10 Best Power Bank Under 500-1000-1500-2000 Rs In India 2021

We live in a society where everyone is using a smartphone device, and this is the actual truth that we can’t live without our smartphone. Many times we strongly need a charger, but that time is impossible to recharge our smartphones just because of a lack of charging socket. Best Power Bank is the only solution for this kind of situation.

If you don’t want to suffer from this situation, then you need a power bank that helps you to charge your device at any time and any place. In this list, we concluded the top best power bank in India under 500-1000-1500-2000 rs budget range, this top list of best power bank in India 2020 helps you to grab one of the quality power bank at your budget segment.

In this list of best power bank company’s in India 2020, we mention the top 10 power bank 10000mAh to 20000mAh plus battery capacity storage. Before making this list, we noted that there is more demand for a fast charging power bank in the market.

10 Best Power Bank Under 500-1000-1500-2000 Rs In India

Product NameCheck Price
Lapguard Sailing-1510_10.4K Check Price
 Ambrane Power Bank P-1111 Check Price
Mi Power Bank 2i Check Price
Ambrane Power Bank P-1310 Check Price
Ambrane 20000mAh Check Price
Syska X110 11000mAH Power Bank  Check Price
Mi power bank 20000mah Check Price
Philips 10000 mAh Power Bank Check Price
Anker Power Core FBA Check Price
Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Check Price


1. Lapguard Sailing-1510_10.4K

best power bank

  • Weights:- 227g
  • Battery Capacity:- 10400mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium-ion battery
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


If you have the plan to buy the best power bank under 500 rs budget rang, then this lapguard sailing 1510 power bank is our first choice for you.

This power bank from the lapguard model name lapguard sailing 1510 power bank comes with 10400mAh power-packed battery capacity with 3 charging ports that charge 3 different devices at the same time.

The Power bank comes with one of the secure charging functionality it intelligent power manage IC support overcharge or discharged also can handle over-voltage and over current protection that perfectly protects your electronic devices from the charging accident.

This budget range power bank came with 6 months of manufacturer warranty and promised to deliver up to 24×7 hours of customer care support; for more detailed and queries, you can call on this +91-8860982364 mobile number.

The lapguard sailing 1510 power bank comes with inbuilt 4 LED indicators that displaying the battery performance percentage and charging status. Along with this, it has one single torchlight.

2. Ambrane Power Bank P-1111

best power bank

  • Weights:- 227g
  • Battery Capacity:- 10000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


When it comes to budget range power bank, this Ambrane power bank P-1111 is another best choice available in the market.

The Ambrane power bank P-1111 is designed to fulfill the necessity of portable for smartphones and tablets. It is available in three different color choices, including white, black, and white-blue combinations.

The power bank has four LED indicators light that alerts you about the battery performance and shows your battery remaining battery level. Along with this, it has a single tone touch light.

Its power-packed 10000mAh battery takes almost 5 hours for complete charging, and it charges your 3 devices on a single charge.

The Ambrane power bank P-1111 has two USB charging port 5V/2.1A output, which means you can able to charge 2 devices at the same time.

This Ambrane power bank P-1111 comes with overcharging protection, including short circuit protection, LED indicator, over current protection, and overload protection.

3. Mi Power Bank 2i

best power bank

  • Weights:- 227g
  • Battery Capacity:- 10000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium-ion battery
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


As a brand, Xiaomi has a considerable amount of market share in the smartphone market worldwide. And all the products Xiaomi released in the world level comes with fantastic quality with a cheap price range.

This powerful power bank comes with many additional features in the range of 1000 rs that making it worthy and most trusted power bank in the list of best power bank in India 2020.

I’m using this power bank for 2 years, and it never disappoints me till now. This high-quality power bank offers you stunning battery storage that accurately delivers a quality that you expect.

It takes 5 to 6 hours for fully charged, and it has quick charging support who able to charge your device within an hour.

When I use this power bank, I measure slight heating issues, but actually, it is a common issue, so don’t worry about that.

Its slim aluminum body structure feels you comfortable to carry this power bank anywhere.

MI power bank 2i comes with 10000mAh battery capacity and able to charge one device up to 5 times, and this power bank able to charge 2 devices at the same time due to its 2 USB port connectivity.

For the battery measurement, it has an inbuilt LED notification that shows your battery status during the usage and charging time.

It doesn’t has power on of button when you plug it with your device, it automatically switches on, and when you remove the cable from the port, it turns off.

4. Ambrane Power Bank P-1310

best power bank

  • Weights:- 280g
  • Battery Capacity:- 13000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium-ion battery
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


If you were looking for a power bank with the multicolour choice, then this Ambrane power bank P-1310 is an excellent deal for you because this power bank comes with almost six different color choices such as black-gold, grey-gold, white-blue, white-green, white purple, white-black.

This Ambrane power bank P-1310  comes with li-ion cell 13000mAh battery storage with quick charging support.

Design-wise it made from the plastic material, and it has a multicolor combination, so you have choices to select your favorite color combination.

For the battery staus notification, it has four LED lights that time to time blinks and provides you remain battery and charging status, in addion, it has a single tone LED torchlight for an emergency.

With the help of this Ambrane power bank P-1310, you can able to charge your smartphone, media player, tablets, digital camera, or any other electronic portable gadget.

5. Ambrane 20000mAh

best power bank

  • Weights:- 370g
  • Battery Capacity:- 20000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium-ion battery
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


If you were searching 20000mAh best power bank under the budget range 1000-2000 rs in India, then this  Ambrane 20,000mAh is the perfect choice for you.

This portable ergonomic design style power bank made from a durable ABS plastic material which not only gives a stylish premium finish also comes with scratches proof durability.

This 370g weighted power bank contains lithium polymer power-packed 20000mAh battery storage that charges your device five times on a single charge.

In this power bank, you will get 2  USB port for mobile charging and one single port for power bank charging, and it supports ios, windows and android devices.

For better protection, it has 9 layers of advanced protection, including viz-a-viz –Protection from Temperature Resistance, Short Circuit, Reset Mechanism, Input Overvoltage Protection, Incorrect Insertion, Output Over current, Output Over-voltage Protection, Overcharge and Over-discharge, PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell.

6. Syska X110 11000mAH Power Bank 

best power bank

  • Weights:- 370g
  • Battery Capacity:- 11000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Polymer cell
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


Never worry about your phone running out of charge while traveling when you have this Power Bank X110 from Syska. With a remarkable battery capacity of 10000 mAh, this power bank can charge your electronic devices on the go.

This innovative premium design style power bank comes with IC protection that helps you to avoid overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits that may cause your device to malfunction or even irrespirable damage to your most price possessions.

This Syska Power Bank X110 has 2 USB port that allows you to charge 2 different devices simultaneously.

In addion, it has an intelligent power management solution functionality that allows you to keep track of the devices that are being charged. This functionality ensures steady and higher efficiency without overcharging the devices.

This ultra-lightweight Syska X110 Power Bank is made from the solid plastic material that has almost 272g weight.

7. Mi power bank 20000mah

best power bank

  • Weights:- 430g
  • Battery Capacity:- 15000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Polymer cell
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


In this article, we include another best 20000mAh battery storage power bank under 1500 rupees budget range from the top most trusted brand Xioami.

This Mi power bank also similar to the version of 15000mAh 2i, but in this power bank, you can buy this 20000mAh  Li-Polymer Battery if you pay an extra 500 rs money for this.

This Mi power bank 2i comes with 18w fast charging support via its 5V/2A, 9V/ 2A, and 12V/1.5A outputs that ensure you about efficient, quick charging support. A single charge can be charged up to 4 to 5 devices.

Apart from the technical stuff, this power-packed power bank made from the plastic build ABS material to provide a premium and comfortable feel.

For better security control, it covered with 9 layered circuit chip protection that ensures you keep your power bank and electronic devices secure from short circuits.

8. Philips 10000 mAh Power Bank

best power bank

  • Weights:- 290g
  • Battery Capacity:- 15000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Polymer cell
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Power Source:- AC adaptor


In India, people loves to buy Philips trimmer, and most of tech techy expert prefer Philips technology-based protect because Philips brand delivers fantastic build and technology.

This Philips DLP9001NB power bank comes with a premium design that is made from a sturdy grade of plastic to make it tough and durable. In this power bank, you will get 10000mAh battery storage that enough to charge your smartphone more than 4 to 5 times on a sinlge charge.

This power-packed power bank utterly compatible with your laptops, apple device, and android smartphones.

In this power bank, Philips includes an inbuilt  LED light indicator that denotes the energy status of the power bank.

9. Anker Power Core FBA

best power bank

  • Weights:- 290g
  • Battery Capacity:- 10000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium-ion Battery
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector
  • Output Power:- 1A, 2.1A


Anker is American Power bank manufacturing brand has the most value and most demand in the Indian market because Anker is the only company that never sell cheap quality and always tries to deliver Premium quality power banks at the different price tag.

In this power bank, you will get the most advanced features that making it more worthy. This Anker power bank comes with 24 watts 3.0 quick charging support that delivers the fastest charging.

Equipped with powerIQ technology that may help you to identify any connected device, this PowerIQ technology able to deliver an optimum high-speed charge to all devices includes apple, android, and windows.

This Anker power bank has temperature control technology that ensures your charger remains cool in all conditions while you were charging your electronic device.

In this, you will get 10000mAh sturdy power-packed battery storage who charge within a 5 hour, and you can charge your smartphone 3 times on a single charge.

10. Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh

best power bank

  • Weights:- 290g
  • Battery Capacity:- 20000mAh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium Polymer
  • Connector:- Micro USB connector


Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank is our final choice in the top list of best power bank 2020 list.

This ultra-lightweight Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank comes with pocket-friendly design sized with high-density polymer battery.

In this power bank, you will get dual USB charging ports combined with the rating of 5V/2.1A one with micro USB port, and another one is type C port.

This ultra-stylish power bank is made from plastic material with a Premium rubberized finish; it has almost 385g wight.

With the highspeed charging technology, this Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank charges your mobile, tables, and other USB enabled devices with a maximum of 2.1A output. It is compatible with all types of operating system versions.

For better protection, this power bank equipped with 9 layered protection technology that secures your device from tempreture resistance, short circuit, rest mechanism, input over-voltage, incorrect insertion, output over current, output over-voltage and overcharge.

For the battery level status, it has 4 LED indicator light that continuously indicates the level of the battery, charging performance, and quick charge or average charge level.



So finally we concluded top 10 best power bank in this list with the various price tag, we highly recommend you to buy our selected power banks according to your need and budget because we did high in-depth research to creates this op 10 lists.

Apart from this, if you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section, we will try our best to resolve your questions as soon as possible.

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Which is the best Power Bank In India?

Ans:- In the list of the best power bank In India, we review almost all budget range power banks such as from 500 rs to 2000 rs budget range. Still, if you have confusion then follow this

Which is the best power bank under 2000 rs?

⇒ Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh

Which is the best power bank 1500 rs?

⇒ Mi power bank 20000mah

Which is the best power bank 1000 rs?

Mi Power Bank 2i

Which is the best power bank 500 rs?

Lapguard Sailing-1510_10.4K

How To Choose Best Power Bank

The world of technology has shrunk to our smartphones, tablets, and power banks. We can now access anything on the internet through our mobile devices. Logging into Facebook, preparing presentations and reading an important document can easily be done with the help of these devices.

However, it is unfortunate that the batteries of smartphones and tabs tend to run down really quickly, and you do need to have a back up for it. This is why you need to buy a power bank.

What is a Power Bank?

A power bank is simply a portable charger or device which is used for charging your mobile devices on the go. It is small enough to be carried inside your pocket and acts as the best back up for your PC tablets, mp3s, mp4s, smartphones, tablets, iPods etc.

How Can You Charge with the Help of a Power Bank?

Charging with the help of a power bank is quite easy as you do not need to have any type of an electric outlet for the purpose. All you need is a USB cable which you can attach to your mobile device and the portable charger, and your mobile starts getting charged. It is advisable to use a higher output portable charger on a mobile device as otherwise heating and the explosion of the battery may occur.

How is the Battery of a Power Bank Measured?

The battery of a power bank is measured in mAh or milliampere-hour.

Can Overcharging Your Smart Phone Affect its Battery Life?

While it is great to be able to charge your smartphone over and over again, without having to worry about draining its battery, it is a fact that overcharging your smartphone actually weakens its battery life by deteriorating its capacity.

Does the Quality of the Power Bank Matter?

Whenever you buy a portable charger, make sure that it is of the best quality as you do not the batteries of your mobile devices to suffer in return. When you invest in a good quality charger, you can even connect more than one device to it as well and experience that the timing of the charging of the devices are not affected by it.

Generic or Branded Power Banks?

Whether to purchase a generic or a branded power bank can be something really confusing for many. However, it is advisable to go for a branded power bank as it has a superior quality as compared to a generic one. A branded charger with the capacity between 12,000 to 13,000 mAh charges better than a generic one having a capacity between 30,000 to 50,000 mAh.

A branded power bank also comes with a warranty as compared to its counterpart, although it might be a tad bit expensive.

From Where to Buy a Good Power Bank

You can easily purchase a power bank from the manufacturer’s website or through Amazon, with various discounts and free shipping.

Type of Portable chargers

With the fast-growing mobile phone trend, portable chargers have become lifesavers for people. Dead batteries can give a mini heart attack if your charger is not around. As the need of mobile phones have increased, hence the need of a portable charger, which you can carry anywhere is also increased.

Until the launch of a powerful smartphone with a long battery life is introduced in the market, a portable charger will be the best solution for this ignominy of a dead phone.

Whatever your need might be, either it’s for a road trip or camping in the forest, we have sort some of the types of portable chargers that’ll interest you for sure.

A Giant Portable charger: 

  • For Ultra high-capacity of 10,400 mAh, it’s the cheapest one you can get. It contains dual USB ports of rechargeable battery power.
  • It’s perfect for long flights, road trips, camping etc.
  • It’s capable with most of the smartphones and tablets.
  • Also contains an LED flashlight.
  • Can hold its charge for up to 6 months without usage.

Wireless portable charger:

  • Wirelessly observe the battery level from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  • It remotely turns on and off charging your tablet or smartphone.
  • Activate the Bear Mode to triggers an alarm and flashlight if you move your phone.
  • With high quality battery up to 600 mAh.
  • Contains a lot of features, some of which used to locate the battery.
  • The water resistant feature makes it the best to take to the beach without any fear.

External Battery Pack:

  • The dual-USB port allows two devices at one time.
  • With integrated security protection designed for short-circuit and over-current protection
  • Contains A-Grade Li-ion cell and premium microchips which create high-quality portable charge.
  • Can charge your smartphone multiple times which makes it perfect for traveling.
  • Compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets.

Wireless Wi-Fi- Portable charger

  • Turns into a WiFi hotspot with endless videos, photos etc. streaming.
  • With weight as light as a feather you can easily put it in your bag and carry it around with you.
  • Share your precious moments with your friends and family using the mobile or desktop connector.
  • Works great with low power smartphones allowing multiple times charging. But it needs to be recharged often if you are using high powered tablets or cells.

2 USB Portable Charger

  • It is a unique portable charger containing 2 USB ports to charge multiple devices with ease.
  • Lightweight and smaller design makes it perfect to carry in a small bag, pouch or even in your pocket.
  • Compatible with varies mobile devices and other smartphones except for tablets.
  • Up to a battery of 6400 mAH, it can charge your cell phone battery quite easily

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