7 Best Earphones Under Rs. 2,000 In India 2023 (Bluetooth/Wireless)

Looking for the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 rupees? If so, look no further! In this blog post, we have done detailed research to bring you one of the best pairs of Bluetooth earphones.

Nowadays, we are seeing many people wearing wireless earphones when they are running, gyming, working, or traveling from one location to another.

Bluetooth earphones, if you are not familiar with them, look a lot like in-ear headphones, but they connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your music device.

While these wireless earphones do not offer the same high quality and uncompromised sound that you might get from a pair of wired headphones.

They are easier to carry around and set up – all you need is to turn them on and connect them via Bluetooth. You can also easily use them with multiple devices.

If you’re in the market for Bluetooth earphones that are lightweight as well as comfortable and have high-quality sound, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have listed the top 7 best wireless earphones under 2000 Rs in India.

So, let’s get started without further delay!

7 Best Earphones Under Rs. 2,000 In India (Bluetooth/Wireless)

1. Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

2. Realme Buds 

3. OPPO Enco M32

4. Sony WI-C200

5. boAt Rockerz 330

6. Boult Audio ProBass Curve

7. Boult Audio ZCharge

Currently, there are several types of earphones available on the market. One type comes with high-quality sound while another has great waterproof features. It is really hard to find all the features in the one wireless earphones. But here we listed our best picks that will be a great fit for your ears and your mood.

1. Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

  • Ergonomic Sports Design
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • IP55 Sweat and water-resistant
  • Controls with multiple functions
  • Playtime of up to 17 hours

Oneplus bullets wireless z has great sound quality, a long battery life, and other cool features that make it a top pick for you. Also, it is one of the best-selling wireless earphones on Amazon right now. 

After just 10 minutes of charging, you'll get 10 hours of music or movies, and a full charge will give you 20 hours of battery life.

There is a one-year warranty included with these Bluetooth earphones, so if they stop working before the year is up. If you want you can get a replacement or a repair.

You don't have to worry about looks when it comes to choosing these wireless earphones because this pair of Oneplus Bullets Wireless looks sleek and stylish and comes in several colors. Soft silicone tips make them extremely comfortable to wear for a long time.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z comes with magnetic earbuds allowing you to attach them together and wear them around your neck when not in use.

When it comes to sound quality with a 9.2mm dynamic driver, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z delivers crisp high notes, detailed mid-range, and powerful low end.

Bluetooth v5.0 technology allows you to make and receive calls and listen to music without distortion up to 33 feet away.

Noise cancellation is a key feature of Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z. As you begin to play music, it is difficult to hear the noise around you.

It also has IP55 waterproof and sweat resistance, giving you the ability to take your wireless earphones with you wherever.

These new wireless earphones have amazing smart features, such as a quick switch, a quick pairing, and magnetic control, making them simple to use.

There’s a button on the right earbud that will pause music and answer calls. The microphone is located on the right earbud, which is perfect for talking on the phone. In fact, you can even make calls while you listen to music.

2. Realme Buds 

  • 11.2 mm bass boost drivers
  • 12 hours of playback time
  • Controls with multiple functions
  • Sweatproof headset features
  • Magnetic Fast Pair

Realme Buds Wireless is a great option for you as they've been optimized and tuned by Alan Walker, a world-renowned DJ, as well as the R&D team at realme to provide you with the highest quality sound and music experience.

The bass boost drivers in these headphones are 11.2 mm and they have been made with technology from Japan. These headphones will provide you with deep and powerful bass sounds.

The realme buds are lightweight and comfortable neckbands because they're made of top-quality materials like silicon gel, and elastic Mattel, which means that they will not feel bulky or heavy around your neck.

The lithium battery of these wireless headphones can provide as long as 12 hours of playback time.

It is equipped to complete with MFP (Magnetic Fast Pair) which allows for a quick connection of the earphones using Bluetooth 5.0 to your device.

They're sweatproof and have an IPX4 rating, which means you can wear them at the gym or while exercising without worrying about sweat getting in the headphones. This makes them perfect for those who love to workouts.

Although these realme headphones Bluetooth wireless headphones can be ideal for exercise, they're perfect for everyday use. They're more comfortable and are easy to use.

The headset comes with remote control, which has three buttons to control the volume and make calls. With just three buttons, you can control the music from 20 feet away.

Additionally, it has an outstanding microphone. Voice assistants can be activated simply by pressing and holding the center button down for a couple of minutes.

3. OPPO Enco M32

  • 10 Minutes Charge
  • 28Hours Battery Life
  • 10mm Large driver
  • Magnetic Power Control

OPPO Enco M32 is the perfect Bluetooth earphone for on-the-go listening. Whether you’re at work, at home, or out and about, this earphone will always provide you with great sound quality, long battery life, and a comfortable fit.

The battery life on this device is amazing! If you charge these Bluetooth earphones for just 10 minutes, they will last for up to 20 hours of music playback. You can use it for up to 28 hours on a full charge, and it only takes 35 minutes to go from 0% to 100%.

Its 10mm large driver and titanium-plated diaphragm create a high-quality sound that is perfect for any music lover. These headphones offer a concert-like experience, with great bass and clear sound. 

Bluetooth® 5.0 low-latency transmission technology ensures stable and fast connections for smooth calls, videos, and games. This means that your listening experience will always be the best it can be.

These earbuds have a magnetic power control. This means they will pause music when they stick together and will turn on playback when they are split.

They also feature Dual-Device Switch. With just a click, you can switch between the devices that are connected.

When it comes to IPX rating it offers  IP55 resistance to dust and water. Do not use them during strenuous exercise, as this could damage them.

So go for these wireless earphones Because not only do these earphones provide great sound quality, but they also have amazing battery life.

4. Sony WI-C200

4. Sony WI-C200
  • Ergonomic Sports Design
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Controls with multiple functions
  • Sweat & Dust-proof
  • Passive Noise Cancelation

Looking for a great pair of headphones to take on your next vacation? The Sony WI-C200 headphones are perfect for choice for you. You’ll love the clear sound quality of these headphones. The 9MM driver provides dynamic bass and vivid treble so you can enjoy your music or movie experience without any distractions.

The battery lasts up to 15 hours so you can listen to music or watch movies all day long. With a quick charge of 10 minutes, your device can play for 60 minutes. This is perfect for those times when you only have a few minutes and need to quickly power up your headphones.

These headphones also feature an ergonomic earbud shape which means they stay securely in place without causing pain and fatigue due to pressure points on the side of your head when worn over a long period of time.

With their lightweight design, you can listen to them while driving or exercising.  The WI-C200 headphones feature a frequency response of 20 Hz–20,000 Hz (44. 1 kHz sampling). So no matter what type of music you are listening to, you are guaranteed to get clear, crisp sound quality.

Moreover, the headphones also feature a tangle-free cable so you can enjoy your music on the go and not have to spend time untangling cords and wires.

These Bluetooth earphones come with an in-built mic for hands-free calling with HD voice clarity. This makes it easy to take calls on the go without having to fumble with your phone. You can also use the headphones to control your music playback, including track selection and volume adjustment.

With its affordable price, the Sony WI-C200 is one of the best wireless earphones for those looking for new wireless earphones. This can be your next pair of Bluetooth earphones.

5. boAt Rockerz 330

  • Ergonomic Sports Design
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Controls with multiple functions
  • Sweat & Dust-proof
  • Passive Noise Cancelation

If you are finding a great pair of earphones to take with you on your next outdoor adventure, look no further than the boAt Rockerz 330 Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Mic.

They are made from durable material that won't break if dropped on the ground, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go.

This boAt earphone has powerful BOAT Signature Sound 10mm drivers which gives you unbeatable sound quality. The bass is tuned for a great listening experience.

The Rockerz 330 will let you listen to your music without interruption for up to 30 hours. This is perfect if you want to rock out and not worry about the music stopping. It takes about 40 minutes to charge a phone to full power.

Just 10 minutes of charging and you can listen to the audio for 10 hours! The ASAP Fast Charge lets you and your partner watch your favorite show together.

The IPX5 protection on the Rockerz means that you can wear them while you work out and they will stay protected from sweat and water. Don't let anything hold you back from rocking out to your favorite music!

With a variety of fun colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect pair to match your style. The Rockerz 330 comes with a universal Type-c cable, so it doesn't matter which way it is facing when you use it.

Bluetooth v5.0 helps you connect to devices without any problems. The Dual Pairing Feature lets you connect to two devices at the same time. These earphones come with a built-in microphone so that you can take calls without having to remove them from your ears. They have buttons on their sides that allow you to switch tracks, play/pause music, and enable voice control features like Siri or Google Assistant.

6. Boult Audio ProBass Curve

6. Boult Audio ProBass Curve
  • Ergonomic Sports Design
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Controls with multiple functions
  • Sweat & Dust-proof
  • Passive Noise Cancelation

If you're looking for a better, more engaging bass sound, look no further than Boult Audio ProBass Curve. These wireless earphones are designed to help you get the most out of your music and really feel the beat.

Off-Axis magnetic technology creates a better sound experience by directing the sound directly into your ear canal. The oval-shaped earbuds feature angled nozzles at a 60-degree angle to provide you with an immersive audio experience.

The neodymium acoustic driver helps Curve to produce deep bass and clear sounds. The latest chipset provides clear and immersive frequencies for an enhanced listening experience.

This is a light but sturdy neckband that is comfortable to wear.  It has in-line controls so you can easily adjust the volume or answer phone calls. You can use the voice command feature without using your phone by pressing the Multi-Function Button.

A full charge gives the Curve's battery up to 12 to 15 hours of playback time. Getting it fully charged takes about an hour and a half, and standby time is 1-2 days. 

The wireless earphones have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology which gives fast and stable transmission without getting tangled up. Moreover, it can transmit audio up to 20 meters away.

This phone has a built-in microphone that will let you experience all frequencies and enjoy punchy bass with clear calling. 

The Boult Audio Curve noise isolation wireless earphones will help you focus on your calls by canceling out any background noise.

Your device is protected from splashes and sweat with an IPX5 rating, so you can take it outside in the rain or work up a sweat.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Bluetooth Earphones with 12 hours Battery Life & Extra Bass are a perfect choice. They’re IPX5 water-resistant, so they can withstand rain and sweat. They have an extra bass feature that makes your music sound even better!

7. Boult Audio ZCharge

7. Boult Audio ZCharge
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • 40 hour Playback time
  • IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.2 technology

This list of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 Rs is completed by the new Boult Audio ZCharge. The silicone neckband in the Boult Audio ZCharge is light and comfortable to wear all day long. Even when it's in your pocket, it will stay tangle-free thanks to its flatware. It is designed with strong magnets, these earbuds fit comfortably in your ears while you work out or take a walk.

It has in-line controls so you can adjust the sound without having to take your phone out of your pocket. By pressing the middle button of your wireless earphones, you can also activate Voice Assistant.

These earbuds have 14.2 mm drivers that create a rich and powerful sound. The battery in these Bluetooth earphones will last up to 40 hours. It takes 10 minutes to charge the battery for up to 15 hours of playback.

It has a Type C Port that is perfect for quickly charging these Bluetooth earphones. Also, It is equipped with quad microphones. When you make a phone call using these earphones, the ambient sounds are filtered out so you can hear the other person clearly.

The neckband has been designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. This allows it to quickly and easily pair with your devices, and it provides superior audio quality.

With Boult Audio ZCharge, you can enjoy your music all day. Make it your next pair of wireless earphones.

Conclusion: 7 Best Earphones Under Rs. 2,000 In India (Bluetooth/Wireless)

So, these are the 7 best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 Rs and hopefully, this article was very helpful to you.  Our goal is to help you find the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 Rs in India for your needs.

In our review of a variety of options, we found that the One plus z earphones offer the best value for money. This device offers excellent audio quality, superior durability, and convenient use. 

If you're looking for something with different features, you can go with other options that fulfill your demands.

Thank you for reading!

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