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JBL Speaker Keeps Disconnecting 

James Bullough Lansing is the full name of the person behind JBL. It is an electronics business renowned for its high-end speakers. JBL is one of the industry’s forerunners in speaker technology, and the company has been around for a while. Because of its waterproofing, powerful features, and consistent performance, wireless JBL speakers have become the undeniable leaders of Bluetooth speakers for the mass market. 

Why JBL speaker keeps disconnecting

Possible reasons for your JBL speaker keeps disconnecting are as follows:

  • Unable to support newer software is older software
  • A different device obstructing the connection
  • Difficulties with the device’s power
  • Too much space exists between objects
  • Too many linked gadgets 

The majority of Bluetooth-enabled goods are plainly labeled, but if you are using an outdated phone or computer, pairing may not go smoothly. For instance, due to incompatible software, a dated Macbook can struggle to connect to a modern Bluetooth speaker

Cause of JBL speaker keeps disconnecting 

Check Device Proximity 

Make sure your smartphone is close to the speaker when first pairing it, even if the speaker claims to have a wide communication range. You may get farther away after you’re linked. However, if you are distant from the point of connection, your speaker can have trouble.

Scan Additional Connections 

Your JBL speaker keeps disconnecting if your speaker has been linked with another device. Ensure that there aren’t any nearby devices that are attempting to link with the speaker. To accomplish this, unpair the other devices so that the speaker only communicates with yours. 

You can perform a few additional checks. In case your JBL speaker keeps disconnecting You should also make sure that there are no other devices connected, that you are sufficiently close to the speaker, and that your battery is sufficient.

The problem may frequently be easily fixed. But if you try all the suggested solutions and you still can’t connect, there might be an issue with the Bluetooth chip. You will either need a new unit or this will need to be replaced.

Verify Bluetooth Is On :

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on before connecting to a phone or computer. This is frequently found in settings and, if enabled, will block all connections.

  • MacBook The upper right corner of the screen contains the Bluetooth settings.
  • iPhone The Settings app has Bluetooth settings.
  • Windows computer Android users can find Bluetooth settings in the top right corner of the screen under Devices in Settings.
  • You might be able to locate Bluetooth in your TV’s settings, depending on the brand and model. 

JBL speaker keeps disconnecting : Possible Fixes

  • The distance between your device—Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android—and the JBL speaker is one item to examine. As a general rule, they should be no more than 30 feet apart.
  • Try unlinking other devices if the speaker connects on the first try but you’re having difficulties keeping it attached. By doing this, the speaker’s exposure to interference will be lessened. 
  • Make sure the battery in your JBL speaker is completely charged. Before attempting to pair it once more if it is low, charge it.
  • Ensure that “Discovery Mode” is enabled and that Bluetooth is switched on on your JBL speaker. When in discovery mode, the power button on the majority of JBL speakers will flash blue.
  • Additionally, you should examine the Bluetooth compatibility of the device you’re attempting to connect to. Your JBL speaker might keep cutting out if the signal is iffy or spotty.
  • If your JBL speaker has previously performed as expected but has recently JBL speaker keeps disconnecting 

,the speaker’s firmware may require an update. Simply use the JBL Portable app to update the firmware. 

  • You might have to think about returning your JBL speaker to its factory default settings if none of these fixes seem to be effective. Although it will clear out any cache of prior connections and settings, this could be your best option to bring your speaker back to normal operation. You must simultaneously press and hold the volume up (+) and Play buttons in order to restart the majority of JBL speakers. 

Check the Discovery Mode on Your Device

When within range, many gadgets will automatically connect to a recognised Bluetooth device. If this occurs, it might be necessary to unpair the device from one device before pairing it with another. 

When you enter the house, for instance, if your phone has been associated with a smart hub, it will probably reconnect. Your phone will discover the smart hub connection since it is constantly on even though your JBL speaker keeps disconnecting You might have to go back into discovery mode after turning on your speaker in order to pair with a different device.

To connect to the speaker, you might even need to unpair it from the smart hub or whatever device it has associated with. 

If you have multiple devices connected to your TV, you might need to unpair some of them in order to concentrate on the speaker.That can be a cause of why JBL speaker keeps disconnecting 

Switch it back on and off:

Due to the internal software and programmes that our gadgets employ, this is frequently recommended and generally effective. If allowed to run continually, they fill up with too much data and need to be cleared out in order to continue functioning properly.

Your speaker uses temporary memory to store information, much like the computer or phone you are attempting to connect to. That amount of information eventually gets overwhelming. Your smartphone may begin to sluggish, resulting in your phone’s apps crashing. You must shut down the device and then restart it in order to clear the memory once more. 

One of these hints should enable you to connect and maintain the connection of your JBL speaker.

Contacting JBL customer service would be the final option if not. But we’re sure you won’t have to choose this path.

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