Why You Need A Web App Mockup Online

To quickly design the perfect app mockup in the past, designers needed to go through many types of research and mundane design steps. This makes it much more difficult for you to quickly complete your mockup designs and move on to the next step.

With the best web app mockup online, you can make your jobs a lot easier using the automated and flexible features, and many design assets are ready to be used. If you’re interested, you can find out more about mockup tools and why you should choose one over the other.

What is a mockup tool?

A mockup tool is usually a design software or web app that comes with useful design features and assets to let you complete your mockup designs without taking the traditional approaches and spending too much time.

These tools let you create and edit your beautiful mockups more efficiently and effectively by providing quick and easy design features, together with templates and presets. You should have no trouble customizing the web and app UIs on your selected canvas and with your preferences.

Here, you can have the tools available online and offline, depending on your current connections. And the many smart features will ensure you can boost your design performance.

Why are online tools better?

And when it comes to choosing the best mockup tools, I highly recommend that you go for the online software, thanks to its better features and utilities.

Start by having better team collaborations in which all members can join each other in shared projects. You will have no trouble managing your work and team members as the project manager. Use the shared environments to work together simultaneously as designers and programmers.

All of which should allow you to work effectively and efficiently on large design projects with multiple team members and a lot of work to be done.

At the same time, the web app mockup online will provide users with auto-save options, so they can continue editing their mockups with online saves being made in the background. This also allows you to synchronize your work between all devices and access your mockups anytime and anywhere.

With the online connections, you’ll have access to more design elements instead of being limited to the available assets on the offline software. Thus, providing mobile users with better design tools and features they can work with.

And with the online tools being available, you can often access the web-based version of the design tools, which is accessible from all your mobile and desktop devices. As a result, managing your creative works will be a breeze for you.

Why should you go with Visily?

And speaking of which, if you’re looking for the best web app design online tool, then Visily is undoubtedly a great option.

You will have no trouble using the convenient design tool, so you can easily collaborate with your entire team via web browser. Simply log in to your Visily account and start working on your projects using any available browser.

Web App

Or use the dedicated desktop version of the app with complete mockup design features. With multi-platform collaborations, Visily users can connect via the Internet while using different design software versions. As a result, it is an excellent platform for team collaboration.

Access many design elements in Visily

In addition, the convenient mockup design tool offers mobile users plenty of beautiful design elements, including amazing templates, page and app themes, icon packages, and smart components. All of which will allow you to work on your web and app UIs freely.

With the software, users can enjoy the expanding design library and upcoming features via their frequent version updates instead of having the same features and design elements on other offline tools.

And by offering many AI tools and features, Visily users can easily automate their design tasks and make their creative works much more impressive. Start by using the screenshots and URLs to design features in Visily to instantly turn any captured images of app UIs or web URLs into high-fidelity mockups.

Or you can use the AI-powered features to enable creative mockup designs from your physical or digital sketches. And at the same time, the inbuilt design assistant will consistently provide you with design recommendations and suggestions to create the best mockups regardless of your skills.

Web App

Enjoy many AI features in Visily

And of course, thanks to the easy and functional team collaboration features, designers and non-designers will have the perfect online tool to make their perfect mockups.

Have an intuitive and functional online team workspace where you can join authorized Visily users in your team projects. Here, product managers can monitor the projects and manage each member using the provided features.

The design team and developers can have the CSS code generated from high-fidelity designs with complete ease. And it’s also possible to enjoy the multi-device collaboration in Visily, which will allow all mobile users to handle their designs and work together on the go.

For clients and stakeholders who don’t have the design software available, you can always generate image files of your mockups and share your creative works with them.

And last but not least, for those interested, you can now get the free version of Visily on any of your mobile devices, thanks to its free plan and affordable premium options.

Here, users can still work with most of the convenient design features without paying the premium price, unlike most free apps, which always come with limited free tools that force you to pay for your subscriptions.


To improve your design experiences and performances, we highly recommend using a web app mockup online tool. And speaking of which, you won’t be able to find a better option than Visily, as the design software has everything you need to work on your simple mockups and team projects.

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