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Guitar keeps slipping off lap 

Having problems keeping your guitar in the perfect position? Ain’t keeping it in the right way while performing live? This is one of the worst disturbances about keeping a guitar while performing. Follow this guide to get the prevention from your guitar keeps slipping off lap. 

We have noted here some steps or you can say some important techniques which includes how to keep your guitar in the right way from slipping off lap, 

Some prevention tips for your guitar keeps slipping off lap :- 

  • Sit in a proper way on chair 

If you are a beginner at playing guitar, then you 

should practice playing guitar by sitting down. Before stunning a live performance, you need to know the exact way of holding the guitar since the guitar keeps slipping off the lap, so you don’t have to force your fingers to touch the frets and strings without facing any problem to play your guitar. So the great way will be to learn how to play your guitar by sitting down on a chair properly. 

You may sit down using your feet normally flat, your legs crossed up and down, or with your feet spread on a footrest. But remember you are in a good position where you are comfortable at.

For practicing guitar hard backed chairs are the best chairs which includes no armrests or nothing like no way of resting your hands, otherwise you can’t play properly or play the guitar at all, you can’t even rest your guitar properly which includes arms. Do not rest your back on the hardback, stay a little bit away from it, rest your butt on the extreme side of the chair. Rest your back side completely straight.

Guitar stools are easily found at each and every music instruments shop, and they are great for practicing or playing the guitar. They are also very costly. If you want that then please go and get it, but practicing or playing in your own chair without any arm could be good for you too. But make sure to ignore the mentors that show or advise you to not sit in the right way, bad habits and all. 

  • Place the guitar properly

If your guitar keeps slipping off lap then keep your guitar by placing it on your body correctly. Keep the guitar properly, the biggest string on the guitar that is the low E string should be nearest to the vault, and the thinner on the part of the base. The frame of the guitar is the part along with the strings and the sound hole has to be on the side of your primary hand, the hand you eat with or do any kind of task too. The neck portion, that is the biggest thin and fretted portion of the guitar, has to be on the side of your non-primary hand. 

Your primary hand is your playing hand or your picking hand. This playing hand is used for picking up the strings of your guitar and making the sound. Using the non-primary hand is the great way for fretting the guitar, this is the easiest way to learn about how the guitar keeps slipping off lap. 

Your non primary hand is used for fretting the guitar, with the help of your finger by holding the strings tightly down off the fretboard to create many tunes of music. 

  • Fit the base of the guitar on your thigh

Another prevention of how your guitar keeps slipping off lap. When you hold the guitar in a sitting position, allow the leg on your primary side onwards a little, flexing your knee and it will form a right angle, your foot flat normally on the floor. Your other leg should stay back a little for your own comfortness. Hold your back  completely straight. Fit the end or base of the guitar the opposed tail of the tuning bolt on the thigh of your primary or right side.

Some of the acoustic guitars have a proper cutout that should fit comfortably on your other thigh, helping to place the guitar correctly. Take some time to feel your guitar and place it properly on your thing. You should not have to keep it up with your hands, when it is fit correctly. 

  • Angle the neck up

Correctly keep the neck of your guitar should be held at 45 degree angle, not collateral with the base, laying flat on your thigh. Although this is sometimes also known for classical style, it is the great and the proper way to learn about how the guitar keeps slipping off lap, neglectful of which style you are planning on improving in your playing on your guitar. 

Some mentors will not force you to play your guitar in this way. Once you get habituated, you can keep the guitar anyhow you want to. For the learners, however, it is the easiest way to raise the freeboard in this manner. If your mentor teaches you to play with the neck of the guitar that is similar to the floor, try this in another way. 

  • Balance the neck with your thumb and forefinger

You do not have to use your fretting hand to balance the guitar. Correctly held, a guitar should stay in position by supporting it on the thigh of your primary side, keeping it slightly tight to your body with the help of your elbow on that side. To hold it constant, form a V shape with the thumb and forefinger of your fretting hand means non-primary hand , and with the help of that hand the neck of the guitar is balanced. 

A piece of tape is used by some guitar mentors because your guitar keeps slipping off lap and they put the tape behind the third fret of the guitar, on the neck of the guitar as a hint of where you have to put your thumb. If you are knowing correctly, your fretting thumb should have always stayed behind the neck of the guitar, other fingers bend over the fretboard. Just be aware of not covering your thumb almost. 


Hope this guide about your guitar keeps slipping off lap will help you to figure about your problem and you have got some prevention tips too. 

So choose any one of the prevention tips wisely about your guitar keeps slipping off lap which will be the best option for you. 

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