Is it safe to use a scratched rice cooker?

Whether it is a rice cooker or conventional cooking pots, you have to be vigilant if it is about health. 

Rice cookers, however, are convenient kitchen stuff, become popular, especially in Asian countries as rice is the staple food there. 

The tendency of using products even after losing their usefulness does not mean saving costs. Rather it is a very horrible practice. 

This guide will discuss whether scratched rice is safe for health or not. Stay till the end; you will have your answer. 

Is It Safe To Use A Scratched Rice Cooker?


All about rice cooker:

The Rice cooker performs with the help of a heating source and a thermostat. The main part is the container or the bowl that contains the rice and the water.

Once they get powered, the heating source starts to produce heats to make the water reaching its boiling points.

The thermostat is the heat controller. It increases the inner temperature to rise above the boiling point to make the water absorbed.

The timer is there to pre-set time to get your rice ready at your desired duration. In a word, it is an automated process of cooking rice without monitoring.

Is it safe to use a scratched rice cooker?

Now let’s investigate whether cooking in a scratched rice cooker is safe or not.

Nonstick container:

The container comes with many options such as Nonstick stainless steel coated, cast iron or Teflon coated, and so on. The Nonstick surface is a pretty good option to make the rice fluffy.

But when it gets scratched, it is dangerous at the same time. It releases harmful chemicals when get heated up. Chemicals like iron, arsenic, and Teflon, if they get mixed with the rice, will cause so many fatal diseases.  

Residual content:

If they get stuck into the gaps of the scratched areas, the residual content will not be washed out. These residues subsequently produce bacteria, which will lead to many bacterial diseases later.

Abruption in cooking:

If the rice is not cooked well in and out, the entire procedure will be in vain. Cooking rice in a scratched rice cooker often projects a scenario of imbalanced cooking. 

You may get the rice at the bottom brunt and the rice at the top surface uncooked, but the rice at the middle gets soup.

So you never can have the perfect fluffy rice if the cooker is scratched.

Abruption in measurement:

We all know the ratio of water and rice flows a particular measurement when it comes to cooking rice.

 Most of the rice cooker has the instruction to let you know the measurement.

But when the container is scratched, the measurement gets distorted, and the entire procedure becomes vain.  

Abruption in washing:

Cooking and cleaning both are alternatives to one another. If the pot is not clean thoroughly before and after cooking every time you use it for cooking, you literally increasing the health risk for your family.

Scratched rice cooker preserves germs in the gaps, and sometimes adequate water cannot reach in those gaps and areas to wash out the germs and residues.  

What are the safest rice cookers?

All most all rice cookers are safe until they get scratched or except some low-quality ones. Japanese rice cookers occupied the top positions in the market currently. You can also try Microwave Rice Cooker which is in and out safe. 

But there are immense numbers of brands that produce top-quality nonstick rice cookers, safe and handy.

All you have to remember everything one day loses its usefulness. You can recycle them but don’t reuse them when they are no longer usable in the name of saving cost.

Final words:

Healthy food ensures a healthy life. So do not compromise choosing the best pots and pans as it is all about your health.

Quality product costs a bit more, and it should be. Don’t intend to go for the risky one to shrink the hole of your wallet. 

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