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How to Make a YouTube Video: 10 Tips for Beginners

YouTube has gained popularity as the second-largest search engine in the world with almost 1.9 billion active monthly users. There are countless YouTubers on the platform who successfully make money by creating interesting and engaging video content. 

Brands and businesses have taken over this popular platform to engage with customers and generate traffic to their websites. If you are new to the industry and are wondering how to make a YouTube video, then you have come to the right place. Here are 10 tips on how to make a successful YouTube video. 

Come up with a video content strategy for YouTube

To get noticed on video, you need to come up with video content that adds value. Before you start working on your videos, you need to think about the niche you want to focus on, generate video ideas, and know your audience. In simple terms, you need a video content strategy focused on YouTube. 

Research your competitors 

Now that you have decided on your niche, you need to know about the top creators in your industry. Once you research and find out who your competitors are, watch their videos to educate yourself. Understand the key factor in their videos that helps them get noticed, what makes their video interesting and engaging, and how they are using YouTube as a part of their video marketing campaign. 

Watching others’ videos will also help you understand what is missing in their video and include it in yours. You can carry this out by creating a list of top creators in your industry, researching which videos have the most views and comments. You can also read the comments and take whatever feedback the audience has left. Doing this will understand what your audience is looking for and what is relevant to them. 

Focus on keyword research 

YouTube is big on SEO. Perform YouTube keyword research and find what keywords are used in the topics or niches you are planning to cover. You can also use online keyword tools to perform keyword research. A smart SEO strategy is to include a video transcript in the description. Adding keywords in your description will help search crawlers to index your video and rank it on SERPs. 

Decide on a location 

It is now time to start thinking about how and where you want to film your YouTube video. Location scouting is easy if you have decided where you want to film your video. Once you have decided where you want to shoot your video, it could be a garden, workplace, or your home, you need to find what spot in the location has good light or background for filming videos. 

Do prior research to understand when your location will have the least amount of crowd. Some locations will require prior consent and permission so make sure that you get it before you start filming. The right locations later treated with YouTube Video Editor will alter the look of any video. 

Curate a script for the video 

You will need a script for the video before you start filming. Your script should cover all the relevant details you want to include in the video. Start writing your script. Include dialogues that you want the actors to say, voice-overs, and narrations. The key is to keep it simple and short. Make sure that your message is clear and not confusing.

Acquire YouTube equipment for beginners 

You do not need complex or professional filmmaking equipment to create a YouTube video. You can use your iPhone or even a normal camera to shoot. It is suggested that you do not go out of your way to buy expensive equipment when you are just a beginner. Chances are that it would be too confusing and complex for you to understand professional equipment and may end up not using it. An inexpensive tripod and a webcam if you are filming webinars, tutorials and interviews are useful purchases. 

Consider YouTube video editor tools to easily edit your videos. Most of these editors are free and have tools that will make the editing job easy for you. Also, make sure that you test your audio. A poor-quality video will make your videos look unprofessional. If it is within your budget, consider investing in quality lighting equipment. 

Focus on creating compelling intros and outros 

A good intro will motivate the viewers to watch your video till the end and will decrease bounce rates. Your intro should include the purpose of your video and a brief on what the audience should expect. For your outro, you can include a call to action and ask your videos to like, share, comment, and subscribe to your channel. You could also ask your audience to visit your website and advertise your other videos.  

Add an eye-catching thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the first thing your audience will notice before clicking on your video. The thumbnail determines if your video is worth watching. Make sure that your thumbnail is up-to-date with the current trends, including bright and engaging colors and text on the screen. 

Upload your video and engage with your viewers 

Once you have your thumbnail ready, it is time for you to engage with your viewers. Check the comments on your video, understand how the audience is engaging with your content. Build a community by engaging with your viewers through comments. Ask and answer questions and listen to relevant feedback. Give your viewers a good experience to motivate word-of-mouth advertising. 

Share on social media 

YouTube is not the only place where you can post video content. You can share your YouTube video on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram by adding a link to your latest video in posts and descriptions. This will increase your view count and generate more traffic. 

The bottom line is, YouTube is influencing people day by day and you can use this platform to your benefit by being active on it. Create interesting videos, be consistent, and get noticed by your audience. YouTube video marketing is a smart strategy to get your brand noticed by your target audience. Use the right tools and start making YouTube videos today! 

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