Realme Wireless Earbuds Review And Unboxing

Hello Friends, In this article, we concluded our unbiased experience about this realme wireless earbuds that come from the brand Realme.

In these past few years, we tested lots of earphones and headphones based on that experience. Here we share our personal experience in this Realme Wireless Earbuds Review; if you have planing to buy the best headsets under budget 1500-2000 rupees, then this article helps to know more about this Bluetooth Earbuds.

In the Indian market, Realme smartphone is in demand due to it’s a budget segment, and Realme offers quality; that’s why people love to buy Realme smartphone.

This Realme buds bluetooth earphone is from the Realme brand comes with value-added features in the range of 2000 rs.

Realme Wireless Earbuds Review

Quick Overview

BT Version5.0
Wireless Range10 Meter
Run Time12 Hours
Charge Time2 Hours
Audio Driver11.2mm
Built-in magnetsYes

Design and Build Quality


Design-wise this earbud is made from the mix-combination of rubber and solid plastic, and rubber neckband style never disappoints you never heart you when you wear it whole a day.

On the neckband, you will get three physical buttons that may help you control your whole music, 2 buttons for volume control, and 1 single button for voice assistant and to make hands free call.

This Realme wireless earbud comes with three different color choices, such as Black and yellow combination, Green, and Orange. This premium style earphone has a magnetic holding that helps you to keep your earbud secure.

The material Realme used in this earphone is extremely durable solid, and you feel rich while you were using it.

Rating for design and build quality:- 9/10

Battery Performance

This realme wireless earbud comes with a 110mAh battery backup, company claims that it produces up to 12 hours of the battery within a charge of 2 hours. Also, the company claims that 10 minutes of charging gives 100 minutes of music playback.



When we test, it charged entirely within 2 hours, and after charge when we used it run almost 8.5 hours and this is a great achievement for these earbuds because many companies claims, but they didn’t deliver such type of battery life.

We tested lots of earphones and headphones, but all the earphones offer up to 4 to 6 hours of battery life, but this earphone proves that it comes with an extremely long battery life.

A most interesting feature which has this earphone is that magnetic holding helps you to save your battery when you hold the earbuds with the magnetic filled your music automatically pause and earphone gets to switch off, but another way when you unplugged the holding and wear it then it automatically turns on.

Rating for bettry performance:- 9/10

Audio Quality

The audio quality we categories into two different parts music quality and call quality.

Music Quality

If you genuinely love substantial premium and rich bass audio, then this Realme earbud is fulfilled you desire because this earphone has 11.2mm audio driver that capable of producing satisfying bass quality.


According to our experience, if you usually use your default music player, then this earphone didn’t provide original sound quality, so for this, you need to installed PowerAmp music player from the play store.

This earphone specially designed for a bass music lover, if you love to hear pop music, DJ, and extremely heavy bass audio, then this bluetooth pair is best for you.

For Silent songs and romantic songs, this earphone struggling to deliver expected audio quality.

Call Quality

I make too many phone calls using this earbud, and I measure that the inbuilt microphone delivers clear audio, and I didn’t face any background noise issue.

Rating for audio quality:- 7.5/10

Bluetooth Connectivity


For the connectivity, this wireless bluetooth earphone comes with the latest bluetooth version 5.0 that produces up to 10 meters of wireless range according to the company. Still, when we test it, we found that it delivers a long-lasting wireless range.

Rating for Bluetooth connectivity:- 9/10

Final Words

Overall this realme wireless earbuds comes with many unique features, including some pros and cons such as its battery life, designed’ build quality provides value. Still, when it comes to the audio, you will get an average sound quality. The company delivers super extra bass, but word purity is not that great.

According to the budget, this realme wireless earbuds deliver many unique features that no one provides in this budget range; this is overall good.

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