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Best Hair Dryer Under Rs 1000 2019 ( Updated )

best hair dryer under 1000 rs
Written by Yuvraj Kore

Want to buy a new hair dryer under 1000 rs? and having a confusion for selection of best hair dryer under 1000 rs? if your answer is yes then you landed in the right place, because we mention here one of the top 5 best hair dryer list which may help you to grab the best hair dryer.

As you know that hair is one of lovest element who increased our beauty in front of the society, every person has different hair types so we need to take care of our hairs regularly. Hair dryer is a useful tool to help us to increased or hair beauty in day to day daily life.

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How To Choose Best Hair Dryer?

1. Budget

Budget is one of the factor who decides which type of hair dryer you really want. If you entered in this article it means you already decided your budget. If you want the best quality hair dryer make sure at least have 1000 rs budget.

2. Brand

Brand also plays a vital role to decide best hair dryer under this budget, so we kindly suggested you to buy any branded companies hair dryer, because every respective company provided warranty as well as replacement surety.

3. Wattage

The higher the wattage of a hair dryer, the more heat it produces and the quicker it will dry your hair. The wattage is an indication of the power of the hairdryer.

Although there is no hard and fast rule usually a hair dryer with wattage between 1300w and 1850w would be sufficient for most hair types.

However, if you have thick, dense or curly hair, you can go with a hairdryer with higher wattage. With higher wattage, you can always turn down the heat but still maintain power. That’s not the case with a hair dryer with a hairdryer with low wattage.

4. Weight

Weight is a crucial part for any hairdryer, lightweight hair dryer has more demand in the market and lightweight hair dryer provides more comfort while you using it, so try to grab hairdryer which has a lowest as lowest weight.

Foldable handle feature helps in making the hair dryer portable so that it can be taken while traveling.

6. Metal And Coil Material

Coil Material

Basically, hair dryer consists of heating material called coil, this heading material is a mode of nichrome metal, a combination of nickel and chrome metal.

The nichrome metal does not get oxidized on heating, such that is a common heating metal used for toaster and hair dryers.

Metal Material

Metal heating coils generate uneven heat and this uneven hot air can burn your hair at high temperatures. Whereas the ceramic, tourmaline and titanium hairdryers provide you even heat and make your hair shiny and damage free.

High wattage hair dryers are expensive and reduce your dry time because they are quick. Ceramic heaters are faster than the basic nichrome heaters, 1200 watts ceramic heater is equal to 2200 watts nichrome heating coil.

7. Attachments Compatibility

Hair dryers come with few attachments like diffuser, concentrator, nozzle comb pick nozzle. All these attachments help you to focus the air on the required area of your hair, these attachments are best used for thick and frizzy hair types, as these hair types are dense and thick and they cannot be air dried easily.

8. Heat control settings

Heat control setting are the hair dryer is the main thing to be checked before you go for it. As discussed above in the wattage point, hair dryers with high wattage provide you more heat temperature and also can burn your hair.

9.Cool Shot Button

This button provides you cool air after hair drying, these will down the temperature of your hair. Sometimes while styling or hair drying on high temperatures you can use these cool shot feature and cool your temperature and also set your hairstyle.

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Best Hair Dryer Under Rs 1000 In India

  1. Panasonic EH-ND13V
  2. Philips HP8120/00
  3. Inalsa Artico
  4. Havells HD3151
  5. SYSKA HD1605

 Best blow dryer for curly hair 1000 rs

Panasonic is always greater choices manufactured and sale in the market and they never compromised with there quality so this Panasonic EH-ND13V is my first choice under this price segment. It comes with many basic features which buyer looking for under their future Hair Dryer.

Panasonic EH-ND13V comes with 3 temperature settings option, compact design who make it easy for you to handle and carry, quick dry nozzle, 1000W power consumption limit, 1.8-meter cord length, cool shoot feature, 2 years of manufacturers warranty and 10 days replacement policy.

Healthy Mode:-

The healthy mode of this hair dryer allows you to maintain a temperature of 50 degrees while drying your hair, thus ensuring your beautiful tresses don’t get damaged by the heat.


  • 3 temperature settings option
  • Quick dry nozzle
  • Compact design
  • 1000W power consumption limit
  • 1.8-meter cord length
  • Cool shoot feature

Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees

The new Philips essential care hair dryer provides you with all the basic features which you expected from your future hair dryer. 1200W power enables you to dry hair gently and quickly. The flexible caring setting is designed to meet different drying needs and offer extra care.


The thermo protect temperature setting provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair.


  • 3 Flexible Drying settings
  • Fast Air Setting
  • Thermo-Protection
  • Shiny design
  • 1200W power consumption limit
  • 1.8-meter cord length
  • Cool shoot feature

Inalsa Hair Dryer Artico


Inalsa Hair Dryer Artico is coming with very attractive lightweight premium design which feels you more premium while you use it.

It comes with 2 heat setting option, 2-speed setting options, 1200W power consumption limit, 1.7 cord length, Black and Red color combination, Toughened glass, Stainless steel inox finish body, flexible expandable pipe, 2 years warranty and 10 days replacement policy.

Inalsa Artico hair dryer currently available at Amazon and Flipkart but we recommended you to buy this hair dryer from Amazon because of they less price as compare to Flipkart.


  • 2 Flexible Drying settings
  • Premium design
  • 1200W power consumption limit
  • 1.7-meter cord length
  • Toughened glass
  • Stainless steel inox finish body
  • flexible expandable pipe

best hair dryer under 1000 rs

Dry and style together with hevells compact hair dryer which comes with a powerful motor that keeps hair beautiful, healthy and protects hair from getting damaged due to excessive heat.

Heat Balance Technology:-

Ensures uniform distribution of heat to prevent damage to hair, resulting in less heat exposure.

Honeycomb Inlet:-

The honeycomb inlet at the back-side of dryer ensures that the hair do not get tangled unknowingly while drying.


  • 1200W powerful consumption limit
  • Heat balance technology
  • Honeycomb inlet
  • 1.6 cord length
  • Detachable Nozzle
  • Premium Design

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Syska HD1505 hair dryer is my final choice under this price range. It comes with shiny, foldable to carry anywhere and premium design.

This hair dryer comes with 2 pre-selected heat and speed setting that gives you the flexibility to control the air flow and maintain the moisture in your hair.

This lightweight hair dryer comes with a foldable design which makes it easy for you to carry wherever you want.

Health Breeze Mode:-

This hair dryer protects your lovely looks from excess heat with the health breeze mode that helps in the gentle drying of hair.

Health Balance Technology With Low Noise:-

The heat balance technology prevents heat concentration and distributes hot air evenly to dry your hair gently. Also, the big wind inlet which reduces air swirl for quiet and efficient drying.


  • Impressive design
  • Flexible design
  • Health breeze mode
  • 1000W power consumption limit
  • Heat balance technology

This is the top list of best hair dryers under 1000 rupees. We highly recommended you this top 5 hair dryers. If you have any question and queries feel free to ask anything we will do our best to meet your expectations.

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