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What is Monitor Vignetting and Can You Fix It?

Monitor vignetting develops as a result of poor panel lighting quality, which means that a region seems dimmer because brighter sections are not shining down strongly enough. Then you have a problem with brightness homogeneity.

What Is Monitor Vignetting And Can You Fix It

Vignetting is frequently unpleasant in photography, yet its popularity is increasing thanks to Instagram and other camera app filter features. However, if you’re using a DSLR, you should be aware of when this may occur and how to avoid it if you don’t like the effect.

However, there are a few methods for reducing monitor vignetting without purchasing an expensive display. So, if you are looking for less expensive solutions, consider decreasing the brightness level by approximately 10% and seeing if it helps!

Why Does Monitor Vignetting Occur on Screen:

Monitor vignetting occurs as a result of the panel’s poor brightness uniformity, which causes the screen’s edges to look darker than the center.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rectify it unless you have a professional-grade display equipped with uniformity adjustment technology. Lowering the brightness level may help to decrease monitor vignetting.

It is hard to make a display with complete screen uniformity, which encompasses both brightness and colour uniformity, due to the complicated process of producing monitor panels.

Brightness Uniformity

Brightness Uniformity

The screen border around your display is darker, creating a vignette effect. On this screen, watching movies and playing games is like staring through a dimmer. That implies there will be just 8% less light beaming from the upper-right corner of your perspective.

However, because most people are not seeking anything like this in their daily lives – unless they want to identify defects in their devices – most customers will miss it!

The vignette effect will be minimal in most circumstances. People are drawn to content with a lot of solid colors, which is why it may appear to have a gradient on top even if it does not. To reduce vignetting, lower your brightness or use a dark/night browser option that inverts colors.

If you play your favorite video games on an IPS gaming monitor, you may notice that the top or bottom of the screen is darker. VRM (vignette) patterns appear to be among the most popular displays nowadays, owing to the large number of individuals who use these monitors and notice this phenomenon.

As a result, certain areas will be brighter than others, causing eye strain or headaches in individuals who are sensitive. It’s recommended to test out your monitor before buying it if you want the most accurate image. Some monitors, however, may have higher brightness uniformity than others, so if this is essential to you, do your homework and select a device that will meet your demands!

Some individuals may select their screen based on its picture quality, while others may choose it based on other aspects such as size or price- however, these can differ from person to person according on what they want from their display.

Colour Uniformity

Colour Uniformity

The colors on the monitor do not have a consistent tint. Instead, there is a little shift in hue depending on where it appears, which can be noticed with any tint of pure white, for example. The left-most corner has always been labeled as red or yellow, however, this is also not accurate since if you take a picture and move it from top-left to bottom-right. There would be no significant alterations except that your eye would see one side of the image more than the other owing to its placement.

How to Fix Monitor Vignetting:

Sadly, most modern monitors lack options for adjusting brightness and color consistency. Some screens, but not all, feature brightness uniformity correction. This function sacrifices contrast ratio and color consistency, which is unacceptable given the monitor’s price point.

When there is a difference between what should be on screen and what appears, we usually believe something is wrong; nevertheless, this might indicate that your monitor needs calibration! In 99.9% of such cases, all you have to do is go into settings and pick ‘calibrate.’

Is Screen Vignetting Harmful?

When you are ready to view any solid colors on your display, screen vignetting is a terrible thing. You might not notice this when watching television or playing video games. Other usual activities, such as browsing, may not alert you to this.

However, it is unquestionably a terrible thing because your display is behaving badly. Furthermore, this problem might increase in the future, which would be disastrous for you.

So, if you have begun seeing this on your display, you’re definitely in for a severe problem later on. Screen vignetting will reduce the degree of performance you anticipate from your display.

How Does Vignetting Affect Gaming?

Vignetting will not be visible since it will look to be extremely nicely placed. You can acquire accustomed to doing this or that. Some individuals might never notice if their screen is vignetting since they stare at it for months or even years.

However, this will occur when vignetting is minimal. If a large portion of your display’s percentage has been vignetted, you will undoubtedly encounter various complications. In such a situation, you may observe that a portion of your display is dim.

Vignetting has the potential to destroy your game experience. In the event of FPS or quicker internet games, you will never notice any difficulties.

How Does Display Vignetting Vary From Ips Glow

How Does Display Vignetting Vary From IPS Glow?

These issues will display on the LCD panels. However, as the name implies, the IPS glow problem will arise in the IPS LCD panel. As a result, if you utilise an IPS display, you may be perplexed by these issues. You might easily argue that the vignetting is caused by the IPS glow and that there is something else wrong with your display.


In this article, we talk about What Is Monitor Vignetting And Can You Fix It? So, when we use a PC and need to use the whole display, we all must cope with monitor vignetting. However, the problem is rarely visible, and unless you have a clean screen with a specific image, you may not see it. We hope you enjoyed our post What Is Monitor Vignetting And Can You Fix It?

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