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10 Best 40-43-50 Inches Smart TV Under 30000-40000 Rupees In India 2023

Smart TVs are new groundbreakers in the TV market. The mobile phone manufacturer has now entered the TV segment, and the brands are fighting to be at the top of the new emerging market. They do it by attracting consumers with very aggressive pricing with a stunning performance.

Some of the best Smart TVs are listed below, which you can consider while selecting a new Smart TV. During this pandemic, people have seen how comfortable and cost-cutting options Smart TV gives to watch your favorite Movies and TV shows.

Some of the brands use the generic Android TV OS exclusive brands like Samsung and Xiaomi offer their skin just like we see in the smartphones by these companies. These Smart TVs give us access to a whole new level of content to watch.

The UI is very much similar to the android phones we use. There is a play store and AppStore through which users can download apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming services. On top of that, users can download and play games on their Smart TVs with their wireless controller.

However, the gaming experience will vary from device to device depending on the processor and RAM that it offers. So below is the list of Smart TVs users can choose to buy, especially in this crowded market of an enormous number of TVs we have chosen the best ones for you.

10 Best 40-43-50 Inches Smart TV Under 30000-40000 Rupees In India

Best Smart TV Under 30000-40000 RsCheck Price
1. MarQ TV 43 inch Check Price
2. Thomson 50 inch Check Price
3. Blaupunkt 43 inch Check Price
4. TCL 43 inch Check Price
5. Kodak 49 inch Check Price
6. BPL 49 inches Check Price
7. Shinco 49 inch Check Price
 8. VU Ultra Android 43 inch Check Price
 9. VU Ultra Smart 40 inch Check Price
10. iFFALCON 40 inch Check Price

1. MarQ TV 43 inch 4k ultra HD smart tv

  • Powerful 20W speakers
  • Powered by Chroma Display Engine
  • Supports Dual-band Wi-fi
  • Android 9.0 OS


MarQ by Flipkart has launched its new 4k LED TV. They offer a good quality TV with very aggressive pricing. The MarQ by Flipkart offers a 4K TV with Ultra High Definition visual delight. It is powered by Chroma Display Engine with HDR 10 so that you can experience vivid colors, sharper images, and wide viewing angles.

It comes with Dolby Audio, surrounds sound, and powerful 20W speakers. The compact design also allows it to take very little space and adds glamour to your room. The TV comes with Android 9.0 out of the box along with the google play store.

It even has a built-in google assistant and Chromecast, which users can use to ask questions, tell the TV to switch to a particular app from the remote or cast your Smartphone to your TV.

The TV supports Dual-band Wi-fi so that you get hassle-free and seamless connectivity in addition to more USB/HDMI ports and Bluetooth 5.0. Android TV lets you explore 5000+ apps on Google Playstore.

2. Thomson 50 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart LED TV

  • HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • 1 GHz quad-core CPU
  • Built-in google assistant
  • 60Hz refresh rate


Thomson launched its Ultra HD 4k Smart LED TV. The TV gives a stunning picture quality thanks to its UHD display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and one billion shades of color so that you can have a mesmerizing experience watching movies with your loved ones. Along with this, the TV also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision for an overall audio-visual experience.

This TV uses MEMC Technology to play high-paced and graphics-rich games without seeing any lag on the screen. The TV also comes with a 60Hz refresh rate which is a plus point for all the gamers who like to play games on big screens.

This TV comes with a built-in google assistant in the remote, so you can use the voice commands to navigate and search the content of your choice. Just press the google assistant button on the remote to activate.

This TV comes with a 1 GHz quad-core CPU and a Mali quad-core GPU for a lag-free performance and rich visual experience. The TV supports Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround sound and comes with 60watt speakers to offer an incredible listening experience.

3. Blaupunkt 43 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

  • Cortex-A53 Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • AI-driven smart user interface
  • futuristic smart air mouse remote


Blaupunkt is here with its 4K LED TV. They were known for their car audio equipment and are also famous for their home and audio products. The company now offers a range of televisions in India, and they show it at great affordability.

The UHD 4k Smart TV comes with a Cortex-A53 Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor and a Mali-450MP Penta Core 750 MHz graphic processor with 1 GB RAM and 8GB ROM, which is enough to support many applications.

Smart TV has four speakers with an in-built soundbar and comes with surround sound technology so that you can enjoy a delightful experience watching movies on this.

Blaupunkt TV comes with android 5.1 and has a hybrid launcher that sports an AI-driven intelligent user interface that gives users access to their favorite content on one platform, whether it’s music, videos, photos, etc. You also have the option for screencasting on this tv so that you can cast your favorite movies, videos, or pictures from your Smartphone to your TV.

This TV comes with its one-of-a-kind futuristic smart air mouse remote that has a qwerty keypad. It also features a mouse cursor and is equipped with voice commands.

4. TCL 43 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

  • HDR pro for vivid detail images
  • Powerful surround sound with Dolby
  • dedicated netflix button on mouse
  • HDR 10 support via HDMI, USB, etc


TCL is a trendy brand when it comes to televisions, and their Smart TV justifies their popularity. The TCL 43 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV comes with an HDR pro, which produces vivid detail images with an accurate reproduction of light and dark shades.

The HDR 10 support allows the user to experience the HDR content via HDMI, USB, etc. For all the sports lovers out there, this TV comes with a Sport mode that optimizes the image and sound and allows the audience to enjoy immersive feelings of live-action sports events.

TCL also offers dynamic picture enhancement, ensuring that the colors are depicted from a real natural environment and makes the images more detailed for an incredible experience.

The Dolby audio in this TV creates a rich, clear, and powerful surround sound with Dolby decoder, which optimizes the sound quality of the TV. It also has stereo surrounding sound box speakers specially made for the Indian market; it creates a broader and louder range to deliver an immersive sound.

The intelligent Smart sound feature will automatically detect the program you are watching(Sports, news, movies, and so on) and adjusts the volume settings accordingly. TCL has its app store, which provides users with a comprehensive range of downloadable content.

It has its launcher and casting feature named T-launcher and T-cast, respectively. You can enjoy Netflix on this TV in 4K HDR, and the remote also has a dedicated button for the application.

5. Kodak 49 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

  •  A+ grade IPS panel
  • 20 W speakers
  • Dual Operating system
  • Cortex 4 core processor


Kodak is an American brand that started with cameras and now targets the Smart TV market segment with its 4K UHD LED TV. The TV has an A+ grade IPS panel; the robust build quality of the display panel also increases its durability.

The TV also offers a wide viewing angle so that you can sit and watch the TV from the sides without losing out on the brightness, color shifts, and black levels. The LED TV comes with 20 W speakers and offers sharp and loud audio that complements the HD quality of the video.

There is also an option of Miracast to cast your Smartphone to watch videos, photos onto the TV. It comes with Andoird 5.0 and Aptoide(Dual Operating system).

The smart TV comes with a Cortex 4 core processor with 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, which you can use to download many applications from the play store. The TV has a 178-degree viewing angle and a 60 Hz refresh rate that is fantastic for playing games on the TV. It has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports with one headphone jack; other connectivity includes 1 Ethernet(RJ45) port.

6. BPL 49 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

  • 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • Cortex A9 Dual-Core Processor
  • 176-degree wide angle
  • Built-in speakers with 16W


BPL is one of the oldest Television manufacturing companies out there when people used to have bulky TVs at their homes. The reason they lasted so long is that they accepted the technology change and started working with it.

The BPL 49 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV comes with Android 6.0, which you can use to navigate your favorite apps and programs with a familiar interface that you have used in your Smartphone.

The TV comes with an in-built memory of 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM so that you can open multiple apps on your TV and switch between them without the TV functioning any slower.

It also has a Cortex A9 Dual-Core Processor for faster computing. With this, you can do more on your TV in less time.

The viewing angle in this tv is 176-degree wide, so you can watch the TV from the side without losing the picture quality. It has built-in speakers with 16W digital audio output.

You can connect 3 HDMI ports to connect your setup box, Blu Ray players, gaming consoles, and 2 USB ports to connect a hard drive and other USB devices, and 1 VGA port to connect your laptop to it.

7. Shinco 49 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

  • Quantum Luminit Technology
  • UNI-WALL UI with Android 7.0
  • Featured with Content Discovery Engine
  • Dual Core Mali450- 540MHz graphics processor


If you are looking for a Made-in-India smart TV under 30000, you should look out for Shinco 49 inch Full HD Smart LED TV. Quantum Luminit Technology is an advanced display technology that accelerates the quality of colors on the LED TV screen for a breathtaking experience.

The Shinco Smart TV comes with its UNI-WALL UI with Android 7.0 running on it. It has an in-built soundbar which will be a delight for bass lovers. The HDR 10 technology renders the visuals using an intelligent image processing system that enhances every pixel and looks natural.

The TV comes with a feature called Content Discovery Engine(CDE), which lets you type the title of the movie or show you are looking for and lets the TV bring you all the matched options from its content pool.

The Shinco TV is engineered to automatically get regular firmware updates with all the new features and dynamics. It also has a Movie box app subscription that is free, and you can watch 7000+ free movies from new age to history and in 15 regional languages across genres.

You can mirror your Smartphone to your TV to watch videos, photos on your TV. Along with this, you can pair your Smartphone to your TV and use it as a Remote with gestures just like an air mouse. The Shinco FHD Smart LED TV comes with a Cortex processor and a Dual Core Mali450- 540MHz graphics processor with eight milliseconds response time.

 8. VU Ultra Android 43 inch Smart TV

  • 40% enhanced brightness
  • 24W box speaker and Dolby audio
  • Ultra-secure parental block
  • Quad-core processor a Mali-470 MP3 GPU


VU is one brand that has multiple TVs in the Smart TV markets in India, and it gives reasonable pricing for their TVs. The VU Ultra Android 43 inch Smart TV comes with a 4K display with 40% enhanced brightness. It uses the high-performance unique optical film that controls the amount of light entered through the backlight LEDs, further increasing the viewing angles.

It also uses Ultra-sonic Sound with a 24W box speaker and Dolby audio. It reduces the noise from anything and everything that you are watching with noise reduction technology, so you enjoy a seamless experience.

OTT Hotkeys on the VU Remote with apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, Hotstar, and google play store, which is not very common in other TV remotes, as others generally give 2 OTT apps with youtube.

The Ultra-thin Bezel-less design gives you a mesmerizing experience while watching movies on the TV. Along with that, you get Dolby vision and HDR 10, which enhances the color details, depth, sharpness, and black and white level by maximizing the contrast and color accuracy to bring out true colors and clarity.VU ultra 4K comes with three main features of the digital theatre system, which adds overhead sound effects to deliver surround sound with greater realism than older sound formats.

The VU Ultra comes with Android 9.0 to access unlimited content from the google play store and google games. It also comes with an Ultra-secure parental block which allows the user to block the content that is not appropriate for the children to watch. It is powered by a Quad-core processor, a Mali-470 MP3 GPU with eight milliseconds response time.

 9. VU Ultra Smart 40 inch Full HD LED TV

  • Ultrasmart high bright panel
  • Features with streaming algorithm
  • Linux based operating system


VU has another Smart TV to offer under 30000, VU Ultra Smart 40 inch Full HD LED TV. The TV is equipped with the Ultrasmart high bright panel, and users can watch movies on the sunniest of days. It is achieved by adjusting the contrast automatically to upscale the brightness.

You can again turn on Cinema mode at night while watching movies in a darkened room. The natural method is best suited for daytime watching. The Dolby plus provides state-of-the-art surround sound established standard for cinema, broadcast, and home theatres, eliminating the need for extra speakers.

You can cast your Smartphone to the TV with AnyView cast, or the DLNA network can be used to share anything from your Smartphone. The VU Ultra TV comes with a streaming algorithm that calculates your internet’s bandwidth. Its CPU delivers your movies, shows, and other VOD content in upscaled HD quality without any delays.

The operating system is Linux-based with a supported mobile operating system as Android with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. It comes with a quad-core processor and a graphic processor with a 60Hz refresh rate. It has two speakers and uses Dolby digital and DBX-TV Sound enhancement for a surround sound experience.

10. iFFALCON 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

  • 40 inches FHD Display
  • HDR 10 certification
  • Android 8.0 inbuilt
  • Dolby Audio with smart control


iFFALCON by TCL is a full HD TV that comes with an A+ Grade Full HD panel for a better picture-quality of a TV, ensuring that the picture quality is detailed and crystal clear to make for an immersive viewing experience.

It is powered by IPQ Engine, which comprises precision color field control, high brightness control, intelligent color range control, and four-dimensional scene optimization to optimize the picture quality, brightness, and contrast.

It comes with Android 8,0 with a built-in google assistant so you can access entertainment whenever you want. The TV gives you access to 95000+ hours of entertainment, as you can stream your preferred shows from streaming platforms like Zee5, Hotstar, Voot, and more.

You can download all the apps from Playstore. iFFALCON by TCL also has a built-in Chromecast to cast your content from your Smartphone to your TV. It comes with a CA53 Quad-core CPU and a 2 Mali 470 Dual-core GPU with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM that makes it convenient for you to multitask between different applications.

It is powered by Dolby audio to make you experience clear, rich, and powerful surround sound as this TV comes with Dolby Decoder, which optimizes the TVs surround sound in such a way that you are surrounded by sonic goodness.

The Smart Volume feature in this TV automatically adjusts sound settings, so you no longer have to worry about it. It has 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. The viewing angle in this TV is 178-degree, and it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Final Verdict

So this was our filtered list of the top best 4K LED TV under 30000 RS, or in other words, you can say best UHD 4K Smart LED TV. If we were to pick, we would have gone with VU Ultra Smart 40 inch FHD Smart TV as it provides good features and very aggressive pricing. Also, you like different modes, which enhances the TV viewing experience with Dolby plus surround sound. Otherwise, all of the TVs mentioned are good and will perform very well in everyday use case scenarios.

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