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7 Best 43-50-55-60 Inches Smart TV Under 50000-60000 Rupees In India 2023

If you are looking to buy a TV, then almost 95% of people will suggest going for a Smart TV. This is the kind of impact the TV market and technology have on people. These days you can watch your favorite content on your Smart TV in the comfort of your home with the best of the best features given by every company to stay in the game.

The Premium TV segment gives you a whole new experience of watching TV by giving you the best features and very competitive pricing in terms of performance. The UI in these TVs is much smoother, giving the users a seamless experience with Ultra High Definition Displays and a better Android Operating System.

In this war of giving the users new features in the ever-changing world of Smart TVs, sometimes the consumer feels very overwhelmed by the options they had to choose while spending their hard-earned money. This is why we will give you 7 Premium TV options you can consider buying if your budget is under 60000 rupees.

7 Best 43-50-55-60 Inches Smart TV Under 50000-60000 In India

Best Smart TV Under 50000-60000Check Price
1. Vu Premium 55 inch Check Price
2. Mi 4x Pro 55 inch Check Price
3. Sony 43 inch Check Price
4. MarQ 55 inch Check Price
5. LG 43 inch Check Price
6. Sanyo 55 inch Check Price
7. Onida 58 inch Check Price

1. Vu Premium 55 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

  •  55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
  • Dolby Vision plus HDR 10
  • Built-in box speakers
  • 1.75GB RAM with 16GB ROM


VU constantly releases their Smart TVs giving new features and using new technology to provide users a breathtaking experience while watching movies and TV shows.

The VU Premium 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV comes with Dolby Vision plus HDR 10 and 4x Upscaling, enhancing the subtle details of dark and bright areas to maximize the contrast and color accuracy for your video on demand, Setup Box, or USB content.

It has features like Smooth Motion Ratio, MPEG Noise Reduction, Adaptive Contrast, and Gamma Correction, which will give you an incredible cinema experience in 4K.

There is also a Sports mode to upscale your content by adding subtle details to it. The TV uses Dolby MS12 Audio and dbx-tv technology and built-in box speakers enabling powerful acoustics and a crystal clean cinematic environment. The dbx-tv technology separates different frequencies to add a wider clarity to your VOD content, music, and videos.

The TV is made with Titanium Grey material that complements your living room. Apart from this, the TV comes with a Vu Activoice remote that gives you a voice assistant feature that you can use to hover around apps. You can get answers to your questions right from your TV, and it is powered by Android 8.0 Oreo, so you can explore the Google ecosystem, such as play store, google games, and google movies.

Smart TV also has a google assistant that can be activated from your TV remote, which can be used to search for movies, TV shows or opens any application installed on your TV. It supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi. Additional ports in this TV include an ethernet port, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and an earphone jack.

It comes with a high-end Quad-core processor and a Mali450 Graphics processor with a 60Hz refresh rate. The RAM on this TV is 1.75GB with 16GB ROM so that you can enjoy a lot of apps and games on your TV.

2. Mi 4x Pro 55 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart Android TV

  •  4K Ultra HD with HDR 10
  • Patchwall with Android 8.1 TV OS
  • In-built Chromecast feature
  • Featured with 20W stereo speakers


Xiaomi has come from making Smartphones to innovative home accessories to Smart TV now, and they know how to set the pricing and give good features in their products for the customers to buy them. When it comes to displaying this TV, it comes with 4K Ultra HD with HDR 10 pictures with sharp detail and minimal noise.

The Mi 4x Pro runs on Patchwall with Android 8.1 TV OS. With Patchwall, you can get access to over 700,000+ hours of content from their 14 partners. In addition to this, the TV comes with a Google voice search option to search for your favorite moves or TV shows and an In-built Chromecast feature that lets you cast your videos and photos right from your smartphone. You can even launch your phone’s screen directly to your TV wirelessly.

The TV is featured with 20W stereo speakers, which provide you with the audio quality that matches its video quality, giving you the true cinematic experience. It is powered by a powerful 64-bit quad-core processor and 2GB RAM to ensure no lag. With the 8GB ROM, you can install a lot of apps from the play store.

There are 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth 4.2 support, and dual-band wifi support for all your connectivity requirements. It also comes with Google Assistant, so you can access your favorite content using your voice, or you can even ask questions to your TV.

3. Sony 43 inch Full HD LED Smart TV

  • Supports HDR 10
  • Motion flow XR 100
  • Dolby Audio Support
  • 20W Open baffle speaker


Sony is one brand that has gained the trust of its users from its Cameras, Smartphones, Gaming Consoles, and TV also. They have delivered the best products to their customers, and hence they are still able to compete with the other companies. This particular Smart TV comes with a full HD 1080p Resolution with an X-reality pro feature, giving exceptional clarity.

It supports HDR 10, and it supports HDR Gaming to enjoy your favorite games with incredible picture quality. How cool is that? Moving forward, it gives a motion flow XR 100, which offers smooth and sharp details even in fast-moving sequences.

It comes with a 20W Open baffle speaker that gives a punchy bass with an Immersive, emotionally enriching surround effect with ClearAudio+. It also comes with a Dolby Audio Support and an S-Force Front Surround so that you can get a three-dimensional sound field naturally and realistically.

Major OTT platforms that you can download to watch your favorite shows and movies are also supported. You also get an option of a Smart plug and play, which can be used to quickly share videos and photos from multiple devices, apart from a screen mirroring option that can be used to mirror your smartphone.

It has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. Here it is important to note that this TV does not come with the Google Play store. However, it has built-in applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, etc. If you can ignore this, then this TV should be an excellent choice to have.

4. MarQ 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 

  • 4K HDR Ultra HD resolution
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • Dual-core processor
  • 1.5GB RAM and 4GB ROM


MarQ has many TVs in the market, and they have been able to give price to performance products to its consumers. The MarQ TV comes with a 4K HDR Ultra HD resolution, and it effectively displays around 16.7 million colors, which means that users can watch every scene with picture-perfect clarity.

It also comes with Dolby Digital sound with surround sound to provide a theatre-like experience at home. It comes with a Vewd app store to explore various apps ranging from video, music, games, news, and social media.

The remote in this TV comes with hotkeys for Netflix and Youtube, which gives you immediate access to these apps. You also get a screen mirroring feature, which can be easily used to cast your Android phone to your Smart TV using Wifi or Lan.

It is powered by a Dual-core processor with MEMC Technology with a 60Hz response time with 1.5GB RAM and 4GB ROM, and this TV is well suited to handle high-processing activities like games, action-packed movies, and apps. It comes with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and supports dual-band wifi.

5. LG 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • LG’s AI ThinQ technology
  • 43 inch 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR 10 pro and HLG pro
  • Two-way Bluetooth feature


LG is known for its Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Smartphones, Washing Machines, Audio systems, and TV. So it is safe to say that everybody knows LG is a trusted brand for their products. The LG 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV comes with LG’s AI ThinQ technology which features built-in Google assistants to ask questions, select your favorite programs, and enjoy about 800 offline commands.

It also comes with active HDR for enhanced picture quality, making your visuals appear more life-like with more color and a more comprehensive range of contrast. It supports various HDR formats, which include HDR 10 pro and HLG pro.

LG named its remote Magic Remote as you can access your favorite shows at the click of a button. It can be operated from any corner of the room. It can also double up as a universal remote, thereby preventing the need for multiple remotes. You can also share your smartphone screen on this television and continue playing your favorite games.

You can use a cloud photo and video application feature to view the pictures and videos from your recent trip on the television screen. There is also a Two-way Bluetooth feature available in this so you can connect your TV to your mobile and other compatible devices wirelessly. There is 4K HDR support on Netflix, which looks fantastic when watching. It comes with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, built-in wifi, and Bluetooth.

6. Sanyo 55 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart Android TV 

  • 4K Ultra HD display
  • 20W speaker output
  • Premium metal brush bezel
  • 50Hz refresh rate


Sanyo 55 inch Smart TV comes with a 4K Ultra HD display that gives you a great depth of detail, color, and contrast. It also comes with an HDR and motion estimation and motion control feature; it offers a vibrant and rich display with smooth movement.

The TV has a stylish and sleek design and has a premium metal brush bezel and an elegant uni-stand that blends with your interiors. The supported apps are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT apps. It has two speakers with Dolby digital decoder with DTS virtual:x and a 20W speaker output.

IT has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and analog audio input. The TV is equipped with an IPS panel with a 50Hz refresh rate. The viewing angle on this TV is extensive so that you can watch the TV from the sides.

There is also a pre-installed web browser to surf the internet. There are plenty of ports, and connectivity is also excellent. The USP of this TV is its magic remote; the moment you start using it, you will fell in love with it. It works like a charm.

7. Onida 58 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV

  • 4K Ultra HD Disply
  • ChatBot voice control remote
  • Dedicated button for Youtube & play store
  • 178-degrees viewing angle


Onida is also one of the oldest brands in the TV industry. They have transitioned from the old generation TVs to the new generation Smart TV, which helped them stay in this vast market competition. Onida TV comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and Google Assistant, so you can enjoy the UI of Android and asking questions to google assistant.

Google-certified Android TV has been integrated with Google Assistant to make it operate on voice commands. The Google app store gives you access to numerous apps for videos, music, games, news, social networking, etc.

There is a ChatBot voice control remote so you can talk to your tv and have it talk back to you via Onida’s Voice Control Remote- ChatBot. The ChatBot also comes with a dedicated button for Youtube & the play store for quick access.

The 4K Ultra HD feature brings you a new-generation image quality enhancement technology that renders up to 4 times more detail than regular HD. It is combined with HDR 10 to give you an outstanding picture quality with high contrast and accurate information, thanks to the HDR feature on this TV.

The viewing angle in this TV is 178-degrees both vertically and horizontally, so you can watch images on this TV with good color and without any distortion from any corner of the room. The Onida 4k UHD Smart TV is powered by a Quad-Core ARM processor with an internal memory of up to 16GB along with 2.5GB of RAM.

Final Verdict

So this was our top picks of the total 7 premium Smart TV under 50000-60000 Rupees in India, or in other words, you can say the best 4k and UHD Smart LED TV. If we were to pick, we would have gone with Onida’s Smart Android TV as it provides good brand value along with good features and android 8.0 out of the box with two versions of the Android upgrade. It also comes with a unique ChatBot feature which you can use to talk to your TV, and it will talk back to you. Otherwise, all of the TVs mentioned above are good and will perform very well in everyday use case scenarios.

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