PUBG Mobile: Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

PUBG has gained significant popularity after its launch. It is everyone’s absolute favorite. The dynamics of this game, the attractive rewards, and the thrilling battles attract every game lover. Because of its increasing popularity, the mobile version has also been launched. PUBG mobile has received equal fame and admiration. It is noteworthy that such a huge and complex game like PUBG runs smoothly on mobile devices. 

PUBG mobile is quite different from the PC version. So, if you are playing PUBG mobile for the first time, this article can help you. Below, some of the best tips are mentioned to help you become a better player at PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile: Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

  • Adjust controls layout

When you are playing PUBG, you start playing it with default controls. The control stick will be at your left side, and you have to aim with your right thumb. There are some virtual buttons on the right side of your screen for firing, aiming, accessing backpacks, and so on. 

You can always change the position of these virtual points by sliding them. One can also make them more prominent and easily accessible. So, change the layout and see which suits you the best.

  • Keep your eyes on the map

The map works quite differently for PUBG mobile. When you place markers on the map, you can see a dotted line leading you to the destination. Additionally, you can see how far you are from your destination. Thus, you can pick the nearest spot for dropping when you are still in the place. 

Moreover, keeping an eye on the mini-map can save you from attacks. It will show you the approaching vehicles and the location of gun fires. Thus, you will always stay informed about the impending dangers and plan accordingly.

  • Check surroundings

If you want to move your character, you have to hold your left thumb. As your character starts moving, you will see a running icon. If you press that icon, your character will go on auto-sprinting mode. 

When your character is running, you can use the camera to check your surroundings. As your character is running, your enemies fail to land successful hits. This is the best way to check the location of your enemies without risking your life and is one of the most popular tricks best pubg cheat providers offer.

  • Keep moving

Looting becomes easy with PUBG mobile. Here, you automatically pick up things when any compatible attachment is available. Items will be added to your cache weapons. This feature really helps beginners as they struggle for supplies. But always keep moving even when you are collecting the items. If you stay put, there is a high risk of getting shot.

  • Pay attention to sound

Like most other games, PUBG also uses sound effects. If you observe closely, you can hear footsteps of approaching enemies. So, use quality headphones set while playing PUBG mobile. 

If you hear footsteps from the left side, be sure that an enemy is heading towards you from the left. Apart from audio effects, you will also see visual information. When you receive hits, you can see the direction of the bullet by a hit marker. Thus, you can safeguard yourself better.

  • Shoot properly

On PUBG mobile, you can see the firing option on both sides of your screen. So, it is basically up to the player which side to use. But, using both buttons will help you to shoot more effectively. When you use both your hands, you can use one hand to aim and the other to shoot. This will ensure more accurate results.

  • Use the quick access button

PUBG mobile offers you a quick access button that has all the healing resources. It is on the left side of the screen, just after the weapon list. This panel will also suggest the most required healing item by analyzing your current situation. So, if you are in an emergency, you can use a Medkit, and if you have minor wounds, you can use a bandage.


These are all the best tips for PUBG mobile players. If you use these, you will get more victories and enjoy more chicken dinners. Moreover, practicing the game with dedication is also important. When you practice, you become a better player. Last but not least, enjoy this game thoroughly. Never let initial failures break your spirit. Keep playing and keep enjoying.

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