Every thing About : What Is GPU Scaling?

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Every thing About : What Is GPU Scaling?

What is GPU scaling?

Both Nvidia and AMD cards come with a function called GPU (graphics processing unit) scaling. It is mainly useful in older games that might not have supported ultrawide or may have been made with 4:3 monitors in mind.Older games have not been updated to support the 16:9 aspect ratio used by the majority of the finest gaming monitors. Most games have a different aspect ratio and were designed for a different screen resolution, whether you’re using emulators or just playing an old game. These older games frequently plain look ugly without GPU scaling. The games are most frequently distorted to fit the screen’s original aspect ratio, and the results are typically appalling. The technology works to correct this and restore the visual quality of your games when GPU scaling is enabled. 

Instead of cropping the game to fit your monitor, GPU scaling’s default behaviour merely keeps the game’s original aspect ratio and adds a border around it.Two more approaches, which we describe in more detail below, do, however, find various ways to get around the issues.

Benefits of GPU Scaling 

These are the benefits of GPU scaling: 

  • The classic games’ native aspect ratio is maintained by the scaling mode. As a result, the visuals are not stretched out in an unsightly manner or have strange forms around the screen’s boundaries. No problems exist, and all the details are easily accessible. 
  • High-quality graphics are inaccessible on typical PCs without a GPU. GPU scaling supports these graphics and maintains image quality when playing both newer and classic games. 
  • You might see black bars where the photos are trimmed off if the image is larger than the resolution of the screen. These bars can be removed using the Underscan/Overscan option in the setup menu for GPU scaling. To provide a better result, the image is altered. 

Drawbacks Of GPU Scaling 

  • Performing GPU scaling has a considerable impact on input lag, which is a drawback you might experience. Significant processing power is needed for GPU scalability. This is due to the method’ ability to maintain the quality of the game’s graphics while yet displaying them accurately. This little display delay won’t be immediately noticeable if you play a video

However, the additional processing power required to render the images is audible when you are playing games. When you push a button, the effect that follows can appear with a small delay. The term “input lag” describes this. 

  • GPU scaling is also not appropriate for testing game performance at resolutions lower than the game’s native resolution. In this scenario, display scaling will take precedence over GPU scaling.
  • The aforementioned information suggests that GPU scaling is excellent for older games. You wouldn’t benefit from it for new games. Instead, it will result in input lag and degrade the quality of your gaming experience overall. 

Every thing About : What Is GPU Scaling?

Types Of GPU Scaling

Additionally, you may choose how the image should be scaled using a parameter called “Scaling Mode”: 

  • The option “Preserve Aspect Ratio” will do exactly what it says and keep the aspect ratio while adding black bars to the top, bottom, or left and right of your display. 
  • The option “Full Panel” will enlarge the image to fill the entire screen. As a result of being scaled from a different aspect ratio, the image may appear strange.
  • The image will be centred and surrounded by black bars if you select the “Center” option. If the image is lower resolution than the screen, this is beneficial.

GPU Scaling With NVIDIA Control Panel 

The controls of GPU scaling are as follows 

  • On the drop-down menu, right-click the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • The Display tab is located on the left side of the Control Panel.
  • From that page, select the Adjust desktop size and position button.
  • The Perform Scaling On option may be found in the main window on the right.
  • Select GPU from the drop-down selection that displays.
  • Choose the scaling option you choose, such as Use centred trimmings, Scale the image to full pane size, or Maintain aspect ratio.
  • Go outside of the NVIDIA Control Panel. 

Every thing About : What Is GPU Scaling?

Using AMD To Enable GPU Scaling

  • Right-click on the desktop and choose “AMD Radeon Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Switch the GPU Scaling setting to “On.” When GPU scaling is turned on, the screen will go black. 
  • Once GPU scaling is enabled, you may choose your preferred scaling method using the “Scaling Mode” dropdown; your scaling choices are Preserve aspect ratio, Full Panel, and Center. 

How to On and Off

How to enable and disable GPU scaling is demonstrated in this section.

First, right-click an empty area on your desktop and select AMD Catalyst Control Center from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: Select My Digital Flat-Panels from the left panel in the next box.

Step 3: Next, select the My Digital Flat-Panels option, and then select Properties (Digital Flat-Panel).

Step 4: Select the Enable GPU Upscaling option on the right side of the window. Click Apply to carry out the process after selecting one of the three scaling modes from the list. This is all you need to know about What is GPU scaling?


This is everything about what is GPU Scaling?. Our findings lead us to believe that Most contemporary games don’t need GPU scaling, and the screen resolution works with the current generation of monitors. As a result, disable GPU scaling if you desire a continuous gaming experience.

However, turning on GPU scaling will make your experience more enjoyable if you prefer playing old-school video games. Be sure to account for input lag when comparing the consequences of not scaling photos. 

We really hope that this post was helpful to you. 

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