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10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India Under 10000-15000 Rupees 2022

The kitchen is the most important part which should be neat and clean so to maintain your kitchen hygiene, Chimney is the most important thing to add-on.

You must be looking for something which should be best for your modular kitchen so to help you a little bit I have worked out and designed the list of Top Best Kitchen Chimney in India.

Before going further let me share my perspective on the importance of Kitchen Chimney. As you all know how important it is to keep our kitchen clean.

When we cook yummy and delicious food for our family or someone than with the amazing taste we have to take care of the smoke released while giving tadka, oil on kitchen tiles, and ceiling which not looks good and at the same time very unhygienic.

Smoke from Indian tadka is quite high because of spices used in it so here the chimney plays the major role to keep your kitchen smoke free and clean.

10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India Under 10000-15000 Rupees

Best Kitchen ChimneyCheck Price
1. Elica Kitchen Chimney Check Price
2. Hindware Nevio 90 Check Price
3. Faber Feel Plus Check Price
4. Glen Designer Chimney Check Price
5. Sunflame CH Rapid Check Price
6. Butterfly Superb Plus Check Price
7. Pigeon Sterling DLX Check Price
8. Seavy Prime 1200 Check Price
9. Prestige AKH 600 Check Price
10. Kaff RAY 60 Check Price

Given Rankings Are Not Valid Its Just Sequence.

1. Elica Kitchen Chimney Osb Hac Touch BF Nero

  • 180-Watt Power Consumption
  • Compact Design and Dimensions
  • Automatic Heat Removal Technology
  • 1200 m3/hr Maximum Air Flow


Elica is a very famous brand for kitchen appliances as it always introduces fabulous designs and reliable products for their customers. Elica kitchen chimney is one of the major areas in which they are experts so if you are looking for a reliable brand and perfect design for your modular kitchen then this is one of the best options of kitchen chimney available in the market.

Elica has a wider range of kitchen chimney with amazing features and functionality with various price ranges. Elica Kitchen Chimney Osb Hac Touch BF Nero 60 cm well designed by considering customer needs.

This electric chimney has a smooth touch panel so you can operate effortlessly. To provide you full cooking comfort it is loaded by 2 LED lamps which consume 3 Watt.

This electric chimney is a very good option for healthy and hygienic cooking. Its baffle filter is easy to clean so you can easily maintain the hygiene of your chimney and kitchen.

2. Hindware Nevio 90

  • 180 Watt Motor Power
  • Baffle Filter made up of steel
  • Thermal Auto Clean Technology
  • Oil Collector box made up of metal


Hindware is one of the remarkable brand whenever we talk about Home appliances. It has a very strong impression of its product’s durability and designs. Hindware introduced an amazing range of kitchen chimneys with mind-blowing designs that complement your modern kitchen look.

This Hindware Nevio 90 kitchen chimney comes with amazing features which helps you to cook mouth-watering food for your family with all comfort. This chimney is best suitable for 4 burner stove.

The curved glass plate gives style to this chimney. It comes with Baffle filter made up of stainless steel. The special part of this chimney is an oil collector cup made up of metal which is best suitable for the Indian kitchen as you know Indian food is full of oil and spices.

While cooking we need everything well placed so here comes it’s another feature which is ultra-smooth touch control which eases your cooking to some extent and top of it this chimney comes with 2 LED lamps which consume very little power so you don’t have to worry for your electricity bill.

Suction power which is the most important factor of any chimney so this Hindware Nevio 90 offers suction power of 1200 m3/hr which removes heat, smoke, and oil from the air with the help of Thermal Auto Clean Technology.

This kitchen chimney comes not just with advanced features but also provides you reliability as it comes with the warranty of 1 Year on Product and 5 Years on Motor.

3. Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW

  • Powerful Motor of 250- Watt
  • 25 Percent higher Suction Area
  • 15 Percent reduction of Grease
  • 2 LED Lamp


Faber is one of the very old brands which is specialized for kitchen appliances. It always introduces the enhanced feature than the previous versions. This model comes with more efficiency and less noise and It’s feather touch control panel will help to operate the functioning of the kitchen chimney. It also comes with a delay timer.

For your cooking comfort, it has 2 Led lamps which help to view properly while cooking and consume electricity of 1.5 watts each so it saves your unnecessary electricity bill also.

Faber Fell Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW comes with a powerful 3 layer baffle filter which is easy to clean and durable as it is made up of stainless steel. 3- way suction Technolgy is another important factor which I like the most because it will be going to clean the kitchen so quickly and due to 3 suctions it reduces grease also noise reduction by 10 dBA.

When I talk about efficiency that means it’s motor. This kitchen chimney comes with a powerful motor of 250- Watt which improves its work efficiency for you.

This can be the best option to rely on as it offers 1 Year warranty on product and 10 Years on Motor and suggested for a large kitchen.

4. Glen Designer Chimney 6075 SS BF Steel

  • Italian Copper Motor with thermal overload protector
  • Wired made up of flame retardant plastic and copper
  • Baffle Filter made up of Stainless Steel
  • 750 m3/h of Suction Power


Glen is the brand that focuses on a better life and customizes its product accordingly. Glen offers a huge range of products for your kitchen. The Glen Designer Chimney 6075 SS BF steel will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and gives you clean, odorless air for your kitchen.

This model of chimney is designed for elegance and simplicity. It is made up of matt finishing stainless steel which looks to this electric chimney. 40- Watt Powerful Lamp will enable you to see properly while cooking.

Unlike above, this electric chimney has a push-button control panel and 3-speed modes also it has power on indicator light. You have to put a little effort to operates the chimney.

Its Baffle filter made up of stainless steel with dynamic airflow so that the filter would not get choked because of oil. Its baffle filter is also easy to clean. The suction power of this chimney is 750 m3/hr which removes the unwanted particles from the air quickly.

The efficiency of any machine depends on its motor used. This chimney is equipped by Italian copper motor with thermal overload protector. For your safety they have covered all the wire with flame-resistant plastic and copper also the FRP Housing and Fan.

5. Sunflame CH Rapid 90 DX Auto Clean

  • Suggested for 3-5 burner stove
  • Suction Capacity of 1100 m3/hr
  • Thermal Auto Clean Technology
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Finish


Sunflame is the brand which you will find in most of the house in India. Sunflame has changed the cooking style by providing new, innovative, and most classic durable designs for your kitchen.

The designs added the spark to your kitchen. They introduced the latest technology to the Indian Kitchens and made them believe in possibility and enhancement for their kitchen and cooking.

Its design is so classy and elegant, it’s body made up of stainless steel and a gloss finish which makes your kitchen amazingly cool and stylish. When I talk about its features then it is so well planned and designed to achieve the maximum efficiency.

The technology used is enhanced and innovative. It has a baffle filter is made up of stainless steel and works so efficiently that it settle the oil particle inside the baffle and allows only air move between the filters.

It has Thermal Auto Clean Technology and improves the suction capacity so that max. airflow can be possible for a clean and odorless kitchen. It has a feather touch control panel and 2 LED lamps for proper light for the cooking.

6. Butterfly Superb Plus Electric Chimney

  • 190 Watt Power Consumption
  • Baffle Filter made up of Stainless Steel
  • 2 LED Lamp with 1.5 Watt Power Consumption
  • Remote control to regulate the speed


Here comes another brand with lots of amazing features to change your cooking experience completely and to provide you all comfort while cooking. Butterfly Superb Plus Electric Chimney comes with amazing features. It has 190 Watt power consumption and having two LED Lamps for comfortable cooking.

This power-efficient chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr which removes heat and odor from the air and gives you fresh air. To give you fresh air it is equipped with baffle filter made up of stainless steel. It comes with a special feature, Oil collector which collects the unwanted oil to remove greasiness and easily washable.

This kitchen chimney comes with 2 LED Lamps. For the smooth operation it added touch control panel. To complement your kitchen this chimney has made up of stainless steel.

You can adjust the speed as per your need with the help of 3-speed control. You can change the speed with the help of remote so this kitchen chimney has designed by considering your maximum requirement for your kitchen. Another special feature here is the detachable exhaust pipe. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

7. Pigeon Sterling DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

  • 60 Cm size best for 2-4 Burners
  • 860 m3/hr Suction Power
  • 100-200 sqft size fit
  • Removes odor and heat from the kitchen


Pigeon manufactures household products for us for so long. Everyone loves to have a modern and enhanced version for their kitchen so this brand is here to fulfill your wishes in a pocket-friendly budget. The products offered by this brand have a reliable budget range for everyone.

Pigeon introduced kitchen chimney which can be affordable and fully loaded with all the feature required for your modular kitchen. It is loaded with a baffle filter that removes the odor and heat from the kitchen’s air and keep it clean.

It has a push-button control and the suction capacity of 860 m3/ Hr which is best for the kitchen with the size of 100-200 sqft and medium frying/grilling.

When I talk about the design so it is pyramid shape wall mounted kitchen chimney and available in the color Steel/Grey. With a reasonable price, it also gives you reliability as it offers a warranty of 1 Year on Product and 7 Years on motor.

8. Seavy Prime 1200 M3/H 60cm

  • Suction Power of 1200 m3/H
  • Well set 2 LED Lamps
  • Stainless steel Baffle Filter
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology


Seavy is the kitchen equipment brand which delivers fine quality product in terms to gain the customer trust. They understand that how important it is for someone to have a beautiful kitchen and they also ensure the product should provide all the comfort while working.

Seavy Prime has an amazing range of kitchen appliances so they are also specialized for kitchen chimneys. One of the best kitchen chimney I will recommend from their collection is Seavy Prime 1200 M3/H 60 cm with heat auto-clean technology. Along with the elegant design, this kitchen chimney has amazing features for your kitchen.

In this kitchen chimney, 2 LED lamps has well placed so that you can have a proper visualization of the food you are preparing. This power-efficient chimney has a wattage of 180 Watt and generates minimal noise while operating. It is made up of stainless steel which improves its durability.

Seavy Prime Kitchen chimney eliminates heat automatically as it is programmed with heat auto-clean technology. It removes your hassle for manual cleaning and save your time. This kitchen chimney has the suction power of 1200 m3/ h which provides you a clean and odor-free environment so that you can cook for back to back mouth-watering dishes for your friends and family. It has a baffle filter which is detachable so you can clean it to maintain your kitchen hygiene.

9. Prestige AKH 600 CB-B SERIES

  • Heat Resistant Tempered Glass       
  • Baffle Filter for maximum airflow
  • Auto Heat clean Technology
  • Feather touch control panel


Prestige is the prestige of all Indian kitchens because of it’s amazing product quality where value meets reliability. This brand is undoubtedly the choice of maximum people in India. Prestige has a very strong brand image in India market.

Prestige has introduced an amazing model of the chimney for your kitchen, Prestige AKH 600 CB-B SERIES Wall Mounted Chimney. The special feature is its heat resistant tempered glass which provides you security and durability to the chimney.

Its Baffle filters allow maximum air to make it more efficient and the suction power is 1000 m3/Hr which clean the air in a fraction of seconds. You can watch your food while cooking with the help of 2 LED lamps which is well placed.

To handle the different levels of smoke it introduced 3 Speed controllers which you can adjust as per your need. To operate it effortlessly it is equipped with a feather touch control panel. To maintain the reliability it offers a lifetime warranty.

10. Kaff RAY 60 Wall Mounted Chimney

  • Power Efficient
  • Suction Power of 1100 nm3/hr
  • Steel Finish
  • Push Button Control Panel
  • Aluminum Filter  


Kaff provides an innovative range of kitchen appliances if you are looking for something modern and innovative then here is another best option of kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

The steel finish adds a spark to your kitchen. Its filter is made up of aluminium. It has Push control buttons to operate and it is equipped with normal lights.

The max airflow is 1100 Nm3/hr which removes the smoke effectively from your kitchen. Ray 60 comes with a lifetime warranty for its product.


Above list of Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India, Hope it will help you to choose a genuine and best chimney for your kitchen. In maximum houses nowadays people designing an open kitchen so it’s very important to keep it clean, hygienic and should look good.

As your kitchen design is open then it’s very important to keep it odour-less so resolve all the problems I have listed best chimneys for you available in the market. The features are amazing and well designed to provide you with all comfort and ease while cooking food for your loved once.

I have listed best kitchen chimney options for you so that you can compare and decide the best for your kitchen as I understand how important it is to select the best for your modular kitchen which should enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Buying Guideline for Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Before buying I always check for the specifications so that it can be the deal for the value of money and work efficiently. Let me share not all but some major guidelines before choosing the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

  • Chimney Type
  • Filter Type
  • Suction Power
  • Chimney Design
  • Chimney Size
  • Chimney Ducting

Chimney Type: In the market majorly 4 types of chimney available for your kitchen and the name is Island Chimney, Wall Mounted Chimney, Built-in Chimney, Corner Chimney. Choosing chimney depends on your kitchen structure, cooking platform, hob, and stove.

Filter Type: This is a very important point to decide before buying the best chimney for your kitchen. Chimney filter available in 3 types: Baffle Filter, Cassette Filter, Carbon Filter you can select the filter as per your need but Baffle filter is highly recommended for Indian Kitchen.

Suction Power:  Suction power depends on 2 things: Size of your Kitchen and Size of your House. You can calculate the Suction power and choose it accordingly.

Chimney Design:  As you are looking chimney for your modular kitchen so you must be looking for the amazing design which can increase the modern look for your kitchen. 2 designs are available in the market: Convectional and Contemporary. If you are not very much particular about the design and look of the chimney then Convection would be the best choice. If you want something classy then you should look for contemporary.

Chimney Size: Chimney Size depends on the size of your stove. Chimney size should always be equal or bigger than the size of your stove or hob.

Chimney Ducting: You have 2 options chimney with duct and without duct. Chimney with duct removes the heat from the kitchen air and chimney without duct filter the air and release back into the kitchen or home.

Now let‘s start finding the right option for you from the list of Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India. I have selected some best kitchen chimneys in India with price.

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