11 Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees In India 2022 (Wired And Wireless)

Want to buy the new Best best earphones under 500 rs? And having a lot of confusion about which headset has better features, sound quality, and bass quality? If your answer is yes, you landed in the right place because we mention the top 10 list of best earphones under 500 rupees in India.

Music is the most lovable factor in our lives, making us happy, free, and stressless. Music lovers always search for the best earphones under their budget as well as quality earphones.

There are so many earphones available in the market. Still, not all earphones provide the desired quality as you think; only the factors like BassBass, brand, manufacturing quality, and product trustable to satisfy your needs.

11 Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees In India (Wired And Wireless)

No.Product NameCheck Price
1.BoAt BassHeads 225 Check Price
2.Skullcandy Jib Wired Check Price
3.JBL C50HI Check Price
4.BoAt bassHeads 100 Check Price
5.Mi Basic Check Price
6.Sound one 616 Check Price
7.RealMe Earbuds Check Price
8.Ant Audio W56 Check Price
9.Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 Check Price
10.BoAt BassHeads 182 Check Price
11.RealMe Earbuds 2 Check Price
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1. BoAt BassHeads 225

  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 10mm Audio driver
  • Audio Jack 3.5mm audio jack connectivity
  • Polished metal and rubber


Boat BassHeads 225 is my first choice under this price range. Boat BassHeads 225 comes with six different colour options like Black, Blue, Forest Green, White, Neon Lime, and Red. It’s a beautiful design that attracts you.

According to design, a polished metal body with strong build rubber wired ensures its longevity. The tangle-free cable is lightweight and features user-friendly control that never disappoints you while you are using it.

This earphone BoAt offers a 10mm audio driver who amazingly performs and delivers you boosted audio quality.

The Boat BassHeads 225 earphone comes with an integrated microphone that helps you make the call, and we found that the microphone quality is also good. At the same time, we tested it because it has noise cancellation functionality that reduces the background noise and delivers clear audio.

I’m using this earphone, And I can say one thing about this is that this earphone produces the perfect combination of BassBass and vocal music. Seriously in the budget range, this earphone is a beast.

So if you are a heavy music lover and want to buy earphones to hear old songs and romantic types of songs, this earphone is not for you. I will suggest you buy BoAt BassHeads 100 and MI basic earphone.

2. Skullcandy Jib Wired

  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 10mm Audio driver
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity
  • Plastic material silicon polish and rubber


Skullcandy wireless earphones have more demand in the Indian market because Skullcandy delivers one of the finest audio quality; that’s why we mention this Skullcandy S2DUFZ385 wired earphone in this list.

This Skullcandy S2DUFZ385 wired earphone featured 10mm audio drivers capable of delivering you crystal clear sound for your music.

This earphone work on the 20Hz-20kHzm frequency range ensures you get every high and low in music from every aspect.

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This Skullcandy S2DUFZ385 wired earphone is ideal for those who love beautiful design structured earphones. This earphone comes with Lime Gray, Black, Black and White, Blue, Purple, and Red and black colour options, making it extremely beautiful and attractive.

3. JBL C50HI

  • Polished metal and rubber cable
  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 8.6mm Audio driver
  • Audio Jack 3.5mm audio jack


The JBL headphone is dynamic and lightweight. It has incredible 8.6mm drivers who feel better while tuning in to music. It underpins the two kinds of portable ios and android, and the recurrence scope of the headphone is 20-20kHz.

Sound Quality is even, the bass is acceptable, Vocals and acoustics are clear even on 100% volume. The headphone has high Clean Bass for the utilization.

Experience extended notes with genuine JBL level bass reaction making regular melodic excursion all the more engaging. Good with Android gadgets. Enact Google Assistant with a long press and make it go.

One catch all-inclusive remote with a commotion separation mouthpiece empowers you to reply and deal with your calls easily and with no obstruction.

With three sizes of earplugs and a calculated fit, the headphones are increasingly agreeable to be worn for longer hours. The 3.5mm L-formed jack helps in simpler association occasion with cases and even regarding Laptops.

5. BoAt bassHeads 100

  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 10mm Audio driver
  •  3.5mm audio jack connectivity
  • Hawk inspired plastic design


Boat BassHeads 100 earphone is one of the best choices for those who love clear HD sound quality with less bass sound.

I tested this earphone, and I found that this earphone produces extremely Ultra Clear HD sound with purity.

If you are a heavy music lover and love to hear OLD And Romantic songs and want to buy earphone under 500 rs, this BoAt BassHead 100 earphone is a perfect choice.

Don’t expect high-quality Bass sound from this earphone. This earphone comes with low Bass volume, which you missed in it.

5. Mi Basic

  • Plastic material with polished Aluminum
  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 10mm Audio driver
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity


As you know, in the Indian market, the Mi smartphone’s market share is huge as compared to another company. Same quality and value for money Earphone Mi launched for the Mi fan.

Xiaomi has customized MI Earphones Basic just for India, giving customers what they were looking for ultra-deep BassBass and tangle-free wires.

The earphone comes with silicone earbuds that are specifically designed to ensure it fits snugly without compromising comfort.

The aluminium sound chamber adopts a precise, structured design to deliver balanced sound excellent treble performance.

6. Sound one 616

  • Plastic material and rubber cable
  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 10mm Audio driver
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity


Sound one 616 is my second choice under this price segment. Sound 616 comes with three colour options Black, Blue, and Red. Design-wise it looks pretty good.

Its noise cancellation technology reduces unwanted outside sounds and disturbances without compromising sound performance. In-ear wearing with great flexibility and smooth silicone can isolate noise better.

Gold plated 3.5mm audio jack for perfect signal transfer will enable optimum performance. It is a dynamic 10mm audio driver verticle in-ear-in-mic that produce crystal clear sound quality while you were using this earphone.

7. RealMe Earbuds

  • Copper-clad aluminum and rubber cable
  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 11mm Audio driver
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity
  • Built-in Magnetic security


RealMe Brand is well known as an affordable smartphone manufacturing company in India. Same quality at an affordable price, earphone realme launched in India.

In this earphone, realme provides 11mm, audio drivers for powerful sound quality. Ergonomically friendly ear tips bend 45* for snug wear that feels lightweight and comfortable even after long hours of use.

The main highlight of this earphone is that under this price range, this is the first earphone that comes with magnetic security; while you were using this earphone in Gym and outdoor area, this magnetic field kept your earphone safe and secure.

8. Ant Audio W56

  • Metal strucute and rubber cable
  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 10mm Audio driver
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity


Ant audio w56 earphone is an immediate solution for fulfilling your need for an audio deliverance experience designed so that the music you listen to provides about body experience.

This earphone has advanced audio features like X-bass, HD audio, and CVC, which allow you to experience music in a way that you expected under this price segment.

The audio w56 earphone comes with four different colour options, which give you the freedom to choose a desirable colour as per your choice.

9. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100

  • Metal structure and rubber cable
  • Cable Lenght 1.2 meter
  • Dynamic 9mm Audio driver
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity


This Infinity Zip 100 earphone comes from the JBL brand, and you know that JBL manufacture very sensible earphones that deliver topnotch quality.

I want to add on this that about JBL brand is that the JBL brand hold by Samsung, so if you purchasing JBL companies, it means it is made by Samsung directly.

Design-wise, this JBL Infinity Zip 100 comes with a very lightweight material, and it’s a flat type of cable that doesn’t tangle and provides you with a durable structure to makes it stronger.

The material-wise company used a plastic body with a metal finish and a rubber structure with a bar of gold plated audio jack to boost the sound quality.

Inside the box, you will get an earphone and two extra earbuds so that you can change it easily according to your comfort.

In this earphone, the company offers a dynamic 9mm audio driver that produces extremely high-end audio quality; it also produces a punchy high-beat music bass, which is really for loud bass audio.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 Rupees

10. WeCool Bassking Wireless Earphone

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • Water, Sweat and dust proof technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 CSR
  • Invisible nano-coating technology


WeCool is well famous for selling low price high-quality earphones and earbuds in India. This WeCool Basking In-ear lightweight earphone is also come under at just 500 rupees with superior audio quality.

This WeCool Basking Earphone company offers 5.0 CSR bluetooth technology that produces upto 30 meters of connectivity range, which helps you hear your favourite songs from the 10 meters of distance between you and your device.

Combined with bluetooth 5.0 CSR technology, it comes with an IPX4 rating that protects earphones from Sweat, dust, and splash.

You were able to enjoy the clear, noiseless sound from the in-ear earphone because this earphone featured CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology; this technology filter out the background noise to deliver high-quality sound.

This WeCool Basking Bluetooth earphone comes with a built-in rechargeable 100mAh Lithium-ion battery that provides upto 5 to 6 hours of music playback time with 150 hours of standby time.

The inline remote control helps you to pause, play, or change the track. Also, you can able to make a voice call via an inbuilt microphone.

11. Jokin Sports Bluetooth Earphone

Best wireless earphones under 1000 rs
  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • 12mm audio driver
  • Bluetooth 4.2 produce
  • Dual device connectivity


If you search for neckband style bluetooth headphones under 500 rupees with stable built quality, this Jokkin Sport wireless earphone is a perfect choice. For travelling, Gyming, running, and multi-tasking, this earphone is well designed for every type of user.

This earphone featured noise cancellation technology that filters out background noise and enables a clear microphone; It means it can deliver you clear voice quality during calls.

The earphone also supports dual device connectivity that connects two different devices at the same time. The earphone comes with bluetooth 4.1 technology for seamless syncing to deliver you 10 meters of high range frequency.

It features a three-button inline remote that lets you take calls, adjust the volume, skip/pause/play/stop the track without touching the smartphone.

IPX5 protection keeping this earphone from dust and also provides waterproof protection. Enjoy music upto 6 to hours with 2 hours rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery offers you 6 to 8 hours of long-lasting music life with 130 hours of standby time.


This is the top list of best earphones under 500 rs; we highly recommended you to buy earphones from this list, because we mention here one of the branded high-quality brand’s earphones which perfectly meets your expectations.

If you have any questions and queries regarding this list, please ask anything we will do our best to meet your expectations.

If you have better suggestions regarding this list and our website, please share your opinion in the comment box.