Is DSL Considered A Wireless Internet Service

When it comes to “wireless internet connection”, we habitually think that it to be the cellular networks as they don’t require any device nor do they have any restriction to use them in a specific zone. However, the rest of the available internet connections, which include cable, satellite, DSL, fiber, are wire-based or receive internet signals through a physical device. 

Traditionally, we tend to use them through Wi-Fi routers and modems so we can wirelessly connect in our homes or workplaces as soon as we enter. However, in this article, we are going to find out if DSL is considered a wireless internet service or not through comparison and exploring wireless aspects. In case you are looking for DSL internet, we recommend you to dial CenturyLink customer service number and they will guide you through. 

Is DSL Considered A Wireless Internet Service

So, let’s figure out first what is wireless internet service! 

  • Wi-Fi is considered a much broader internet-providing tool than the DSL. In the case of Wi-Fi, the router transmits internet signals wirelessly. You have to connect your device manually so that your devices can catch the signals. It means you do not have to use a wire as you do with the DSL connection. You can also call it an end-to-end internet option. Therefore, we can conclude that DSL uses telephone wires to transmit the signals while Wi-Fi uses radio waves for the same purpose. 
  • If you have a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modem, you can use the internet service wirelessly. In this modern age, almost every household is using the internet with a wireless DSL connection using a DSL modem or a router. It means DSL provides a wireless internet connection through Wi-Fi. 
  • On the other hand, you cannot use the internet with Wi-Fi alone. For those who consider DSL and Wi-Fi the same way; they are however different from one another. Certainly, you can enjoy internet services from both of them, yet they are different and cannot be called the same. 
  • DSL internet speed depends on multiple factors. You will face slow internet issues if you use a low-quality telephone cable, high traffic, or more distance from the source i.e. your phone line. 
  • At present, a DSL internet connection can give you a speed from 256 kbps to 24 Mbps. If we overlook, these few drawbacks of DSL internet, it can turn out to be a cost-effective option than other internet service providers. 

How DSL works? 

Cable and DSL internet work differently and the way they deliver internet to their customers. DSL internet works through standard telephone lines wired into our houses. While cable goes over the network of cable lines. Conventionally, the cable comes with relatively more bandwidth so it works faster.

For using DSL internet services, you need a DSL modem. The modem is connected with ordinary telephone wires on which the signals travel. The job of the modem is to convert the signals from digital to analog and analog to digital so they can travel from source to destination. In contrast, a router transmits these signals wirelessly so your devices can catch those signals and allow you to use the internet.

As we said earlier, you will face slow internet speed issues if you live far from the source office. In a nutshell, an increase in the distance from the source will decrease the internet speed of your package. However, DSL is a widely spread internet service provider, so you can expect to use it anywhere you want. 

Is DSL wireless internet service?

In simple words, no DSL is technically not a wireless internet service entirely because it works through a modem, which is connected, to your phone line. DSL device is dependent on a source to offer wireless internet connectivity. You can use it, as wireless but within its reach is limited to your house or workplace only. 

Conclusive Notes

To sum it up, DSL internet is a smart choice when it comes to picking an internet service or a wireless internet connection for your businesses and households usage. It has fast speed and is affordable – you can also find some cheap packages if you are on a budget.

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