Best WiFi Router Buyer’s Guide

Best Routers Buyer’s Guide

1. What is a wifi router?

A Wi-fi router is a router device for wireless data transmission. The main goal of a wi-fi router is to combine several devices using wi-fi into a single wireless network and to provide wireless Internet access for these devices.

Wi-fi has become so widespread thanks to portable devices for accessing the Internet existing on the market: laptops, phones, tablets, etc. The presence of a wifi router in the house or in the office greatly simplifies life, as it eliminates the need to lay inconvenient wires in an apartment or office, and also greatly simplifies the network administration process in the case of using multiple devices.

The use of wi-fi connection has become especially relevant recently with the advent of a huge number of devices that support this type of network connection: laptops, e-books, netbooks, handheld computers, notebooks, tablets, phones and many others.

Getting rid of a huge number of cables greatly simplifies the process of working with all of these devices and opens up new possibilities that are closed to cable Internet users. Wi-fi makes it possible to use the Internet anywhere in the home or office.

2. Durability

Ideally, we all want one of the finest quality durable wifi routers but as the whole world knows that electronic gadget no longer survives more than 5 years. When it comes to wired wifi routes so you will found they will deliver long-lasting durability as compared to a wireless one.

3. Wireless Standards

In the market there are three different types of routers are available such as single band, dual-band and tri-band models. The single band model is easy to buy because they were available at the very cheap price range but when it comes to dual-band model or tri-band model then the price should be changed and it costly according to models.

4. USB  And Ethernet Ports

When you actually want a powerful wifi router then pick a router who comes with 4 to 5 ethernet ports. These ports ensure you about the connection you get is similar and productive. The top leading wifi routers come with detachable aerials or antennas.

5. QoS And Parental Lock

Nowadays many wifi routers come with preinstalled parental features, this functionality helps you to keep close tabs on the site that the kids or wifi user visiting. So basically this good to select wifi router with this functionality.

6. Security Protocols

In this new era all major companies who sell wifi routers now giving inbuilt security system that helps you to protect your internet connection secure from the third party. Most wifi routers come with common security type  WI-FI PROTECTED ACCESS (WPA/2). We must recommend you to go with the wifi modem who has an extra layer of security know as the REMOTE AUTHENTICATION DIAL-IN USE SERVICE (RADIUS).

7. Wireless Standard

Normally wifi routers come in 802.11ac, 802.11n, and 802.11g criteria. This is not just numbered, it indicates the wireless capabilities of devices. If you have the plan to buy wifi routers for home then go with 802.11ac and for the office remains 802.11n and 802.11g.

8. Frequencies Supported


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