What Is The Near Future For Employee Management Systems In India?

Any manager or employer would like to spend money on HR tech trends for 2022 to automate manual tasks. Many corporations have become creative, economical, and productive commercial firms thanks to the improved environment of this software-driven market. The Human Resource Management System, or HRMS, has grown rapidly due to such technologies. The Indian Talent Administration Software Industry Forecast of 2020 indicates that the market has had significant growth, which is said to have resulted from enterprises’ growing concern for employee engagement and payroll management.

The performance management system has recently undergone several adjustments to efficiently transform effort into performance. The traditional performance evaluation methods are expensive and inefficient. 

Bell curve or relative comparison has been found to take a lot of time and frequently has a negative impact on performance. Companies have already embraced innovative assessment methods to improve employee and organisational performance. One of such HR trends companies follow is considering uKnowva HRMS for their workflow automation needs. However, let’s explore the predictable future of employee management systems in India in the long run below. 

Future For Employee Management Systems In India Explained In 4 Ways:

Using mobile devices to manage your workforce

Organisations are modernising themselves in the electronic environment to keep up with changes. Most cloud technologies are evolving into mobile applications because smartphones are highly practical and, therefore, more popular than desktops. 

The most recent version of uKnowva HRMS and payroll software is mobile-friendly and offered as an application that promotes employee engagement. Mobile applications make learning while on the go much simpler than traditional tools and spreadsheets, which can take a long time to adjust to company demands. 

Indian businesses are now turning to applications to conduct staff surveys and get their input instead of paper questionnaires. Workforce management has become much simpler thanks to HRMS management via mobile apps.

Metrics for performance management

Every organisation uses the employee management process to identify which employees should be trained and who should be promoted. However, in the conventional approach to HR management, employee awards and performance measures are based on how well top management-set objectives are met. Meanwhile, businesses’ perspectives on achieving their goals have significantly evolved in recent years. Now, it’s easy to set up employee goals and objectives as one of the most significant parts of HR technology in India. uKnowva HRMS follows those HR tech trends for 2022. It allows team leaders to set their team goals without hassle. And employee succession planning, appraisals, rewards, and promotions are easily tracked using this HRMS. 

Tool for people analytics

Human resource managers have gradually come to realise their organisations’ potential to develop HRMS and how effectively they can use employee data. The people analytics feature in uKnowva HRMS has a significant impact on Indian enterprises, especially sales organisations where employees’ personalities and behavioural abilities are crucial.

Along with recording information about employee performance and time management, prior issues of organisations like leave and attendance management are also addressed. Such analytics not only assist organisations in determining how well their personnel can perform but also give them opportunities for personal growth and help them create a specialty.

On-time disbursements of remunerations and reimbursements

Data analytics can also be used to evaluate pay equity. The disbursement of regular pay gets calculated in uKnowva HRMS without delays. So, each employee expects on-time credit of salary, bonus, rewards, appraisals, or even conveyance charges. This eliminates disparities in pay grade and disbursement based on gender, race, and ethnicity. 

You no longer have to rely on an Excel spreadsheet with lots of arithmetic. Plus, having a clear understanding of what is happening within the firm is advantageous. When cutting-edge HR technology with feature-rich visualisation, HR practitioners communicate well with senior management to execute on-time salary and reimbursement approvals. 

This cycle saves hundreds of hours for the HR functions and personnel every month. They can roll out salaries, bonuses, and incentives and regularise each salary slip on time. These calculations are more accurate and free from bias. The input of the data into the system is what matters here the most. Employees are themselves responsible for punching in and out of the system on time every day so their pay grade wouldn’t be hampered. 

In short, there is less dependency on HR personnel. They can focus on critical and ad hoc tasks first with human-centric approaches and solve crises on time. Meanwhile, employees get paid what they deserve at the right date or time. So, this employee management system keeps everyone proactive, keeping automation afloat and welcomed by uKnowva HRMS. 


With the ongoing HR tech trends for 2022, the future of HRMS in the Indian business is shining brightly. Human resource management in India has been consistently impacted by the high bureaucracy of administrative procedures like hiring and onboarding, payroll, employee evaluation, and leave and attendance management. 

But the employee experience will be improved, and organisations’ operations will be more efficient when cutting-edge uKnowva HRMS automates all these activities. 


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