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People have asked ” which one is better? Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo” Choosing the appropriate bridge for your electric guitar is a critical decision. Both the Fender tremolo and the Floyd Rose are excellent choices, but which is superior? In this article, I’ll go over all of their advantages and disadvantages, as well as compare them side by side, so you can pick which bridge is best for you. So before diving into the topic “Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo” let’s learn about FENDER TREMOLO, for better understanding of the topic.


The Fender Tremolo bridge was originally used on an electric guitar, the Stratocaster, in 1954. By lowering the pitch, it was possible to generate delicate vibrato effects. You must float your Fender tremolo if you wish to modify its pitch.


  • Attaches to the body with two or six screws.
  • To modify the intonation, the saddle positions are independently adjusted using screws on the back.
  • The action of the bridge can be modified by adjusting the height of the bridge using the screws on the side.
  • The strings depart the guitar through the saddle holes after passing through the sustain block in the cavity.
  • The strings in the cavity govern the tension of the strings.

Fender tremolo comes in two varieties: 2-point and 6-point.

Although six-point tremolos were the first to appear and are arguably more resonant, two-point tremolos are more common on newer Stratocaster models and are easier to set up and tune. The 2-point tremolo system is more responsive and sensitive than the tenser 6-point tremolo system.

Now let’s learn about FLOYD ROSE to get into the topic “Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo”


In 1976, the Floyd Rose Double Locking Floating Tremolo Bridge made its debut. The Floyd Rose works in the same way as a Fender tremolo bridge, but it allows you to lock the strings in two places on the guitar: the bridge and the nut.

Strings are placed into the locking saddles of the bridge and then secured at the bridge’s back. Three metal plates on the locking nut secure the strings in pairs. To properly tune the guitar, tune the strings in the following order: low E, high E, A, B, D, and ultimately G, tuning the outside strings first and working your way in. 

The benefit of having such a solid tremolo mechanism is that the tremolo arm may be swung more widely to generate dramatic effects such as Eddie Van Halen’s “divebombs.”

Now let’s get into discussing about “Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo”.



  • Possibly more resonant and with longer sustain
  • Suitable for use with subtle vibrato effects
  • Change the strings faster.
  • Most Fender and Squier Stratocasters have it.


  • Improved tuning consistency
  • Designed for use with a tremolo arm.
  • Changing the strings is more difficult.
  • Seen on Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, and other guitars.

For better understanding of the topic let’s again briefly compare Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo.


People over the internet, music lovers and guitarists are interested to know which one is better? “Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo“.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of both bridge types, let’s compare them in the following areas. It’ll give you a better idea and clear your doubts about Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo.

  • Effects of Tremolo

If you wish to utilise the whammy bar (tremolo arm) more forcefully, a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge is far superior to a vintage-style Fender tremolo bridge.

Fender tremolos were initially designed to produce delicate vibrato effects by pressing down on the tremolo to lower the pitch. You can float your Fender tremolo to adjust the pitch upwards as well, but you can’t use it too forcefully without it getting out of tune.

That’s why you’ll find metal guitar players utilising Floyd Rose bridges all the time, as it allows them to create dramatic effects like Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen.

  • Tuning Stability:

Floyd Rose bridges keep the guitar in tune better than Fender tremolo bridges. The Floyd Rose system incorporates a locking nut, which means the strings are secured in place at two points to ensure the guitar returns to pitch even when the tremolo arm is played violently.

The Fender synchronised tremolo relies on a standard bone/plastic nut to keep the strings in place, which is inferior to the Floyd Rose’s construction.

However, unless you’re doing crazy things with your whammy bar, both bridges should keep the guitars in tune fairly well. Only when you venture into more harsh terrain can you profit from the Floyd Rose.

  • String Changing:

When compared to a Fender Tremolo bridge, changing the strings on a Floyd Rose bridge takes a few minutes longer, but only if done by an experienced guitar tech.

String changes on both types of bridges are more complicated and time-consuming than on hardtail bridges, so beginners typically struggle with the process, and guitar techs frequently charge slightly more to change the strings on a floating bridge.

  • Tone

The idea that one bridge type sounds better than another is debatable, and, as with most tone-related issues, it’s a matter of personal preference. Fender Tremolo bridges, according to some players, have a bit more resonance than Floyd Rose bridges. When comparing a 6-point Fender tremolo to a Floyd rose, this is usually more apparent.

  • Appearance

Floyd Rose bridges appear more forceful and take up more area on the guitar’s body than Fender Tremolo bridges. Some players dislike having so much metal on the nut and bridge because it gives the guitar the appearance of being made for metal. Some guitarists, however, prefer the aggressive look that a Floyd Rose offers their guitar. It’s all down to your preference!

Now we have a clear concept about the comparison between of Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo.


I hope this article has given you useful information and helped you clear your doubts about Floyd Rose vs Fender Tremolo.

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