Best Fitness Bands Under Rs 2000 2019 ( Updated )

Fitness is the need of our society. One of the best ways to become empowered and deal with the challenges of life is to have a fit and healthy body.

We are living in a busy world where we don’t have enough time to care about our health and fitness.

Thanks to the fitness band because with the help of this tool or gadget, we able to track our daily life’s activities.

The best smart band is fully qualified to calculate heart rate and take care of your fitness, as well as Smartband provides you other amenities about your health.

Yes, the smartband help in tracking steps, calories burned, monitoring the heart, calculating the blood pressure and walked and distance traveled.

There are some fitness trackers that even monitor your sleep pattern and suggest healthy remedies.

In the market, there are so many fitness bands are available but each fitness tracker doesn’t provide an accurate result as well as better customer support.

So we mention here one of the top lists of best fitness band under 2000 rs who have been a value of money.

Best Fitness Band Under 2000 Rs

  • Mi Band 3 Fitness Band

Best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor


Mi Band 3 is my first choice under this price segment, as you know that in the Indian market, Mi smartphone market share is huge as compared to another company. Same quality and value for money product Mi launched for Mi fan.

Mi Band 3 is an improved version of Mi Band 2, And this Mi band 3 has lots of most improved and great features under 2000 rs segment.

This fitness band comes with 0.78 inches OLED touchscreen display that lets you view and reject calls. Also, you can read texts and app notifications on this big touchscreen.

Powered packed with 110mAh high-density li-Polymer battery offers you 20 days of battery life in a single charge.

It has an advanced algorithm for accurate reading of your heart rate, and it consumes considerable battery life. As a result, the battery life of this smart band comes down to one to three days.

This smartband records accurate information about your sleep quality. It provides the data on deep and light sleep to help you improve the quality of your sleep.

The thermoplastic elastomer material-made band is comfortable to wear and fits most wrist sizes. It is a skin-friendly material that easy to wear for a long time.

When you are close to your Android smartphone, it unlocks your smartphone instantly, no passcode or fingerprint required.


  • 20 days of battery life
  • 0.78 OLED display
  • Call and notification alert
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 110mAh battery
  • Sleep analysis
  • Water resistant
  • Phone unlock
  • Phone Finder

MI Band 3 Quick Review And Setup

  • Honor band 3 Smart Band


best fitness tracker smart band list under 2000 rupees


If you are searching long-lasting battery life smart band under 2000 then this Honor Band 3 is a perfect choice for you, Because this Honor band 3 comes with 30 days of battery life.

Honor Band 3 comes with a silicone stylish and premium ergonomic design with three color options Black, Navy Blue, and Orange.

It has 100mAh battery capacity, According to the company if you charge this fitness band at once, then it offers you up to 30 days of battery life, and it just takes 1.5 hours for a full charge.

With a water-resistance level of up to 50 meters, this smart band will be the perfect companion to tag along for a swim.

It also includes custom swimming mode tracks and shows the number of calories burned, the time is taken, and other important information.

It comes with the optical heart rate monitoring technology that lets you check your pulse rate at any time.

This fitness band comes with M4 core technology. It uses a heart rate algorithm that is optimized for ten different fitness areas, so as to bring about more accuracy for your knowledge.

For additional, this fitness band comes with heart rate, track steps, distance, calories burned, sleep monitoring, swim time, show time, date, smart alarm clock, notifications and alerts, caller ID and call rejection features.



  • Digital smart Band
  • Made of silicone
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Activity tracker present
  • 1.5 hrs of charging time
  • 30 days of battery life
  • PMOLED display
  • Water resistant
  • GOQii Life Fitness Band

Best resistance band in India under 2000 rs


GOQii Fitness Tracker is India’s largest selling fitness tracker with highest market share wearable industry.

GOQii Fitness Tracker comes with three different price tag with the same Black design, comfortable design perfect grip never disappoint you while you using it.

The most attractive part with this fitness tracker is that it comes with 3 months, 6 months and 12 months coaching as per price range you will able to choose coaching type.

This activity tracker and app helps you to keep a track of your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep time This app collected your data and send it to your coach for personalized advice.

GOQii Fitness Tracker comes with a 360-degree motion sensor, heart rate monitor and 3-axis accelerometer sensor.

GOQii Fitness Tracker comes with an OLED display and made the whole body from silicone material.

Company claim that it gives you up to 7 days of battery life if you charge it at one.

GOQii Fitness Tracker offers you, heart rate monitor, step-distance-calorie counter, an integrated charger which can be plugged into any standard USB port, call, SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp notifications, and Auto sleep mode and many other features.


  • OLED Display
  • 7 days Battery life
  • Charger Present On A Device
  • Compatible With IOS And Android OS
  • Personal Coaching
  • Silicone body material
  • Honor Band 4 Activity Tracker

best fitness band under 2000 rs


If you have Honor or Huawei company’s smartphone then this Honor Band 4 fitness band only made for you.

It comes with three different color option Pink, Blue, and able to pick your desired color.

Honor 4 fitness band featuring a full-color touchscreen display made entirely of 2.5D glass which has fully scratch proof.

Honor 4 fitness band comes with 0.95 Inch large AMOLED colorful touch display, it’s large display size helps you to operate it’s features.

This fitness tracker comes with up to 50 meters water resistant rating, it means user able to use this fitness band during gym and swimming.

This fitness band has 100mAh battery capacity and Company claims that if you charge this fitness band at once, it provides you 14 days long lasting battery life.

Online number Identification, incoming and reject calls and new message notifications, this features you able to use if you have Honor or Huawei company’s smartphone.


  1. 0.95 AMOLED display
  2. 21 days battery backup
  3. Lightweight stylish design
  4. Water resistance up to 50 meters
  5. Compatible with Android and Ios
  6. Smart assistant
  7. Swim stroke recognition
  8. Real-time
  9. Multiple workout types
  10. Handy smart features
  • Riversong Wave o2 Smart Band

Best resitance band in india Under Rs 2000


If you looking colorful display oriented with premium design fitness band then Riversong Wave O2 Colored Smart Band under 2000 rs is the perfect choice for you.

This smart band comes with a TFT color screen that makes it easy for you to read its display under direct sunlight, It also comes with customizable interfaces, so that you can brighten up your fitness life.

The Riversong Wave O2 Colored comes with many unique features like activity tracker, sleep monitor, notification alert, blood pressure monitoring and so on.

Packed with 90mAh battery, with single charge it may give you at last 5-7 days battery backup.

It comes equipped with dynamic heart rate monitoring that keeps a check on the status of heart and provides scientific health guidance as well.

It also comes with a sleep monitoring feature that enables you to keep a check on how much rest you were gotten the previous night.

It does require an additional charger for charging, it comes with an inbuilt charging option. If you connect this fitness band with your USB port like with Laptop it gets charged within a 2 hour.

SPO monitoring function is referred to monitor the oxygen level in the blood as indicators of your health.


  • 0.96 inches TFT display
  • Activity tracker
  • Sleep monitor
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Notification alert
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Packed with 90mAh battery
  • Mi Band 2 Activity Tracker

Best smartband in india under 2000


Mi Band 2 another great choice from Xiaomi, its black color, its design, its unique features, and holding grip has made it best.

Simply lift your wrist to view time and tap the button for steps, distance covered and calories burnt. the improved pedometer algorithm in Mi Band 2 filters out necessary movements. This measures steps taken and exercise more accurately.

When you are close to your Android smartphone, it unlocks your smartphone instantly, no passcode or fingerprint required.

Send notification alerts straight to the wrist so you don’t miss another call, messages, or notification especially when your phone tucked away in a bag or pocket.

Mi Band 2 has IP67 protection who take care of your fitness band from water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and more.

It’s 0.42 Inch OLED display allow you to control, own and manage all the functions and settings.

The Mi Band 2 is powered by 70mAh battery capacity that offers you at last 20 days of use in a single charge.

Mi Band 2 fitness tracker offers you monitor your steps, heart rate monitor, sleep pattern, display notification, call notification, text message notification and more.


  • Made Of Plastic
  • Activity Tracker Present
  • 0.42 Inch OLED display
  • IP67 protection
  • 70mAh battery capacity
  • 20 days of battery life
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Lenovo HW01 Plus Fitness Band

best fitness tracker under 2000


The Lenovo HW01 Plus fitness tracker smart band is designed to get you closer to your fitness goals.

It comes with integrated PAI technology that makes sense of your heart rate, PAI translate your personal data into a meaningful and actionable score guiding you on how active you need to stay healthy.

The IP67 waterproof allows the smartband to be held in the water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

This smartband comes with 90mAh battery capacity who give you 5 days of life, and it just takes 2 hours for full charging.

This tracker comes with various activity tracking features like pedometer, real-time motion tracking, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor and more. You can track every move you make and take corrective measures in case you are not burning enough calories or going wrong with your fitness regimen.

The sleep monitoring features tracks the quality of your sleep with readings. So, know how deep your sleep is now how often you wake up.

This band also has an anti-sleep mode that helps drivers stay alert on the road with the help of vibrating alerts.


  1. Lightweight design
  2. PAI technology
  3. 90mAh battery capacity
  4. Anti-sleep mode
  5. IP67 waterproof
  6. 5 days battery backup
  7. 2 hours for full charging
  • MevoFit Drive Heart Tracker


MevoFit Drive is designed for those who looking for a most attractive stylish premium design fitness tracker. This MevoFit fitness tracker comes with multi seven color options, now choice is your which color you love most.

With the help of MevoFit drive fitness band track your steps, distance, calories and active minute each day.

Get call, SMS and other social notifications including WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail and more.

MevoFit Drive not only looks smart and comfortable to wear but also shows you the way to be more active in life with reminders and alerts for steps, distance, period and more.

Don’t worry about battery life, because it has a 75mAh battery who give you almost 20 days of battery life with 2 hours of a single charge.

It’s large 0.79 inches LED display helps you to operate, manage and control all necessary setting s and functions.

This fitness tracker comes IP67  50 meters of water resistant rating, it means user able to use this fitness band during gym and swimming.


  1. 0.79 inches LED display
  2. 75mAh battery
  3. 20 days of battery life
  4. 2 hours for charging
  5. Comfortable design
  6. Premium design
  7. IP67 protection
  • Noise ColorFit Heart Tracker

best fitness band in India


Enhance your experience of noise colorfit band with mobiefit training program design for getting you into the habit of running in your daily work routine.

Just lifet your wrist and touch the colorful LCD screen to keep track to your steps taken, calories, burnt distance covered, heart rate, blood pressure and level of oxygen in your blood.

Get alerts for calls, messages and other apps directly on your wrist even when you are not with your phone.

Measures your sleep quality by keeping track of your sleeping pattern along with sleep duration.

The Noise ColorFit fitness band comes with a 90mAh Li-ion battery that offers you 3 days of battery life at just 2 hours of a single charge.

Yes, this fitness also comes with the IP67 technology who take care of your band from dust, sweat, and water.


  1. 90mAh battery
  2. IP67 protection
  3. 2 hours for charging
  4. 3 days battery backup
  5. 0.96 inch TFT display


This is the top list of best fitness band under 2000 rs among this list we mostly recommended you to buy Mi Band 3, Honor Band 3, and GOQii Heart Care Activity Tracker

If you have any confusion and questions in your mind regarding this list, feel free to ask anything. We will do the hour best to meet your expectations.

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