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Are V Shaped Guitars Comfortable? 

V Guitars are really comfortable to play. You can play it in both ways by standing or sitting. If you know how to play v neck guitars and keep it. The technique is to step the middle of the flying v guitar within your thigh. This is converse to exoteric faiths which say Flying V guitars are uncomfortable that are actually difficult to play.  In this article, we are going to cover the common questions and miss judgements about Are V shaped Guitars Comfortable. 

Is it difficult to sit and play flying V guitars? 

Flying V Guitars are comfortable to play. But you should definitely place the Flying V within your thigh when playing whether you are standing or sitting. But Are V shaped guitars comfortable? Are they really that comfortable that everyone on the internet is talking about this.  In that place, you will not be bending onwards such as traditional guitars, the Flying V is steadily locked in place and your wrists feel relaxed like while playing traditional classical  guitars. This position of the Guitar answers the question Are V Shaped guitars comfortable when played standing. When you step the V shaped guitar in between your thighs, the guitar is locked in position even if you are standing, giving you more hinge and permanency while fretting. If you arise from classical guitars like Fender Strat or Les Paul, then it requires some time to get used to it. When you hold V neck guitars within your thighs, you will feel relaxed but also the guitar is a little bit far away from you. For sure you can get used to that position very soon, it might be in a day Or more than that but it won’t take so long.  If you pick not to step the question Are V shaped guitars comfortable, then it will not be answered. Thin your thighs and keep it like a typical guitar, then the V shaped is tied to slip away and is difficult to control. To play V shaped guitar in the basic position, you need to use a knout to hold it in position. Even while you perform live and like to be showy, you can also keep the V neck guitar up high using your hand and play some riffs. Another trick is holding the V guitar within the ‘V’ shape. 

Are V shaped guitars Comfortable?

They are more lightweight and the higher frets are much more approachable than classical guitars.  When you hold the V shaped guitars within your thighs, you don’t have to bend over and the neck is placed a little bit higher – that means less grip on the wrists. In the same way when you hold a traditional guitar. The neck is higher up, the guitar is a little far away from you and you don’t have to bend over.  It is even easier to play. So Are V shaped guitars comfortable? Yes they are! On higher frets. This is the reason why the neck on a V guitar is attached to the guitar body tirelessly. It is very easy to fret and grip at high speed.

Are V shaped Guitars Good For Beginners?

V shaped guitars are easy and comfortable to play and once you know how to keep within your thighs. It’s also worthy for a beginner if you are really into the V shaped guitars.  But, for extreme beginners I’ll suggest you pick a traditional guitar first. In beginning maximum lessons and teachers online will teach using a traditionally shaped guitar.  It will be even more profitable if you get used to the typical guitar shapes and then only spend  on the V shaped guitar if you are still attracted. This offers you to be multipurpose– you will get used with any shaped guitar – traditional ,electrical or even V shaped guitars.  Beside this, it is of course not to begin with a traditional shaped guitar as an extreme beginner. If you really love the V shaped guitar and have the money for it, then you should start learning guitar using the V shaped guitar.   If you actually love the V shaped guitars, then you are worn to play more with it and it will thrust you to hold up the guitar every so often.  At first you have to learn how to hold the V Shaped guitar within your thighs and relax your wrist and neck while practicing with it.  Do not hold the V shaped guitar like a typical guitar without a knout – it will slip away and is uncomfortable to keep remembering that. 

Pros & Cons of V shaped guitars

V Shaped Guitars :Pros

  • Comfortable – V shaped guitars are comfortable to play while sitting or standing – as long as you step it in between your thighs. In this way you are playing without bending and your wrists are relaxed.
  • Lighter– V shaped guitar is mainly lighter weight than most electric guitars. It means you can keep it up as long as you don’t get tired. Important while you are in a live jam.
  • Stylish – V shaped guitars are statement guitars. It will absolutely attract people when you play it in public. 
  • More accessible on higher frets – The fret of a V shaped guitar seamlessly attaches into the body. This offers you to play the higher frets so easily. 

V shaped guitars : Cons

  • Big case – The case of a V shaped guitar is bigger and takes more space. This is the main problem if you are performing live and put the guitar with other pedals and amps you have. 
  • More expensive – V shaped guitars are basically more expensive than other guitars. 
  • Need some getting used to when you hold a V shaped guitar it is different from the other guitars. It requires a bit of a long time to get used to it. But once you get it, then the V shaped guitars are comfortable for you. 


V-shaped necks are still manufacturing is a great thing.They have their position inside the guitar scene. Guitars with V neck shapes are a lot of fun, lightweight and are much more comfortable and what’s more you want aside from this? So this answers the question Are V shaped Guitars comfortable? If you are still unsure on Are V Shaped Guitars comfortable then we recommend you to go through the article one more time and clear your thoughts. 

I hope this article helped you understand, and maybe you even decided to get one of the guitars featured.

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