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Supermicro offers a complete range of products and services to meet customer needs and build customer success in today’s data-driven economy. Founded in 1993, Supermicro has emerged as the innovator of storage, server, and networking said power solutions with award-winning technology designed by our Chief Technology Officer Dr. Charles Chou who has been rated one of the top 50 thinkers in the world for his innovative design and implementation methods. Since 2005, we have been a 100% green company with all our manufacturing facilities now ISO 14001 Certified. We are 100% EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) compliant. Supermicro is a leader in design, innovation, and sustainability across our business and the industry.

Supermicro is the only company in the industry that offers independent validation of its server design, production, assembly, BIOS, and operational processes through FAMA (The Foundation Assessing Management Assessment). Supermicro has received many awards from many organizations that validate our commitment to excellence as a technology thought leader including The New York Stock Exchange, Limelight Networks, Cray Inc., Intel, and Microsoft. With Supermicro’s wide portfolio of products for every tier of the IT supply chain, we can help customers reduce costs and maximize ROI.

Supermicro is a premier provider of server and workstation motherboards, systems, and solutions. We also offer a wide variety of RAID storage subsystems, network switches, embedded x86 processor-based systems as well as other OEM services such as testing, manufacturing, and logistics. For more information, please visit

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Super Micro Computer is a leading provider of high-performance, high-reliability, low-cost servers, and storage products. Our customers include enterprises, telecommunications providers, retail data centers server, and Internet service providers worldwide. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Trend Micro Inc. based in San Jose, CA. Supermicro will retain its name for consumer and other non-enterprise segments of the company that will remain independent from Trend Micro’s consumer business units; however, its Supermicro subsidiaries will be managed by Trend Micro’s senior management team. total employees: 23.7k [from Monday to Friday]

Supermicro is the undisputed market leader in server and workstation motherboards, systems, and solutions. We offer a wide variety of RAID storage subsystems, networking switches, embedded processors, and other OEM services. For more information, please visit

about us

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