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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Monitor ? 

When is the ideal time of year to purchase a new monitor?

Do you want to buy a new computer monitor but are unclear of the best time to do so?

We will specifically help you determine that so you can make the most financial savings. 

Are monitors worthwhile investments? 

You can’t go wrong with a monitor, whether you’re a gamer, a serious movie buff, or just want to catch up on your favorite TV series. The resolutions of monitors range from simple ones with a resolution of roughly 1,024 x 768 pixels to 4K ones with dimensions of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Single- or dual-display monitors are both available, and some even have built-in speakers. Though 21′′ and 27′′ displays are also in demand, 17′′ and 19′′ screens are the most common sizes. There are also certain sizes in the 27′′, 30′′, and 36′′ range that are available. 

Before discussing about when is the best time to buy a monitor you should know certain things.

What should I be aware of before purchasing a monitor?

Your computer’s monitor serves as its innermost window. All of your computer’s activities, including gaming, viewing and editing images and videos, and even reading text on your preferred websites, will appear mediocre if your display isn’t up to the task. 

The following advice can be used before you purchase a monitor. 

  • Choose if gaming, work, or general use will be the primary uses of your display

Professionals and gamers should prioritise colour fidelity, whereas regular users have less particular requirements yet frequently choose a monitor with a high-contrast VA panel. Gamers should prioritise rapid refresh rates and low response times.  

  • The quality of the image improves with increased resolution. 

According to its width by height format, a monitor’s resolution describes how many pixels it has.Generally referred to as 1080p, Full HD (FHD), and HD, the minimum resolution required is 1920 x 1080.But QHD and 4K will give you even clearer visuals within the monitor.

  • Size is important, too.

Monitor quality is significantly impacted by pixel density, and our sweet spot is 109 pixels per inch (ppi). If the resolution is lower, a larger display will have a lower pixel density. 32 inches is more than “large enough” for desktop viewing distances that are normal. Finding a 32-inch 4K display for gaming or everyday use for less than $1,000 is not difficult. 

  • A higher refresh rate is preferable. 

It provides information in hertz about how frequently your monitor receives new data per second (Hz). Image quality is improved, smoothed down, and less jerky with larger numbers. The minimum reaction time and minimum refresh rate requirements for gaming displays are 75 Hz and 120 Hz, respectively. Particularly for gamers, refresh rate is crucial. If you’re not gaming, a 60 Hz refresh rate is adequate.

When is the best time to buy a monitor? 

Most of you won’t be surprised to learn that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the ideal times to score the finest prices for online shopping. 

There are still some seasons of the year that are more advantageous for shopping monitors than others, though, if you missed your chance and can’t wait until the following Black Friday. 

If you want to obtain a better deal, you might want to wait until after the Christmas holidays to buy a new monitor. 

Generally speaking, January and February are good months to buy a new monitor because most manufacturers are refilling their inventories at that time and will probably cut the prices to get rid of the old inventory.

May through June Sales begin to decline when the summer months arrive. Some businesses have already begun their summer vacations, while others are preoccupied with internal activities. Because of this, they are unable to sell their goods. 

Late July to early September

Additionally, they are aware that they won’t have any possibility of selling anything if their items are a failure. As a result, they make every effort to boost product sales. And for that reason, a lot of businesses want to provide discounts and freebies at this time.Hence also mentioning Labor Day.

At this time of year, a variety of office and school items, including some monitors, are also discounted. 

Additional recommendations for when is the best time to buy a monitor ? 

Next, if there are possibilities for older or refurbished products, you might want to think about purchasing one.

The price of the previous series of monitors is typically reduced when a producer of monitors introduces a new series of the already-existing line of displays.

In most cases, upgraded versions are merely prettier in appearance but might be significantly more expensive. Decide whether the new model’s enhancements are worthwhile by comparing the differences for yourself. 

A slightly less desirable option is purchasing a refurbished monitor because you often receive a shorter warranty and face the chance of receiving a display with dead or stuck pixels or other monitor flaws.

Finally, make sure you have chosen the optimum screen panel for your needs and that your PC can support the resolution/refresh rate of the monitor you are buying.

When it comes to renting, there are many excellent possibilities and rental firms typically offer more uptime guarantees than shops.


You can decide when is the best time to buy a monitor at the best price with the aid of this article, I hope. Make sure you examine every item I have listed above before making a monitor purchase. You’ll obtain the best monitor, I’m confident of it. I will advise that your budget should be the first priority before buying a new monitor. Furthermore, you can utilize the list above to determine which monitors are within your price range if you are having any trouble with your budget.

Consequently, it depends on what you’re after. An IPS panel, for instance, is the best option if you want a monitor with good color accuracy. You needn’t worry about color fidelity, however, if you are happy with TN panels. 

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