DayZ: Tips and Tricks For The New Players

If you are a big fan of survival games, then DayZ is one big game you should be excited about playing. However, along with the fun and battle excitement you will enjoy comes a strong need to survive till the end. This is because DayZ is the ultimate representation of what a good Survival game should be like.

The idea of venturing into the game might be worrisome, but don’t worry since we’ve got you covered in this article. Apart from the tips and tricks we’ll share, you can also use some Dayz hacks and cheats to make faster progress.

Tips and Tricks to Play better 

  • Staying Hydrated Can Keep You Alive

As a beginner, it’s more likely that you head into DayZ with the sole intention of shooting and killing. That’s actually part of the drill, but your thirst level is important if you want to survive for long in the game. Talking of thirst, your water must be clean enough if you don’t want to get cholera. 

Players can get their water purified by heating it using a campfire or adding purification tablets. You can also sate your thirst using Spite Lemonade, Nota Cola, and Sodas. Bleeding is a very quick way of sapping your thirst level, so some form of hydration should be handy when you get into those fights.

  • Starving is dangerous 

You shouldn’t be surprised at the mention of food too, yeah, your body needs it to stay alive. Or is there any way you can drag a malnourished body across the 225 square kilometers of Chernarus? Knowing that your body needs food is just 30% of the puzzle completed. 

You can find food in buildings, cars, or even on some dead zombie, you come across. If you’re avoiding contact with hostiles, you can check boats, fruit trees, or even hunting animals. While hunting may consume most of your time, it is worthwhile. 

  • Maintain An Optimal Health

In DayZ, you can’t play to the end without getting hit, even if you approach it very tactically. This takes its toll on your health, depending on the severity of the injury and how often you receive those blows. Your health can also be depleted when you starve or are dehydrated.

The life-saving factor is your ability to keep your health status in check no matter the mode you are playing. Unlike other video games, DayZ has no item that you can take to boost your health level instantly. So the food and drinks come in as a ready substitute for medical kits. We recommend that you locate a well very close to you, or you try to be very tactical in your fights. 

  • Keep To the Shadows

Always stay in the shadows to avoid too many confrontations. But don’t hesitate to kill a zombie if you get the chance- they are most certainly not your friends. A very important tactic you must learn to apply is stealth. DayZ is a survival game, so your strategies should all be focused on staying alive. Stay nourished, and since you are most likely to run into some trouble, keep weapons within close reach.

  • You Need Those Loots Too

Gathering loots is a big Go, as it is the easiest way to get the important items to survive in the land of Chernarus. In loots, you will find items including weapons, clothing, edibles, etc. The important thing is learning their best locations.

Some of the places you can find good loot are the police station, military tents, and The Piano House. But you should be alert whenever you are venturing into these places. This is because there are others in need of those loots to- enemies and foes alike. You should be ready for a fight.


For beginners, the land of Chernarus is never a very easy place, but the tips in this article are enough to get you started in DayZ. In one sentence, stay hydrated and nourished, use stealth as a weapon, gather useful loots, and most importantly, stay alive. So having said that, the next click you should make on that mouse should lead you to DayZ’s download link. 

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