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7 Best Action Camera Under 10000 Rupees In India 2023

Passionate photographers who wish for complete creative control over their images must also consider the action camera. Such models provide the enhanced level of features that the shooters require. All of these are highly compatible with the extensive array of interchangeable lenses and accessories.

Certainly, the action camera is usually highly affordable as compared to the DSLR Cameras, along with the prices that start from budget 5000 rupees range to 10000 rupees.

In this list, we have compiled the top most demanding and trending action camera that you can use during travel, for vlogging, for YouTube videos, and many usages you can handle from this action camera, which is coming under 10000 rupees budget range.

In today’s day and age, you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees to get the best action cameras. You can get a camera that you can grow into as a beginner and find out which settings are right for you before spending the money for a nicer camera. Here are a few examples of some extremely Best Action Cameras Under 10000 Rupees In India that offer great settings and produce amazing images.

7 Best Action Cameras Under 10000 Rupees In India

Best Action Cameras Under 10000Check Price
1. Procus Rush 2.0 Check Price
2. YI 4K Sports Action Camera Check Price
3. SJCAM Legend SJ6 Sports Check Price
4. SJCAM SJDASH Vlog Camera Check Price
5. Procus Epic 4K Check Price
6. SJCAM M20 Check Price
7. Campark Action Cam Check Price


1. Procus Rush 2.0

  • 4K HD Action Camera
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Wireless Wrist Remote


Procus Rush 2.0 4K action camera is your all-time companion from high hills to the underwater adventures. It captures the best and most impossible moments for you with perfect clarity. This action camera comes with a 4K HD feature which provides you perfect angles so that you can enjoy viewing images and videos with perfect clarity.

You can record your longest ride with this action camera which gives you a stable and wider angle video recording of your whole journey. You can also record underwater adventure and fun with all comfort and clarity. This action camera is not just for adventure but also for recording our day to day life’s most memorable moments.

This Procus action camera comes with two batteries, carry bag along with 20+ accessories so that you would bot face any issue while using it and get everything in one combo so this newly upgraded chipset action cam is a perfect option if you are a beginner.

2. YI 4K Sports Action Camera

  • 4K Action and Sports Camera
  • LCD Gorilla Glass
  • Leading Technologies
  • Electronic Image Stabilization


This action camera 4K by YI is an integrated set of amazing features that make the most memorable moments of your life last long forever. This action and sports camera record the high-resolution videos and capture 12M photos and gives you the perfect shot.

This camera is designed with advanced techniques so that it can deliver the ease of use and quality results. This action camera comes with 330ppi high resolution and feather touch retina touchscreen which gives quick response to the actions. Gorilla Glass LCD makes this camera durable during the adventure and extreme condition. Gorilla glass protects the camera display from scratches and daily use impacts.

This camera is one of the best action camera under 10000 of budget and comes with 4.4 Volt lithium-ion battery which can record video for up to 120 minutes with a single charge also the stands by the time of up to 8 hours.

This action camera is designed with leading technologies like Ambarella A9SE75 chip, Sony IMX377 image sensor, and 7 layers of all glass also it supports first-class encoding and delivers first-class videos and images even in poor light conditions.

You can easily edit and share the images with the help of the YI camera App. YI camera app also allows you to share the images and videos directly to social media so you don’t need any additional device for sharing the date online also thigh speed Wi-Fi makes the things easy and quick for you.

I think it is a very tough job to get stable images and videos while shooting any action or adventure so here this camera comes with electronic image stabilization which gives you a stable image with the help of a compensation algorithm. This camera is available in multiple attractive colors with so fancy designs that you love to flaunt.

3. SJCAM Legend SJ6 Sports

  • Gyro Stabilization
  • Dual LCD Touch Screen
  • Adjustable Viewing Angles
  • Waterproof Case


This action camera comes with gyro stabilization with a sophisticated design that provides quality pictures and videos and feels great to hold. This action camera comes with a dual LCD display of size 2 inches and .96 inches front screen.

This action camera comes with adjustable viewing angles so that you can easily take the perfect picture with the perfect angle also the 170 degrees wider angle lens enable you to capture more in the single shot and enjoy viewing the crisp and sharp images with all clarity.

The action camera comes with lots of features so that you can get the best shot the way you want. It has an F2.5 aperture also a 166 ultra-wide-angle and this is not enough, it comes with a PANASONIC MN34120PA sensor with 7 G glass lens which helps to get the clear and vivid images and videos.

You can download the SJCAM app to your smartphone and operate the camera from your mobile app if you are not near to the camera without getting worried also the rechargeable lithium battery of 1000 mAh makes this action camera durable and flexible. This 16 MP action camera provides reliability to its customer and the most memorable moments of their life.

4. SJCAM SJDASH Vlog Camera

  • Equipped with ADAS
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 7 Layer Glass Lens
  • Super Night Vision Mode


This action camera is a perfect combination for someone who wants DASH Cam along with a regular action camera. You can use this action camera as a DASH cam as well as a regular action cam. This action camera comes with ADAS ( Advanced Driver Assistance System) which you can use while driving for safe driving and road safety.

This camera comes with 7 layer glass lens which allows you to record each frame with all clarity so that you can view even a minor detail. It comes with a G sensor which makes it more advance as it can detect the important events by automatically recording.

This action camera comes with a 160-degree wide-angle lens so that your camera can capture a maximum view. This camera comes with 3 lanes coverage so if you are thinking to carry this action camera on your ride adventure then this would be the ideal choice.

Along with other features, this action camera comes with F1.33 aperture and SonyIMX291 sensor and when it comes to budget then this action camera price comes under 10000 of price range which makes one of the best action & Dash camera option in the market.

5. Procus Epic 4K

  • Ultra HD 4K Action Camera
  • 170 Degree Wider Angle HD lens
  • Stand Up To 10 Degree Temperature
  • Waterproof Up To 30 Meters


This Ultra HD action camera comes with professional photo and video recording features. This is one of the best budget 4K action camera in India used by professionals as it comes with various resolutions like 4K 25FPS, 2.7K 30FPS, 1920X1080P 60FPS, 1280X720P 120FPS for video recording and 12 MP camera for photos.

The important point to remember is you should use class 10 memory card for uninterrupted videos. This 4K action camera is equipped with 170 degrees Wider angle HD lens which captures clear and best shot for you with maximum area coverage.

The action camera comes with a solid and stylish look with an ultra-smooth 2 inch LTPS touch screen where you can quickly view and check the recorded videos and photos. This 4K action camera comes with various functions like looping videos, time-lapse, continuous lapse, burst shots, and 6 stories transparent lens which provides clear and defined videos and photos.

For your easy use, this action camera comes with 2.4G remote control so that you can control the camera and capture the most memorable parts even when you are far from your camera.

This action camera is one of the best options if you want to go for any cold-weather adventure because it can easily stand up to 10-degree temperature without spoiling your mood.

This 4K action camera prince in India all justifies its cost by delivering such a great set of features. In-Built Wi-Fi connects your smartphone to your action camera with the help of the iSmart Dv app. The Wi-Fi signals range up to 10 meters so you can easily operate up to the proximity of 10 meters.

As you are looking for action and sports camera so to capture your limitless adventure this action camera comes with a waterproof case that protects your camera up to 30 meters of underwater depth and captures the most adventure moments of your underwater adventure.

This highly recommended action camera comes with 50+ accessories so that you can use it with all comfort and ease and enjoy the best and most adventurous moments of your life fully.

6. SJCAM M20

  • 16 MP 4K Ultra HD Camera
  • 1.5 Inches Display Size
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • DVR Sport Camera


This sports and action camera comes with all the major features which you required to shoot and capture the best moments of your life. This 16 MP 4K camera will give you the best video and photo of yours.

This action camera comes with 1.5 inches display size so that you can have a clear and complete visualization of your recordings. This action camera offers a resolution of 4K at 24fps with Ultra HD clarity videos.

This 4K action camera comes with Gyro stabilization technology which controls the motion and provides a stable picture. This technology makes this camera a perfect choice for bike riders, tracking, bicycle ride, and many more adventure.

The 166 degree wider angle lens provides you the best viewing angles to any picture also the built-in Wi-Fi allows this camera to easily connect with smartphones and share the data. This camera will not leave you even underwater, you can keep it along with you to capture the most amazing underwater shots.

7. Campark Action Cam

  • Ultra HD 4K Camera
  • Multiple Image Resolution
  • Water Proof up to 30 Meters
  • Dual Rechargeable Battery


This action camera by Campark is an affordable option for those who all are looking for the best action camera under 5000 of budget. This Ultra HD 4K action cam will allow you to record and click more sharp videos and photos which experience you more lifelike than ever.

The action camera is packed with lots of interesting features like time-lapse, slow-motion mode, loop recording, and a lot of others that can record and click any moment for you. The image resolution is very important in case of cameras so here this action camera comes with multiple image resolution like 16M, 12M, 8M, 5M, 2M.

This action camera comes with built-in WIFI and with the help of HDMI port, you connect your action camera with your smart TV and watch your videos and photos on a bigger display. With 170 degrees adjustable wider angle lens, you can capture every moment in detail by adjusting various angles like 170 degrees, 140 degrees, 110 degrees, 70 degrees, etc.

You can go up to 30 meters underwater to capture your most amazing underwater moments. It comes with a waterproof case so this watch can be your perfect underwater associate while doing water sports adventure activities.

This affordable action camera price I have already shared with you above and it comes with dual rechargeable lithium batteries which increases the battery life up to 180 minutes so you can easily shoot or capture the perfect moment without getting worried about the charging issues. This action camera comes with multiple accessories that help you to mount the camera on your helmet, bicycles, wrist, etc and shoot with all comfort.


The world of action cameras is vast and there are so many options out there that it can be hard to find one that will fit your needs. Each action camera offers its’ own unique innovations and features and ultimately the choice of which one to use becomes a personal choice. These top action cameras in this article represent a good range of features and pricing and you definitely wouldn’t go wrong choosing one of these. From the enthusiast to the discerning professional.

Best Action Camera Question and Answers

Question: What is an action camera?

Answer: Action Camera can capture and record high-quality photos and videos of your most adventurous trips. Action Cameras are so compact and easily mount to anywhere like on the wrist, head, and many more places during the journey so that it can record and captures the most action and adventure moments of your life.

Question: How to mount an action camera on a motorcycle helmet?

Answer: First of all decide where you want to mount the camera on your helmet so that it can cover the maximum view while riding and then with the help of mounting accessories place the camera in the required position and then you are good to go.

Question: How to use an action camera?

Answer: Most of the action camera comes with all accessories and the manual so that you can easily understand the procedure also you can take the reference from online.

Question: How to connect the action camera to PC?

Answer: You can connect your action camera to your PC with the help of a USB port or some other interface available with the camera.

Question: What is loop recording in an action camera?

Answer: In case of loop recording the camera overwrites the old files with the new files once the memory card full. It deletes the first 15 minutes clip and starts recording the next 15 minutes.

Question: What is WDR in an action camera?

Answer: Wide Dynamic Range provides for high dynamic range imaging by handling bright and dark conditions and improve the quality of the freeze-frame.

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