Life Sciences Commercial Analytics that Commercial Teams Can Consume

Life science commercial teams face a data dilemma. Data-based insights help reps make the best use of their time by focusing on the most promising opportunities. However, traditional life science commercial analytics platforms don’t deliver insights at the speed of business. 

Most life science commercial teams are comprised of skilled salespeople and marketers – but they are often not data science experts. Therefore, they rely heavily on their IT or data teams to build dashboards and run analyses. This process can take weeks, and it will take even longer if deeper insights are required. An additional challenge is finding ways to present insights so commercial teams can easily understand them.  The IT team will determine the best visualizations to show relationships or trends, but this adds more time to insights. 

In many cases, the complexity associated with traditional life science commercial analytics leads to low user adoption. As a result, commercial teams could waste time, lose focus, and miss the most lucrative opportunities. 

How to Make Life Science Commercial Analytics Accessible to Commercial Teams

A new type of analytics platform has emerged to bridge the gap between users and the information they need to enhance business outcomes. Gartner coined the term “augmented analytics” for platforms designed to give business users of all skill levels the ability to access data insights. 

Augmented analytics platforms take different approaches to making insights more consumable. However, the most effective platforms replace the dashboard as the unit of work with a question. Users speak or type their queries conversationally, and the platform responds in a way they can easily understand.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is key to delivering fast, contextual life science commercial analytics and an easy, conversational user experience. A hybrid natural language processing engine that utilizes deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) makes it possible. This combination creates a powerful tool that understands questions – both literally and their intent – and enables users to ask their questions naturally. The experience is similar to using a social media app. The focus isn’t on using technology – it’s on getting the information you need. 

A Platform that Speaks the Language of Life Sciences

Domain-specificity is also essential to a life science commercial analytics platform that users can depend on.  Tools pretrained for life sciences deploy faster and demonstrate their value right out of the box. The right platform will build trust as users quickly see that the tool understands them. They can ask for a well-trained platform to tell them, for example, 13×13 change in claim counts for their brand and for their competitor. Or, a global company’s employee can ask, “What are the sales in my region,” The platform will know that the question pertains to prescriptions in the geographic market where the user works. 

Above all, an effective augmented consumer platform pretrained for users’ industry will demonstrate that analytics processes can be different. It isn’t necessary to wait weeks for analyses and put additional effort into visualizing insights. Users can ask questions any time they need information – at their desks, working remotely, or on their way to a meeting with a physician. The right platform will provide insights in a split second and automatically select the optimal visualization. The platform will be even more valuable if it allows companies to embed analytics into the business applications their teams routinely use, like Salesforce or Veeva, for one-click access to insights that can improve outcomes. 

When users experience how easy it is to use the platform and get the insights they need to enhance performance and outcomes, user adoption increases. Augmented analytics and domain-specificity make life science commercial analytics consumable for every member of an organization. WhizAI is a Life science commercial analytics platform designed to make insights accessible to all team members and pretrained for industry leaders to enhance performance and business outcomes. 

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