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How to Fix a Laptop Microphone in Windows 10

With remote and hybrid working, many of us depend on good-functioning laptops. Communicating with your team members and managers has solely become prevalent in the online world. Therefore, video meetings have made it essential to have laptops with working microphones and cameras.

Barring personal issues, many of us face technical issues when accessing our laptops to contribute to our company meetings. While the camera usually works well, the microphone is always on the non-functioning side. This can frustrate company employees and even ourselves when asked to participate actively in the meetings.

In this article, I will explain how to fix a laptop microphone in windows 10 and where you can approach for help with additional laptop problems. These easy steps can help you get back to your daily meetings with no hitch in your work stride. 

Why isn’t your laptop microphone working?

If you are facing issues with your Dell laptops, consider approaching the NSS Laptop Service Center, which has a certified Dell service center in Dadar, Mumbai. They have a team of dedicated professional workers who can provide service to you 7 days a week to help you fix any issues in your laptop. 

They also provide free diagnostic service for your device at their store and guarantee a low price for the quality care they will provide you. They are in several locations in India, and a list of stores that can fix your device is provided on their website, which differs based on the type of laptop you own. 

There can be several reasons for a non-functioning microphone, and some of these reasons are,

  1. Faulty hardware present 
  2. Error in physical connectivity
  3. Interference from existing Bluetooth devices that are in use
  4. The conflict between the external and internal mics
  5. You are on mute on your laptop or your headset

How can you fix microphone issues?

  1. The mute button – Firstly, confirm that the external speakers have been turned high. Make sure that your laptop is not accidentally muted. 
  2. Restart your laptop – You can resolve temporary issues by rebooting your system and letting your laptop restart.
  3. Confirm that all your applications can access your microphone – Windows 10 has a Privacy menu in the Settings, where you can give permission to desktop applications to use your camera and microphone. You can check if your application has been permitted to use your device’s microphone.
  4. Use windows 10 troubleshooter – Try using the windows 10 troubleshooter capable of fixing any problems. Click on the “troubleshoot” option in the “Update and Security” option in your “Settings.” Select the “Recording Audio” option and click “Run the troubleshooter” sound problems.” Your computer will provide instructions to follow while attempting to detect existing issues in your microphone.
  5. Check the device manager – Open the “Windows Device Manager” to find if your laptop has detected your microphone. You can click on the “Audio inputs and outputs” and select your mic under the “Device Status section. If you can’t find your microphone, you can try unplugging your microphone and replugging it back to your laptop. Try to connect your microphone to the correct audio jack as well.
  6. Record yourself – To determine whether the microphone or the application you’re using has an issue, record your voice. The audio level indicator can move if your microphone can send audio input, and try playing it back to check if there is no interference. 
  7. Troubleshoot in applications – Online video call applications have audio settings where you can test your microphone and speaker settings.
  8. Change the hardware – If you cannot find problems with your device, the problem could lie in your microphone. Therefore, try connecting it to another laptop to see if you face similar issues. If the microphone doesn’t work on another laptop, it may be broken; if it works on another laptop, the audio jack on your laptop may be broken.


The Dell service center in Dadar, owned by NSS Laptop Center, can help you with a variety of issues that you may find on your laptop. The quick service and trusted team of technicians can help you with both minor and significant issues. You can now approach laptop problems with ease.

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