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Banjo vs Mandolin 

The new era has a variety of different, new and unique instruments. Each instrument has its own sound and features which distinguishes them from others. One might get confused between Banjo, Guitar, ukulele and Mandolin as they are all stringed instruments. This article will focus on Banjo Vs Mandolin. We are also going to discuss the similarities, differences and you can decide which one you should choose. We recommend you to keep reading and clear your doubts related to Banjos and Mandolins in this article.

More About Banjos And Mandolins


Mandolins are a great instrument if you prefer doing a lot of solo work because their sound can easily cut through the sound of a band. Mandolin is a musical instrument that has four or more strings that resembles a guitar. The Mandolschi family were the original creators of Mandolin but they are currently sold and manufactured by a variety of different companies. Depending on the body form, number of strings, and playing style, there are various mandolin kinds. The body and fingerboard of the mandolin are substantially smaller than those of the guitar, which can provide some challenges if you have larger hands or a larger build. There are three main variety in styles of mandolin back shapes. This includes: bowlback, archtop, and flatback.


It was developed at the beginning of the 19th century and was influenced by the “gobur” instrument from Asia. Although there are several string counts and playing styles for the banjo, the single strings are most often picked with the fingers or a plectrum. It was the Enslaved people from west-central Africa who created the first banjos in the 18th century by fusing local instruments with those of their Portuguese captors. Early explorers and slaves who brought their instruments to America and used them as substitutes for guitars because they were less expensive than guitars used the term “Banjar” for them.

Similarities Between Banjo and Mandolin

Both Banjo and Mandolin are easier to play. They are much easier to play than the Guitar. The banjo has a tendency of being played faster, this is one of the reasons why the mandolin may be simpler to play and master than the banjo.

Differences Between Banjo and Mandolin

The Banjo and Mandolin have many factors that make them totally different from each other.

  • The Mandolin makes a bright,clear, and much gentler sound whereas the Banjo makes a sound that is significantly more robust and louder.
  • Mandolin just needs tuning before playing, whereas banjo requires tuning once or twice daily if played regularly.
  • Banjo and Mandolin are both two-stringed instruments with completely different musical styles. The mandolin has four or five strings, while the banjo has five to ten. The mandolin and banjo player’s skill level determines how many strings are used.
  • The bodies of banjos resemble more like circles. There are mandolins with sounds reminiscent of teardrops. This, distinguishing between them at a distance is typically not too challenging or time consuming because of the bodies.
  • The mandolin is smaller than the banjo. The largest size of Banjo is almost as big as Mandolin. There are numerous adaptations for both the banjo and the mandolin, however they differ when it comes to their conventional sizing.

Banjo vs Mandolin (Which one Should you choose?)

  • Mandolins and banjos are frequently used in many musical contexts. In European classical music, the mandolin is frequently used as a mainstay. In American folk and bluegrass music, they are occasionally employed as well. It frequently relies on the mandolin kind.
  • The most important reason of banjo is most frequently associated with bluegrass music, it has been employed historically in a variety of musical genres due to its versatility. The banjo is one of the loudest instruments used in the popular bluegrass style of music. The versatility of the mandolin has not been utilized as frequently as that of the banjo. Instead, it is frequently performed with other orchestral instruments, primarily in country music.
  • The neck of Banjos are lengthy. They are more similar to Guitars. The bodies of Banjo are totally different from Mandolins and the two have little to no similarities. The body of the Mandolin is made of wood. They are bare from the inside. They often have a few apertures in their bodies that have the shape of the letter F. The bodies of the instruments have them engraved onto them.
  • Banjos are much cheaper compared to Mandolin. The price of instruments are decided by their quality. Sometimes both banjos and mandolin are similar in price range. So the cost does not always come up as an issue while choosing between Banjo and Mandolin.
  • Banjos are easier to tune conapred to the Mandolin. The banjo normally limits your ability to play only certain genres, whereas the mandolin can be performed with a variety of instruments and cover many songs in a variety of genres. Knowing how to play the mandolin can expand the kind of music that you or your band can perform.
  • It has already been discussed in this article that Mandolins are a great instrument if you prefer doing a lot of solo work because their sound can easily cut through the sound of a band.
  • The mandolin has a sound that is substantially higher in pitch compared to the banjo. Banjos are at the other end of the spectrum and produce twangy sounds that are noticeably lower in pitch than mandolins, which have much higher pitch.


If you are willing to try and learn a new instrument, make sure you are willing to invest your time in learning the ins and outs of the instrument properly. You could also give banjo or Mandolin a try. At the end of the day, both Banjo and Mandolin are great instruments and both are equally preferred by a lot of musicians. Banjos are generally the first preference for people looking forward to purchasing and learning new instruments. We hope there are no more doubts related to the Banjo vs Mandolin topic and you have cleared all your thoughts before choosing which one you should buy.

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