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What to do When Your Sonos Speaker Keeps Disconnecting

Sonos speakers are one of the best manufacturers. And it produces a quality product which is liked by the people. Before getting into answering the question “why does your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?” Let us understand what Sonos is.


Sonos is the top multi-room wireless speaker system, allowing you to listen to music across your home. It provides a modern alternative to classic HiFi systems, which take up a lot of room, are difficult to use, and do not utilise new technologies.

Sonos is the current market leader if you want to be able to play music in different rooms or simply want the best sound with complete independence. The collection includes a small number of speakers varying in size from compact to extremely powerful, each with its own function and suitability for each of your rooms.

Now people having issues have raised a question “why does your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?” 

Let’s dive straight into the functions of Sonos to better understand “why does your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?”


So let’s see what are the functions of sonos. Sonos connects to your WiFi to stream music, podcasts, and even audiobooks from a growing list of over 100 streaming services to your speaker. On the comprehensive list of streaming services, you can find your favourite music service.

A Sonos system requires only a power outlet and an internet or WiFi connection. Check out our in-depth Sonos app lesson.

Other than the monthly charge for your chosen music streaming service, such as Spotify Premium, there are no monthly expenses.

You can have all of your speakers playing the same song at the same time, or each speaker can play a different song, all from the palm of your hand. This is a significant advantage of using WiFi speakers.

Because each speaker is assigned a room name, it’s easy to keep track of what you’re in charge of at any one time.

This means you can listen to the radio, together with watching a movie on your sonos.

Now that we are clear about the functions of sonos, we can slowly begin to answer why your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting.

Let’s learn about the setup of Sonos for better understanding.


To know the answer to ‘how to set up sonos?’ keep reading. The speakers operate on mains power, therefore the first step is to connect them in.

The Sonos S2 app must then be downloaded from your app store.

The app will function as your speaker’s remote control, allowing you to play music, modify volume, add music service accounts, and much more.

The software walks you through the setup procedure, prompting you to connect to your WiFi network wirelessly and enter your WiFi password. This is similar to connecting any other device in your home, such as a laptop or mobile phone.

Many people has hit the internet up with questions, which we are in fact trying our best to answer. “Does Sonos speaker support Bluetooth?” , “Why your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?”


All Sonos speakers use WiFi, though three models currently support both WiFi and Bluetooth.

These are portable speakers, which you might use when out and about. When you’re away from home, Bluetooth is often the simplest and most handy mode of control.

When you’re at home, WiFi is the better option for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that it doesn’t interrupt your music when you get a notice, it has a greater range, and it compresses the sound less.

The Sonos Move, Roam, and Roam SL can switch between Bluetooth and WiFi with the press of a button.

Now that we know that Sonos supports Bluetooth, to know  “why does your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?” Keep scrolling.

Solutions for your Sonos Speaker Keeps Disconnecting.

Let’s now answer our question “why does your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?” This guide will assist you in troubleshooting any problems you may encounter when connecting Sonos to your Wi-Fi network. If you have a new router or have changed your Wi-Fi password, please see our article on connecting Sonos to a new router or Wi-Fi network.

If you’re attempting to remove a Sonos Bridge from your system but are unable to connect to Wi-Fi, proceed to the steps below. If you continue to have problems, one of your other Sonos products may need to be hooked to your router. See our post on deleting a Bridge from your system for more details.

It may seem complicated but it isn’t. Once you understand the functions, it’ll be easier to solve the issue.


To double-check the password you entered, tap Show to the right of the password box. If you continue to receive this warning, look for a sticker with your network password on it on your router. Contact your Internet service provider or router manufacturer for assistance in locating or resetting your Wi-Fi password.

If you are setting up a new Sonos system and can’t locate the correct Wi-Fi password, tap Alternate setup to proceed with a wired setup if your product has an Ethernet port.

If your speaker does not have an Ethernet port or you are unable to permanently wire your speaker, you will have to locate or reset your Wi-Fi password to complete the wireless setup.


Certain network types do not support wireless configuration. Mobile Hotspots or guest networks

Networks that log in using a portal page.

Wireless range extender networks

Furthermore, some Sonos products are incompatible with routers that only support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Now we know the possible reasons for which our sonos speaker keeps disconnecting. And there are also possible methods/ways to overcome the issue.


We’ve tried our best to answer the question “why your sonos speaker keeps disconnecting?” I hope that this article was able to provide you with useful information that helped everyone clear up any misconceptions. 

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