free edition. Photo straightener, picture cropper, photo blur, icons, frames, badges, speech bubble creator, and more features are included. 

If you’d like more sophisticated feature assistance, the Canva premium edition is the way to go.


GIMP is a Mac application that allows you to edit your photographs with best-in-class functionality. 

GNU Modification Program is an abbreviation that does a range of picture manipulation operations. With the aid of GIMP for Mac, you may edit, build, and composite your photographs. 

It’s free and open-source, and it includes all of the advanced tools needed for high-quality picture editing. 

As a result, it will be beneficial for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and others.

It offers excellent color management capabilities and is utilized in other programs like Scribus and Inkscape. 

A clone stamp, unique brushes, healing tools, masks, and other features are included. 

With the capability for plug-ins and add-ons, GIMP may be expanded and extended.

3. Photoshop

On the Mac, Photoshop Elements 2020 allows you to alter images with a single click. It has a lot of editing capabilities and is among the finest free photo editing apps for Mac. 

Without Photoshop Elements 2020, creating stunning photographs on a Mac has never been so straightforward. You may select from a variety of photo effects to enhance your image. 

You may quickly add interesting patterns, delete unwanted items, and so forth. This picture editing software’s automated colorization function can help you revive your photographs.

It edits your photographs using automatic editing choices and Adobe Sensei AI technology. 

The interface of Photoshop Elements 2020 is clutter-free, and your photographs will be grouped for convenient access. 

It facilitates the creation of social media-friendly images and memes. This is a paid app, but you can grab a free trial to see what it has to offer.

4. Fotor

Fotor makes it quick and straightforward to improve your photographs on your Mac. It is among the most effective free picture editing programs for Mac and PC. 

Fotor provides all of the essential tools for your photographic requirements. So you can erase blemishes, wrinkles, and red-eye, you can even reshape, and add touch-ups to pictures, among other things. 

The Fotor app’s batch processing function allows you to add effects, borders, sceneries, and more to a group of images with just one click.

You can choose over 20 different layouts, change the patterns and colors, or create a freestyle collage. 

You may also select from a variety of advanced photo editing tools to digitally touch up your images. 

You can see and edit high-resolution images in full color since Fotor is completely suited for retina displays. You may upgrade to the premium edition of the Fotor app if you want more functionality.

5. PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is a fully – featured picture editing program for Mac. 

It comes with everything you’ll need to enhance your photographs. You may use it as a picture viewer and designer to improve and correct your photos. 

You can effortlessly remove the background from a photograph, batch edit numerous images, make an animated GIF, and more with PhotoScape for Mac. 

It gives users access to a range of filters, effects, and changes to enhance the image’s beauty. 

PhotoScape X has several features, including the ability to add film effects, convert RAW files, split a photo into many pieces, and much more. 

It allows you to create a picture by merging numerous photographs vertically or horizontally. You may improve the photo with stickers, objects, effects, and tools, among other things.

6. Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr Photo Editor is all you need if you’re an expert or even a beginner photographer. 

It is regarded as one of the finest free photo editing software for Mac and PC, and it comes with a plethora of functions. Novice users may quickly alter photographs using complex auto-enhance features and advanced filters. 

Custom overlays, sophisticated bending modes, depth changes, dual-lens effects, and other features are supported. The masking and local correction features in Polarr Photo Editor are excellent. 

It allows users to superimpose photographs using up to ten different mixing styles. On Polarr, there are several local modification tools available as masks, including depth, brush, color, radial, and so forth. 

You may choose between dark and white backgrounds in the photo editing tool, which is adjustable. You may also design your themes and share those.

7. Luminar

Using Luminar, formerly known as Macphun, you can do creative picture editing on your Mac. It is accessible for Mac as both independent software and as a plugin. 

All of the pro-level editing capabilities are included in this free photo editing program. As a result, Luminar makes complicated editing easy. 

Sky Enhancer, Accent AI, Sun Rays, Smart Contrast, and other AI-based features improve your photos. Around 70 styles have been handmade by artists from all across the globe and may be applied to your photographs quickly. 

Blend modes, layers, brushes, color mixer, radial and gradient masking, histogram, and other Luminar features are worth mentioning.

Luminar’s interface is meant to be adaptable, making it easy to remove an item or implement a setting.

8. Photolemur

Photolemur makes it simple to edit photographs on the Mac. It is a free variant of a completely automatic picture editing program. 

Artificial intelligence will operate on your photographs to improve their appearance. Photolemur examines the picture and makes automated corrections. 

This even recognizes and corrects items, people, and colors, among other things. This picture editor can work with Raw as well as other popular file types.

Users may resize and optimize pictures with Photolemur on Mac. It can remove flaws, whiten teeth, and export any photo, among other things. 

Photolemur’s batch processing feature allows you to edit and rename many files at once.

9. Affinity Photo

Affinity Picture is among the most capable photo editing applications for Mac. It is the quickest editing software available, with faster and more powerful capabilities. 

This tool will be more beneficial to those who are creative and professional photographers. You can quickly edit and enhance pictures using Affinity Photo for Mac. 

It allows for live and in-the-moment editing. This program may be used to edit RAW pictures, PSD, and PSB files. You may fix and improve the photos using the fine-tuned correction options.

Levels, curves, white balance, highlights, and other non-destructive tools are all supported by Affinity Photo. 

It also allows you to preview your edits before submitting photos and helps make any necessary retouching changes. Choose from a variety of live filters, effects, and changes to use on your pictures. 

Although it is a paid tool, customers may check it out for free.

Final words

Use any of the free applications we present for you if you don’t want to deal with more complex settings when editing your photographs. 

On a Mac, our whole list of the best free photo editing applications may be used to replace Apple Photos.

Is there any free picture editing software that we haven’t included in our list? Please send it to us. 

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