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Recruiting Real Estate Agents in a Digital World

The digital era has changed how people communicate. For real estate recruiters and brokerages, this means both a challenging and more straightforward process of discovering and hiring top agents. As technology allows you to locate candidates faster, the same advantage is accorded to your competitors. It is, therefore, your job to be more proactive and wiser in recruiting real estate agents.

The primary reasons for recruiting include:

More Substantial Clientele Base

More homebuyers are seeking to purchase or rent houses from your company. This significantly increases the lead volume, making it almost impossible to keep track of all the leads. Therefore, recruiting more real estate agents to cater to the growing clientele and close deals reliably is reasonable.

Buyer agents engage with and keep track of all the clients, provide information about the homes and neighborhood and the amenities available, and handle all appointments that help determine serious buyers. Hence, there is more time for the business owner to manage other issues without losing money because of clientele loss.

Employees Team Growth

With more real estate agents, the lead agents can focus on obtaining higher-priced buyer clients and listing clients due to the reduced workload. Furthermore, they can hire people with special skills, such as transaction coordinators, administrators, and social media account managers.

Generally, the individuals take care of clients, save money and time, and see to the smooth running of the business. It helps the business owner build professional networks and expand the business.

How to Recruit Agents

1. Host Networking Events

The digital landscape is ever-changing, so a real estate team should know how to be competitive while recruiting its agents. One way to achieve this is by hosting a networking event to recruit agents, and these events can be held virtually via Zoom.

Hosting a biannual or quarterly event enables the team to meet the agents less formally. Potential agents can link with the lead agent, which helps build a good relationship.

The lead agents may also provide important information regarding the business, such as transactions in escrow, current leads, and the average monthly leads generated. Also, virtual networking is ideal when recruiting during seasons of extreme weather conditions.

2. Reach out via Social Media and Email

A real estate firm does not have to have the latest technology. However, it is essential to use available online platforms to gain a competitive edge. Among the most effective channels for real estate recruiting on digital platforms are social media and email.

Opening and operating social media accounts on popular platforms help reach a broader audience. You can access an even wider audience by sending recruitment messages to real estate agents who have interacted with the firm and gain new perspectives through social media. Using search enhancers like mobile applications, trending topics, and hashtags are essential.

3. Create a Facebook Group and Offer Guidance

Having a robust online presence is crucial as it gives you a competitive edge when recruiting agents digitally. One way of maintaining an online presence is by creating a Facebook group, which will provide essential information about your team and announce recruitment for agents.

The Facebook page allows the business to connect with potential and current homeowners, provide advice and updates to clientele on market trends, and provide tips on market prices and things to consider when purchasing a house.

In addition, when hiring real estate agents online, they may obtain general information about the firm from the Facebook page as it is easily accessible. Another way to be relevant online is by having a website for your real estate firm.

Like many prospective real estate clients, your hiring prospects also look online to learn about your company. The website should make a positive, strong, and lasting impression on its visitors, whether a new clients or a prospective employee.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Generate and maintain quality content – A company website is an ideal platform to showcase values and expertise. Stay relevant in your industry with reliable and constant updates to your web content.
  • Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO ensures that your real estate company is always at the top of search engine results when people search for essential information you can provide.
  • Improve your website’s user experience – Besides appearing on top of search engine results, you also have to engage your visitors. Due to this, a streamlined user interface is significant for every website.
  • Drive website traffic with pay-per-click (PPC) – Through PPC advertising, it is easy to target a particular market and obtain instant visibility simultaneously. And because you pay when a prospect clicks on your advertisement, you control the amount you spend.

4. Host Continuing Education Courses

Another excellent way to attract suitable real estate agents is by providing your team members with the opportunities and means to advance their career growth.

Committing to your employees’ continuous learning and skill development is an efficient way to guarantee real estate agents’ retention in a competitive business environment.

Investing in your employees puts them in a better position to thrive long-term. Your validation can boost their morale to make them achieve career-defining and ground-breaking excellence.

Other than making a significant impact on your agents’ lives, supporting their career advancement also demonstrates your leadership and industry expertise. Provide direct mentorship. It is essential to note that your agents admire you as their leader.

You are immensely experienced due to the many years you’ve been in the industry. Use this knowledge to train a new generation of agents that shares your unique values and insights. With valuable mentorship, your voice will resonate within your company and the real estate industry.

5. Invest in Technology

Technology is essential in facilitating transactions. Online tools and resources have made buying and selling properties easier and conducting searches for home valuation. Internally, technology is crucial in enabling brokerages to grow, maintain, and build their agent teams.

Before you impress your clients, impress your agents first. Investing in technology-driven solutions and tools should be a top priority to stay competitive and productive in the vibrant real estate industry.


Recruitment of real estate agents is more about the people and not technology. However, the digital revolution has made it easier for recruitment experts to find the best real estate agents and expand the industry.

Exploit digital applications and platforms available to maximize your chance of recruiting high-quality real estate agents. Everyone needs to exploit the benefits technology offers in all aspects of their business operations. Bear these tips in mind as they help optimize your brokerage/s recruitment strategies.

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