Tips to streamline your onboarding process with technology

Onboarding is an essential process in a company as it is a chance to make a good impression on your new hires and set them up for success. But, conducting a thorough onboarding process that results in a positive onboarding experience is challenging as it is a labor-intensive task and time-consuming for HR and their teams. So, what is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into an organization. The new employees are provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, and behavior to align with the company’s core values to become effective members of the organization. So streamlining the onboarding process is important for the company and the new employees.

Onboarding can be cumbersome if done manually. The HR team should therefore have access to technology that automates onboarding to streamline the onboarding process. For example, the company should incorporate virtual agent chat software on its website so that the HR team can engage the new employees before the onboarding day. 

Here are some of the ways you can streamline your onboarding process:

Implement pre-boarding

If you want a positive onboarding experience, start by pre-boarding. Pre-boarding is important if you do the hiring virtually or if the candidate will be working remotely and there will be no in-person interaction with the team. 

You can reach out to your new employees before the actual date and have informal introductions. You can also send a welcoming message and issue your new employees with documents containing the company’s mission statement, culture decks, and employee handbook. 

Create a clear training plan

A clear training plan should be part of your onboarding process. This will ensure the new employees stay focused and acquire the necessary skills to perform their roles successfully. 

When creating a training plan, ask the new hires about the goals and what they aim to achieve to get the answers to help create an effective training plan.

Provide all necessary equipment

You should ensure that everything is set and the new employees have all the equipment they need from day one. Before the initiation day, identify all the devices and accessories your new hires will use and provide them accordingly. Ensure their accounts are set and active in all the company’s apps.

Implement a buddy system

New employees will have many questions your manager may not have to answer. But, you can incorporate a buddy program where you assign the new employees to experienced ones to guide them through the onboarding process. The experienced employees should also regularly check on them to ensure they stay focused on the company’s course. 

Ask for feedback

You can get great ideas for streamlining your onboarding process from experience. You can get ideas from your managers and employees by asking them what worked and what didn’t since their initiation to the company.


Employee onboarding is a vital process as it holds the success or failure of a company. Knowing how you can make your onboarding process a success is important. 

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