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Create a box: 5 theme ideas

Are you an unconditional box fan and have one or more subscriptions? Do you have the soul of an entrepreneur and want to set up your business? Why not turn your passion into a profession? Launching your first box is a major project and it is not a question of throwing yourself headlong into what seems to you to be the idea of ​​the century without doing a little market research beforehand. Analysis of competitors, search for service providers, budget study or marketing plan are some of the key steps to invest in this sector. But you still have to find the theme that will delight your customers! Below are five ideas to create a box.

1) Take care of your subscribers with a beauty box

In the wide world of monthly gifts, that of beauty is unquestionably the most widespread. It is therefore an area that works and in which you can take an interest. But beware, who says success says strong competition and launching your first box can seem risky.  You will therefore have to find the concept that will make all the difference. 

Ask yourself the question about the products to offer:

  • make-up;
  • treatments, creams and serums;
  • mix the two to allow each woman to find the routine that suits her.

Also choose your positioning, determine the number of products and the quantity to insert:

  • luxury products in limited quantities;
  • many samples in the idea of ​​test products.

So many questions that will be necessary at the time of your reflection if you wish to engage in beauty. 

2) Delight its subscribers with a gourmet box

Impossible for you to pass in front of a pastry shop without stopping in front of the window and dreaming of the countless cakes presented? The gourmet format is perhaps the one that will inspire you the most if you have the ambition to design a box.

Here, you will be able to offer various themes and products. Feel free to:

  • include assortments of chocolates to taste;
  • introduce several types of tea to your target monthly;
  • think of products from organic farming or wine with a new bottle every month that will delight the palate of consumers;
  • imagine recipes by including all the non-perishable foods needed to create them.

Subscribers will love the principle of a playful box allowing them to live a real experience and will look forward to their next order!

3) Pamper your subscribers with a cocooning box

What better feeling than being wrapped up warm under the duvet? The idea of ​​wellness seems perfect for allowing subscribers to find that feeling of happiness and comfort anywhere. 

With this box, you allow them to create a chill and relaxing atmosphere at home. For example, you could consider a hybrid model including:

  • a different candle each month;
  • a pair of socks;
  • a facial scrub;
  • a small soft blanket;
  • hot chocolate;
  • a cup;
  • marshmallows.

Launching your first box means adding decorative elements such as:

  • cotton flowers or dried flowers;
  • small frames;
  • bath bombs;
  • a sleeping mask;
  • a light garland;
  • a refined little gem.

As many ideas as possible variations to create a cocooning box! 

4) Transport its subscribers with a travel box

If you like to travel the world and bring back many memories of your last destination, why not devote yourself to the theme of travel? Offer monthly to discover a best ghostwriting services in city, a country or a region in Califronia or abroad. From a typical object to a culinary specialty, many strategic choices are available to you.

Take a tour of the French regions and offer local and seasonal products. You can choose to highlight a region such as Champagne-Ardenne by offering chocolates with marc de Champagne liqueur accompanied by pink biscuits, or the Bordeaux region by offering a small bottle of wine with a few canelés.

For more distant destinations and an international perspective, unearth objects during your various stays and accompany them with an explanatory guide to the destination. This concept will allow you to remember beautiful memories and will make your subscribers travel from a distance!

5) Create a monthly box for men

Many themes are available for women and men, it’s up to you to choose the audience concerned and adapt it.

Here are our inspirations for men to design a box:

  • beauty: care for the skin, hair, body or beard;
  • sport: accessories such as a sports bag, diving goggles or food supplements;
  • beer;
  • ties;
  • video games;
  • the lifestyle that is similar to the cocooning box for women;
  • socks or underpants.

From the beauty box to the epicurean, each man can find the one that suits him!

You have just discovered five theme ideas for creating a box. You can also broaden your thinking by reading our article on our other original ideas. One of them particularly caught your attention and you feel ready to give your all for your business? So do not hesitate any longer and develop your project! But to ensure the success you deserve, don’t skip a showcase site or a blog. Your boxes will not sell themselves; you must attract Internet users! Call on our seasoned web editors and submit your project to us on our website!

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