Reasons why some men prefer to remain single forever

There are often comments about old ladies, single by choice living with their cats in a huge mansion. But no one usually considers that a man too might want to remain single forever. Yes, the thought seems stretched because we have been conditioned to believe that man is simply looking for women to impress and date. But statistics show that off late many men are choosing to remain single forever. What might be the reason for this change in the social structure then? Let’s find out.

  • Traumatic past relationship

Some relationships leave forever scars. Contrary to popular opinion that men can deal with breakups and relationship trauma better than women, the truth is that they hurt just as much. A common reason for some men to remain single forever is their past relationship. Being with a toxic and mistrusting or suspicious partner, or an abusive one can hamper one’s mental and physical health enough to not want to get into any of it again. Overcoming that sort of trauma itself takes years and leaves the person too broken to fall in love and trust someone with their heart again.

  • Inability to move on

It can be tough for some men to deal with the fact that they didn’t end up with the girl they love. Sometimes the inability to move on is quite massive as they feel they cannot connect with anyone apart from the one person they are head over heels in love with. Some feelings are way too strong and even if they don’t get the girl, they feelings continue to exist making it difficult for them to fall for anyone else.

  • Lack of emotional connection

Romantic relationships require a high level of emotional stability, connection, and a general sense of sharing your life, your mind with the other person. Some men are not capable of forming such deep emotional connections. There could be multiple reasons for it. Some of the common reasons include, childhood trauma, adhering to society’s expectations of being strong and hiding emotions as a man, love loss, or just an inherent quality of being low of emotional intelligence.

  • Prioritizing career

Some men spend a great deal of time in their life climbing the career ladder. They are passionate and over-ambitious about their work. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that they are in fact in love with their work and feel that the existence of a romantic partner might hamper their path to success as they might not be able to focus fully on their career. It makes sense then for them to want to stay single and be loyal to their one true love – their work.

  • Unable to find compatible partner

Then there are men who unwillingly settle for being single forever. Despite trying multiple times and meetings several women, they simply can’t find that one compatible partner they’d want to spend their life with. We can call them fussy, picky or simply too demanding, but ultimately, they settle for staying alone rather than wasting their time, energy, and money on the wrong kind of partner. Some of these are even likely to get an anime sex doll instead to fulfill their physical needs so they wouldn’t have to look for a partner anymore.

  • Multiple failed relationships

Another category of men includes those who are hopeless romantics, or rather simply hopeless. They fall in love, get into relationships, and just cannot sustain them. Multiple failed relationships later they realize that the exhaustion that follows is too much to handle, and so, they finally decide they’re better off alone. These are the same men who often also realize that they are actually happier being by themselves.

  • Loss of interest 

And finally, some men simply do not have the interest to invest in the whole process of dating, because let’s face it, it is quite tiring. Imagine having to meet someone, get to know them, start liking them, share your deepest thoughts and feelings, spend time together and then when things don’t work out, having to do all of it with someone else again. The fear of repeating the process with no guarantee of a successful relationship is also one of the reasons that some men prefer to be single forever. They’d rather use porn or kinky imaginations for pleasure while straying away from romantic connections.

The Bottom Line

As wonderful as it may be to find someone to share your life with, we need to understand and accept that it is totally okay if someone does not wish to do so.

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