Top 8 Tips To Win In Call Of Duty Warzone Every Time

You might agree that Call of Duty Warzone is one of the fascinating Battle Royale games. It has everything from notorious drop spots, shrinking circles, limited weapons, and a king-style hunt.

Of course, Warzone is not an easy feat. The game is not only about making a perfect aim or laser-like reactions but intelligent decisions and moves. Warzone is different each time you are in the field. But the best Call of Duty Warzone cheats are always available for you. The cheats will help you get a lead from the other experienced players and increase your chance of winning.

However, learning about positioning, engagement distances, cover, and other related aspects will help you edge the game.  So, here are eight tips to win in Call of Duty Warzone every time you play.

1. Reach battlefield quickly

Try to shorten the time to get to the battlefield and be the quickest to touch down. You can reach fast by deploying the parachute before going back to the free-fall mode. You will have better equipment on being the first to land. It will save you from enemies who open fire at the time of parachute drops.

2. Kill enemies before landing

COD Warzone accommodates up to 150 players. So, the early you start warding off players, the chances of winning the game increase. Start killing your enemies while you are in the air. For this, you will have to cut the parachute during your descent for a while. Use your gun to shoot the rivals before deploying the parachute again.

3. Focus on acquiring loadout

Using gear and floor weapons initially in the game will work. But you will require specific loadouts to perform best in the match. So, acquiring loadouts is a mandate whether you play or with a squad. Make sure to get $10,000 in cash right away for buying a loadout drop from the nearest and safest buy station. With this, you will have your custom weapon, perks, and equipment valuable on the battlefield.

4. Secure elimination before shoot

Many experienced players shoot the enemies as soon as they appear on the screen. But it is a big mistake. Shooting alerts the rivals of your position, allowing them to take cover and prepare for revenge. Instead, you should wait for the moment until there is less cover for the enemy to hide. Ensure no teammates nearby can come in for a backup to the rival player.

5. Get a sophisticated UAV

You may purchase essential items from the buy station while gaming, like a UAV. It displays part of the map and exhibits the nearby enemies. There is another trick that you can use with UAVs. If three teammates use the UAV simultaneously, it will display the position and orientation of the remaining 147 players. However, a UAV costs $4000, and you can use it for a limited time.

6. Complete Contract tasks

Contracts are a new addition to the Call of Duty Warzone that helps make cash. Contract tasks include collecting loot boxes for killing a specific enemy. Contracts reveal an enemy’s position or a way to substantial loot.  Completing the contracts will also grant you special abilities like a vision of the next shrinking zone before other players see it. However, a team cannot activate more than one contract at a time.

7. Utilize loadout packages

Warzone allows you to purchase the loadout pack after spending some time picking your equipment, selecting weapons, and obtaining perks. Loadout packages enable you to call in your online equipment set. With this, you can benefit from various abilities to increase running speed and accelerate recovery.

8. Use sound and make callouts

Sound is critical in Call of Duty Warzone. So, try listening to your enemy’s footsteps, coughing in the gas, plating, shooting, reloading, and loadout dropping on an enemy. It can help you get an approximate idea of the general location of a nearby rival and tell you when it will be safe to strike.

Let your team know if you hear or see an enemy nearby. Quick and effective callouts can save time and enable communication with the team fast.


Call of Duty Warzone is an expert’s game that takes time and effort to gain excellence in the match. The Warzone guide will help you view the game differently and provide extra information. The tips will enable you to make wise decisions at the right time on the battlefield and mark a win every time.

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