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What Should Developers Look for in a Cloud Service?


If you’re a developer, chances are that you can actually utilize a cloud service fairly easily. Many developers need to use a cloud storage service to scale their applications, distribute their services, and ensure the thing they’re developing always has the ability to pull out whatever information they need. However, the process of discovering a cloud storage service that works for you can be much more difficult than it seems on the surface. Here are four things that you should look for in cloud storage for developers.

  1. Infinite Scaling

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to upgrade the amount of information you need to store. If your application blows up overnight, you need to make sure that you’re able to move your application from where it is now to a more robust hosting system as easily as possible. Any cloud service worth the move should effectively provide infinite scaling, and the ability to scale up or down should be as easy as possible.

  1. Billed Only for the Services You Use

Some cloud storage services bill you in chunks of 1TB or even 5TB, essentially allowing you to “reserve” a specific amount of storage that you can use up to. However, it’s often much more cost-effective and generally effective for a service to instead bill you only for the services you use. That means if you use 9TB of storage, you only pay for those 9TB of storage, rather than having to pre-purchase a 10TB package.

  1. Simple Integration Options

Integration is one of the things that you may end up getting tripped up on if you’re not careful. When you develop a specific app, you should be looking at how you’re able to implement that app with your cloud storage. If your cloud storage provider doesn’t have integration with the developer you used, it can be much more difficult to roll out your app. Make sure that integration will work with your preferred developer.

  1. Cloud-To-Cloud Migration

Cloud-to-cloud migration is important if you already have your app set up with an existing cloud service and you’re looking to move to a different one. Being able to migrate from your current cloud service to a new one more easily allows you to get started with your new cloud service because you don’t have to re-upload all your information directly from your device, which may take a significant amount of time if you’ve been using a cloud service for some time.


There are many things that you may need to look for in a cloud service, like the ability to create an e-commerce platform, manage an Internet of Things, or send a number of API commands very frequently. However, these four things should be at the top of what you’re looking for in a cloud storage service, no matter what. As a developer, these four things will almost certainly be important for whatever you’re creating, no matter what it is.

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