Role and Duties of Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

Many people who have been to Dubai before and they want to come back, they must check their status first. The people who are in Dubai and they are having an IDEA that somebody can put the ban on you because you have not fulfilled your financial obligation then he should also check the travel ban status. To check the status means, to check about the travel ban. You might be having any litigation continues against you in the Court, or you were failure to pay your loan bank, or you could not pay your personal or business borrowings or you could not pay even your EMIs or Credit Card installments. 

Role and Duties of Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

Then you must think about getting the status checked first. The travel ban can be put for a couple of reasons. As we mentioned before that these reasons are failure of paying the EMIs, Credit Card Installments, Personal Loans, Bank Loans, Cases filled by one company to another and more. For the easy understanding, we must say that this is for the liabilities and obligations. 

The details of travel ban are available on government provided systems. When you try to find out the reasons by adopting the legal route, then you do come to know about the reasons as well. It will help you to grab the idea that who put and why it was put. Your Lawyers can also help out you to find the details as well. The Lawyers who are expert in such services. For Example”

How to Check

  • Judicial Department of Abu Dhabi offers “Estafer Service” which allows the people to check about travel ban. Any travel ban which is by the individual or by the public prosecutions can be checked here. You can get this access by visiting them online.   
  • Emirate of Dubai provides a facility check the status through the Dubai Police Online Service. This Service is “Free of Cost”, anybody can go and check it. Dubai Police Application and Dubai Police Website both are the platforms to use it. Smart Police Stations can also be checked for finding out the details about travel ban. The procedures can be checked with online help/support portal or by giving a call to call center of relevant departments. You need to confirm your identity by telling them about your Emirates ID.  
  • You can also check, the travel ban through “Amer Service”. You need to go over there, or you need to visit police Station, where you will generate a request for finding out the details.    

When Lawyer should be hired?

If all the methods above have been failed, then the last option left is the Lawyer option. Contacgt good Lawyers in your Emirate you are living in and try to fix this matter. Lawyers can perfomr all the steps which you are unable to perform due to several reasons. This way the statu can be checled and lawyers can also fix this as soon as possible, by adopting legal routes.  

When the travel bans are put due to criminal backgrounds and criminal cases then lawyers can resolve the matter or removing the travel ban by going to MOJ online webportal, where a request is submitted. Power of Attorney and a Valid Emirates ID is required for the person who has to submit it. Documents need to be submitted, then results are shared by MOJ.

Sometimes we have to go legally like filling a reques in Immigration Departments or in Courts, and before that fixing the cases in court. All it takes time and expertise. It means when the case has become quite serious. It becomes a process of legal expertise where these same lawyers, have to finsih the court cases and then move to travel ban finishing process. 

Lawyers in Dubai are particulalry expert for resolving such disputes. For Example the Law Firm like Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, Ask The Law, the best Law Firm and the Lawyers ro proide you the legal services.    

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