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5 Best Monitor Under 10000 Rs In India For Gaming & Office Work 2023

Gaming monitors are nowadays becoming the choice of hundreds of people because of their extraordinary performance. Keeping in view their amazing response times, brightness ratios, viewing angles, lightweights, contrast ratios, dimensions, and audio and video input incompatibilities.

In this article, we try to conclude the best monitor under 10000 rs in India for gaming, online work, official work. The choice of the best one among the monitors is not an easy thing to do. However, a sincere effort has been made based on the analysis of a few leading monitors to arrive at a conclusion and give the verdict in favor of the best monitor.

Considering and focusing on the resolutions and image quality is the whole scenario by which you can make a perfect choice in these monitors. We have provided you full information regarding different monitors to decide which to buy or which do not. The following are the brief accounts on various monitors that have been leading the charts in the market.

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5 Best Monitor Under 10000 Rupees In India For Gaming & Office Work

Best Monitor Under 10000Check Price
1. Samsung 23.5 inch Monitor Check Price
2. LG 22 inch IPS Monitor Check Price
3. ASUS VP228H Gaming Monitor Check Price
4. LG 24 inch Gaming Monitor Check Price
5. Acer KG241Q bmiix Check Price

1. Samsung 23.5 inch LED-Backlit Monitor

  • 23.5 inches Full HD display
  • 4ms response time
  • AMD free sync
  • Super slim AH-IPS panel


The Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL is one of the best gaming monitors under 10000 rupees available in India. The monitor comes with 23.5 inches at a 16.9 aspect ratio that is well above any of the other gaming monitors on the list, which is essentially almost the same as having two 23.5 inch monitors side by side with merged screens, only without the extra bezels blocking the middle view.

The Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL gaming monitor isn’t just huge and beautiful. It’s built to perform with a 60 Hz with 4ms refresh rate time.

It should be obvious that the Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL monitor isn’t just a pretty face and can satisfy an array of serious gamers with the help of a multitude of brilliant features, including 1920x 1080 Full HD display resolution, with really wide viewing angles, very sharp contrast rations that even support HDMI and VGA port for a bunch of connectivity options that should be more than enough.

The Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL is a gaming monitor made for gamers looking for an all-new gaming experience, with gaming view space only found on virtual reality rigs, paired with the right customization options, gives a hint at what the future of gaming looks like.

2. LG 22 inch IPS Monitor

  • 22inches full HD IPS display
  • VGA,HDMI,DVI connectivity port
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 5ms response time


The LG company has a huge market share in the Indian market when it comes to television. People usually prefer to buy LG Television because of the quality and after-sale service, which LG maintains with this PC monitor.

This LG IPS Full HD Monitor comes with lots of functionalities that enhanced your experience and delivered your finest picture quality.

In this monitor, LG offers a triple connectivity port, including HDMI, VGA, and DVI port. Along with this, it also has an audio out port.

This LG monitor comes with Full HD 22 inches 1920×1080 pixel resolution IPS borderless screen with 60HZ of refresh rate and 5ms response rate.

You can easily able to rotate it in the 178-degree viewing angle horizontal as well as verticle mode.

3. ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch LCD Gaming Monitor

  • 21.5 inches Full HD display
  • Asus flicker free technology
  • Low bluelight technology
  • VivdPixel technologies


Asus is a well-established brand known for making high-tech gaming laptops and smartphones. Who loves to play games on a laptop or computer for those Asus laptops is defiantly a great choice, the same concept applied with this monitor.

Asus made this high-tech gaming PC monitor to focusing the demand of gaming lover consumer, not just gaming lover but if you want to use as another work is a perfect choice.

The Asus VP228H full HD gaming monitor comes with the fastest 1ms response rate with a 50 to 60 Hz refresh rate boosting your gaming experience.

Different types of different use connectivity ports such as HDMI, DVI-D& D-Sub ports allow you to connect your preference according to connectivity port.

In this gaming, the monitor company offers low blue light and Asus flicker-free technologies that make your monitor into a super gaming monitor.

The picture quality comes with a 100,000,000:1 high contrast ratio, ASUS-exclusive SplendidPlus, and VivdPixel technologies to optimize your color quality.

4. LG 24 inch Gaming Monitor

  • 24 inches IPS FHD display
  • 75Hz refresh time
  • AMD freesync
  • Anti-glare coating


This LG ready office monitor is another best choice under 5000 rupees in India. This LG 24MP59G-P gaming monitor has 24 inches Full HD IPS panel display with 1920×1080 resolution; it delivers you a very customizable interface.

The monitor comes with many useful features that make it worthy for every user, such as it is perfect for home/office/gaming/online work. It is perfect to use CCTV surveillance monitoring, etc.

It also has VGA connectivity that allows you to connect it in VGA and HDMI format port. With its onscreen control, you can modify the screen configuration by a few present physical buttons that are prebuilt on the monitor.

5. Acer KG241Q bmiix 23.6-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

  • 23.6inches Full HD display
  • AMD freeesync technology
  • HDMI & VGA port connectivity
  • Comfortable viewing experience


Acer has come out with all guns blazing with the Acer KG241Q bmiix to attract customers from all spheres of life. This is one of the best monitors from Acer company for photo editors, video editors, gaming, office work, work from home, and college use under 10000 rupees range.

This the top choice if you’re scarce on table space and are looking for a 23.6inch monitor or one smaller than a 25-inch monitor. The design and overall build quality are pretty impressive.

It has a true resolution of 1920x 1080, making it a great product for viewing high-definition graphics and videos. The widescreen design provides a fulfilling experience for photo editors.

This monitor offers a viewing angle of close to 178 degrees providing a perfect picture from a wide-angle. It supports both HDMI as well as VGA inputs.


This is the top list of midrange budget-centric best monitors under 10000 rupees in India for gaming, home, and official work. In this top list, we analyze different types of monitors that come with Highly qualified display pictures.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask anything, we will do our best to meet your expectations. And if you have a better suggestion for us, then comment down your valuable thoughts.

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