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Getting Ready to Sell Your Car? Do it in 5 Simple Steps Now!


If you are thinking about selling your car, you are likely racking your brains, wondering where to begin now. The most common questions on a seller’s mind are: what are the steps involved in selling my car? And what to do with my car insurance australia? Well, we will break it down for you, so selling your vehicle becomes hassle-free.

In this article, we elaborate on how to go about selling your vehicle. However, we will first answer the other question about your vehicle insurance. If you wonder what to do with your current car insurance when you trade your car, you may do one of the two things.

First, keep the policy and update the new vehicle details (if you purchase a new car) on the car insurance online portal. Second, cancel the policy if you aren’t buying another vehicle and buy a new vehicle insurance policy when the need arises.

How to get ready to sell your car in a few quick steps?

Step 1: Before flaunting your vehicle on various sites, you must assess your car’s market value. The foremost thing you need to do is find out if anything is wrong with your vehicle. Potential buyers often find vehicles that require one or more repairs very repelling. It not only hinders your selling prospects but also lowers your chances of striking a good deal even if a buyer purchases your ride (as the vehicle isn’t entirely worthless). Just think, will you ever pay the total price for a car that needs much work? No, right!

Step 2: Some Australian states require your vehicle to have a roadworthy certificate if you wish (or a buyer wishes) to move your car. If you sell your vehicle to specific dealers, you may avert the tedious inspection process and make a quick sale.

Step 3: To get the best value for your car, do some research on the current market prices for your vehicle’s make, model, series, year, etc. 

Step 4: Select where you wish to sell your car. It may be more convenient to sell your vehicle to a car dealer; still, your vehicle may not get the best price.

Step 5: If you’re trading it in, seek several car valuations to know who is ready to offer a competitive price for your car and help you with seamless transactions. Request quotes from and prioritizes car yard who are prepared to pay for your vehicle on the spot. 

Step 6: If selling via private sale, you will need to list the car for sale online and/or through local community channels like local newspapers. Make your car sound – and look – as attractive as possible while being honest about its features and any issues. Be sure to provide complete information and unaltered images.

You may choose to take control of the entire selling process, yet it has a few drawbacks. For example, private selling becomes your duty to get a roadworthy certificate, maintain your car well until it is sold, advertise your vehicle on several platforms, etc., which will take longer than trading in.

Step 7: Discuss payments. There are multiple ways to receive compensation from the buyer. Cash is the safest option. You can exchange keys for money and be done with the deal. However, the buyer may pay you through net banking, cheque, or third-party payment channels. Anyway, it all depends on your convenience and the risk you are willing to take.

Take care of the above factors to ensure you get the best deal and make a quick sale. Once you hand over your vehicle and get a new car home, update the latest car details on your cheap car insurance policy. You can edit the details easily through the comprehensive car insurance services.

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