Can Virat Score 100 Centuries?

After much anticipation, Virat Kohli finally scored his 71st international century, reigniting discussions about whether he will surpass the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s tally of centuries.

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Kohli’s most recent century was achieved on March 12, 2023, against Australia at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, where he scored an impressive 186 runs off 364 balls. This century marked Kohli’s 28th in Test matches and 75th overall in international cricket.

Kohli’s most recent T20I century was against Afghanistan in the 2022 Asia Cup, breaking a drought of over three years without a century in this format. He followed this up with centuries in the home ODI series against Sri Lanka and in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy final against Australia.

Despite this impressive run, Kohli still needs to accumulate 26 more international centuries to surpass Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries. Senior cricketers such as Shoaib Akhtar and Rick Ponting have expressed positive views on Kohli’s potential to reach this milestone of 100 centuries.

After taking a break from cricket, the 34-year-old Virat Kohli returned rejuvenated, and since then, he has added to his impressive tally of 75 international centuries.

With the 2023 ODI World Cup scheduled for later this year, Kohli has a good chance of scoring 100s in the 50-over format, which would be a remarkable accomplishment for the Indian cricketing icon.

Sunil Gavaskar, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, has expressed his belief that Virat Kohli could achieve the milestone of 100 international centuries, provided he continues playing until age 40. Gavaskar stated that given Kohli’s exceptional fitness, he wouldn’t be surprised if he played for another 5-6 years.


Virat Kohli Centuries

After enduring a complete wait of 41 innings without a Test century, Virat Kohli finally broke his drought in the fourth game against Australia in Ahmedabad, marking his 28th century in this format and completing his 75th international century.

This impressive achievement came after a wait of 1205 days, with Kohli’s previous Test century being scored against Bangladesh in November 2019.

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Despite his recent struggles, Kohli has made a strong comeback and is now on track to reach the 100 international century. Many former cricketers and analysts have expressed their confidence in Kohli’s ability to achieve this milestone.

However, Ravi Shastri, the former India cricketer and ex-coach, acknowledges that it will be no easy task for Kohli. Nonetheless, Shastri added that if Kohli manages to reach this mark, it would be a genuinely significant accomplishment for him and Team India.

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Virat Kohli T20 Century

So far, in the T20 journey, Virat scored only one century and here are more details on it:

September 8, 20221122*Afghanistan


Virat Kohli ODI Centuries

Check out Kohli’s ODI centuries which recorded more compared to the Test and T20 formats and fans are expecting this same spirit in the upcoming ODI world cup this year:

124th Dec, 2009107Sri Lanka
211th Jan, 2010102*Bangladesh
320th Oct, 2010118Australia
428th Nov, 2010105New Zealand
519th Feb, 2011100*Bangladesh
616th Sep, 2011107England
717th Oct, 2011112*England
82nd Dec, 2011117West Indies
928th Feb, 2012133*Sri Lanka
1013th Mar, 2012108Sri Lanka
1118th Mar, 2012183Pakistan
1221st July, 2012106Sri Lanka
1331st July, 2012128*Sri Lanka
145th July, 2013102West Indies
1524th July, 2013115Zimbabwe
1616th Oct, 2013100*Australia
1730th Oct, 2013115*Australia
1819th Jan, 2014123New Zealand
1926th Feb, 2014136Bangladesh
2017th Oct, 2014127West Indies
2116th Nov, 2014139*Sri Lanka
2215th Feb, 2015107Pakistan
2322nd Oct, 2015138South Africa
2417th Jan, 2016117Australia
2520th Jan, 2016106Australia
2623rd Oct, 2016154*New Zealand
2715th Jan, 2017122England
286th July, 2017111*West Indies
2931st Aug, 2017131Sri Lanka
303rd Sep, 2017110*Sri Lanka
3122nd Oct, 2017121New Zealand
3229th Oct, 2017113New Zealand
331st Feb, 2018112South Africa
347th feb, 2018160*South Africa
3516th Feb, 2018129*South Africa
3621st Oct, 2018140West Indies
3724th Oct, 2018157*West Indies
3827th Oct, 2018107West Indies
3915th Jan, 2019104Australia
405th Mar, 2019116Australia
418th Mar, 2019123Australia
4211th Aug, 2019120West Indies
4314th Aug, 2019114*West Indies
4410th Dec, 2022113Bangladesh
4510th Jan, 2023113Sri Lanka
4615th Jan, 2023166*Sri Lanka


Virat Kohli Test Centuries

Here is the complete list of Virat’s centuries in his test career which is of 28 all together:

124th Jan, 2012116Australia
231st Aug, 2012103New Zealand
313th Dec, 2012103England
422nd Feb, 2013107Australia
518th Dec, 2013119South Africa
614th Feb, 2014105*New Zealand
79th Dec, 2014115Australia
89th Dec, 2014141Australia
926th Dec, 2014169Australia
106th Jan, 2015147Australia
1112th Aug, 2015103Sri Lanka
1221st July, 2016200West Indies
138th Oct, 2016211New Zealand
1417th Nov, 2016167England
158th Dec, 2016235England
169th Feb, 2017204Bangladesh
1726th July, 2017103*Sri Lanka
1816th Nov, 2017104*Sri Lanka
1924th Nov, 2017213Sri Lanka
202nd Dec, 2017243Sri Lanka
2113th Jan, 2018153South Africa
221st Aug, 2018149England
2318th Aug, 2018103England
244th Oct, 2018139West Indies
2514th Dec, 2018123Australia
2610th Oct, 2019254*South Africa
2722nd Nov, 2019136Bangladesh
2812th Mar, 2023186Australia

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