Great CS 1.6 Tips

Hi all, today I’d like to share some top tips that you can use in the game. It’s something you just can’t play without. So let’s skip the prelude and get straight to the tips.

If the ground floor window is too high for you, try jumping on your teammate.  Want play cs today you can download cs 1.6 from here.

CS 1.6 Tips for players online

Night vision goggles

a useful thing for a sniper. Thus you become more sighted in your surroundings. Contrast is increased several times, and as you have already understood can shoot more accurately. Of course, do not think that the Night Vision Goggles will improve your skills, no, they will simply help you to see your target more accurately.

Tip for ST:

If your opponents are huddled up in a building and won’t come out to a fair fight, a machine gun and grenades should do the trick. Four machine gunners should be enough to unleash hell on a building and grenades should be handy for finishing off the remaining opponents – if there are any left.

Tip for T:

If you feel that your team is about to lose and you desperately need the points. Remember, shoot all the hostages and hide somewhere better. So you certainly won’t win a round, but you’ll be able to save your weapon.

Reloading should be done in a sheltered place, so that you would be harder to reach. The best option is of course reloading behind the crates + cover your partners. If you have this situation, then the chance that you will be killed is very small.

The grenade can not only function as an exploding device, but also as a boulder. If your opponent has less than 15% health left, you can throw a grenade at his head and kill him. Of course it’s very hard, it’s probably easier to just throw it under your feet. But if you like to kill your enemies nicely then this way is for you.

On inclined ladders it is better to climb “in a crouch”, on vertical ones it is better not to do this, unless you want to muffle the sound.

Try to shoot through walls, the more so that most guns are good at it. Of course, it’s even better to know these firing points, then the chance to kill the enemy becomes even more obvious.

When running long distances constantly change your weapon. Because with automatic you will run slower than with gun. It is better to run with a knife, then the speed will be the highest.

If you are a sniper, then move wisely. Do not walk around the map with the zoom on, your field of view becomes smaller. Choose for themselves a few good positions from which to shoot the enemy.

Learn your combinations. In order to be the fastest, you must learn to quickly buy weapons. If you can not do this, you are a loser. So get in the game and learn how to buy the weapon you need quickly using the keyboard.

If you like to play with a shotgun in one place, shooting everyone who passes by. Then it’s better to make the sound of your speakers or headphones as loud as possible to understand how close the enemy.

Always try to play with a partner who can cover you in difficult situations. For example: when you are reloading or when you are under fire from all sides. He may also be able to help you spot-check a position. So play as a team and you won’t regret it.

The silencer in the game is a great value. Silencer has 3 advantages and only 1 disadvantage. The first advantage is that the silencer makes the shot almost inaudible, the second advantage is that it increases accuracy. And third advantage is that it reduces the bullet dispersion. And on top of that it has the disadvantage of reducing your firepower.


All of these tips may help you understand the whole point of the game. So read through it carefully and get to the bottom of it. Then you will succeed. Good Luck!

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